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Technical management

  1. 1. BIOEUPARKSKick-off MeetingBerlin - 23rdand 24thApril 2013Financial ManagementDiego Mattioli
  2. 2. Article 5 PROJECT STEERING COMMITTEE – CompositionProject Steering Committee is composed of one representative of each ofthe Parties.Each representative of the Project Steering Committee shall have onevote.Minutes of the meetings of the Project Steering Committee shall be draftedby the Coordinators representative and transmitted to the other Parties.The minutes shall be considered as accepted by the other Parties if, withinfifteen (15) days from receipt, no other Party has objected in writing to theCoordinator.
  3. 3. Article 5 PROJECT STEERING COMMITTEE- Decision MakingThe Project Partner Committee shall be in charge of:(a) Monitoring the progress of the Project;(d) Laying down and reviewing or amending procedures for publications and press releases with regard to the Project;(h) Approving a proposal from a Party for the substitution of key personnel in the projectDecisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the votes of the Parties present or represented by proxy. If no majority is reached to find adecision, the vote of the Coordinator shall decide.(b) Reviewing and/or amending the Work Programme defined in Annex I together with the allocation between the Parties of the contribution provided bythe EACI under the Grant Agreement, and the reallocation between the Parties on the basis of the approved amended Work Programme;(c) Making proposals to the Parties for the review and/or amendment of:(i) the terms of the Grant Agreement;(ii) the costs or time schedules under the Grant Agreement; or(iii) the termination date of the Grant Agreement;Decisions shall be taken by a qualified majority representing at least the 2/3 of the votes of the Parties present or represented by proxy.(e) Making proposals to the Parties (other than a Defaulting Party) for the service of notices requiring remedy of breach and terminating this ConsortiumAgreement with respect to the Defaulting Party taking account of the corresponding provisions of the EC Contact and of the amendments connectedtherewith;(f) Submission of proposals to the Parties concerning the further procedure owing to an application by a Party to withdraw from the project;(g) Submission of proposals to the Parties for the acceptance of a new Party or a number of new Parties to take over the work of a Party which haswithdrawn. Acceptance of a new Party or a number of new Parties shall be possible only if this Party/these Parties state(s) that it/they agree(s) to complywith the provisions of the Grant Agreement and this Consortium Agreement and if one or more of the remaining Parties does/do not take over the work ofthe Party which has withdrawn. This selection of the new Party is only possible when the selected candidate is approved by the EACI;decisions shall be taken unanimously by all of the Parties with the exception of the Defaulting Party or the withdrawing Party.
  4. 4. Article 6 – WORK PACKAGE / Task LeadersThe Work Package and task leaders are the Parties defined as such in Annex I of theGrant Agreement.The Work Package or task leader supervises the activities of the Project’s day-to-daymanagement within the corresponding Work Package or task, respectively. He caninteract as necessary with the Project Partner Committee. In particular he isresponsible for the active Project planning and progress monitoring in conjunction withthe Coordinator.Each Work Package/task leader can invite other Parties to exchange information. Allrecommendations concerning the overall Project will be handled in the Project PartnerCommittee.Each Work Package/task leader reports to the Coordinator regularly and upon requeston the status and progress of his Work Package or task.
  5. 5. Article 8 - Obligations of the Parties 8.1 Each Party undertakes to use all reasonable endeavourspromptly to supply to the Coordinator and the Project Steering Committee all such information or documents as theCoordinator and the Project Steering Committee may requireto prepare and present the reports and documents to be submitted to the EACI in a period of 10 working days to perform on time the tasks and Work Packages assignedpromptly to notify the Coordinator and each of the other Parties of any delay in performance, the reasons for the delay andthe probable duration of the delay;to inform all Parties regarding the contact points for the different activities.8.2 The reports provided by the Parties or other documentation intended for the EACI shall be transmitted to the Coordinatorelectronically. Each technical deliverable should be peer reviewed and approved by the Project Steering CommitteeEach Party shall be obliged to revise the part of a report provided by it or the documentation provided by it at the request ofthe EACI, the Project Steering Committee or the Work Package/task leaders concerned. The requests shall becommunicated to the Party concerned directly by the Coordinator, the Project Steering Committee or the Work Package/taskleader. Requested revisions of the reports or documents must be carried out without delay. If the revision cannot be madewithin a short time or be completed by a time limit laid down in the individual case, notification of this must be made by theParty concerned in good time in advance to the Party which requested the revision and to the Coordinator. If this delay isconsidered unacceptable by the responsible Party, actions can be taken via the Project Partner Committee.8.3 In supplying any information or materials to any of the other Parties hereunder or under the Grant Agreement each Partyundertakes to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy thereof and (in the event of any error therein) promptlyon being notified to correct the same.
  6. 6. Article 9 - COSTS - COMMON CHARGES - PAYMENTS9.5 The payments from the EACI received by the Coordinator shall betransferred directly to the Parties to their accounts as specified in AppendixA (bank details) of this Consortium Agreement.In accordance with Article I.3 (h) of the Grant agreement, the only exception to this policy is if a particular Party or Subcontractor has defaulted on his tasks and  responsibilities  as  indicated  in  Articles  8  and  10  of  this  Consortium Agreement. In this case, the Party or Parties will not be paid until the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the Project Partner Committee.
  7. 7. Article 9 - COSTS - COMMON CHARGES - PAYMENTS9.5 The payments from the EACI received by the Coordinator shall betransferred directly to the Parties to their accounts as specified in AppendixA (bank details) of this Consortium Agreement.In accordance with Article I.3 (h) of the Grant agreement, the only exception tothis policy is if a particular Party or Subcontractor has defaulted on his tasksand responsibilities as indicated in Articles 8 and 10 of this ConsortiumAgreement. In this case, the Party or Parties will not be paid until the issue isresolved to the satisfaction of the Project Partner Committee.