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Greening Europe requires green entrepreneurs
The political leaders of Europe have announced the concept of Green Economy as a response on the current economically turbulent situation. But what is actually happening on the ground? Travel2Wild is a concept to mobilise venture capital fund for a multiply aim: creating jobs, protecting the environment and delivering joy!
There is an increasing concern about the ignorance of youth in relation to Europe’s natural heritage and protecting biodiversity. We are Travel2Wild are different. We are young entrepreneurs who initiated this start-up company in order to let people to discover Europe’s last great places of wilderness from the Arctic circle to the Mediterranean and from the peaks of the Caucasus to the Atlantic shoreline. There are a lot of areas we can feel proud of as Europeans!
Our concept is simple: creating a community of travellers who will be able to visit wilderness areas through local service providers and can enjoy an internationally mixed group. Our concept not only helps to create a crowd of nature lovers but also helps local economy.So with one concept we reply on two challenges: a) guarantee the so much needed public support for protecting wilderness and b) creating new job opportunities in Europe’s rural areas.
Don’t hesitate to email us to, if you are interested in hearing more about our concept, or want to travel with us! And if you have a story to tell, please join us as a blogger on Send your story about experiencing wilderness and we will be happy to publish it!

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Travel2Wild Introduction

  1. 1. Adventure holidays benefitting clients and wilderness Introduction to the online wilderness traveller community Travel Wild Ltd
  2. 2. What is Travel2Wild?
  3. 3. What is Travel2Wild? Travel2Wild is the specialist of trips to Europe’s wilderness. Even for people with special diets! It is also an online community for adventurous people The only tour operator focusing on bringing tourists to The only tour operator focusing on bringing tourists to Europe’s wilderness for business and conservation benefits. Europe’s wilderness for business and conservation benefits.
  4. 4. What is Travel2Wild...technically? TravelWild is a Ltd registered in Hungary which runs a special web platform and a blog page to promote and sells trips to Europe’s wilderness areas .
  5. 5. What is practice? A group of committed people who believe that adventure tourism can generate not only financial profit, but can help preserving Europe’s last great places of wilderness.... We believe that tourism is the future of EDUCATING people
  6. 6. Our destinations are across Europe (always check our website for updates!)
  7. 7. What is Travel2Wild...for clients? A company that delivers the Adventure of a Lifetime While a client enjoys visiting wilderness, s/he supports the preservation of wilderness and turns into a wilderness advocate!
  8. 8. What is Travel2Wild...for clients? Although we have package tours, we can make tailor-made trips and corporate adventures upon request Do you want to take your colleagues to wilderness? We can help Do you have any special request or special group? We can help to make a tailor-made offer!
  9. 9. Our belief
  10. 10. Peneda-Gere NP © Marcos Veiga Our belief We believe in true sustainable tourism! "There’s nothing wrong with holidays, but I mostly prefer adventures – until I’m having one... ” Kate Harris, Canadian explorer
  11. 11. Our belief • • • • • We believe in story telling as the best way of experiencing wilderness We believe in tourism not as a short-term profit making tool, but as an educational tool also We believe in tourism as a tool to help and support the preservation of Europe’s wilderness We believe in the European ideal, therefore we try to bring various nationalities together during our trips We believe in wilderness as the most effective way of changing attitudes that leads to a more sustainable way of living in Europe
  12. 12. Our belief ...most of all, we believe that we can help you to begin your journey, even if you have to follow a special diet! You will have to finish this journey and turn yourself in a wilderness advocate!
  13. 13. Soomaa NP © Ane Ader Our call
  14. 14. Our call We call you to book an adventure trip with us to one of Europe’s wilderness destinations (don’t forget to regularly check for new destinations and offers)
  15. 15. Our call We call you to become a wilderness advocate after visiting one of our destionation! We partnered PAN Parks, the leading European wilderness protection organisation, and part of your payment goes directly to them.... ...but you can also give them a donation to support wilderness preservation!
  16. 16. Our call If you are a representative of a company which is also committed to our cause, wilderness protection, PARTNER US! You will not only enjoy our company adventure,
  17. 17. Our call If you have a story to share, contact us and you will be able to use our blog page at
  18. 18. Our call If you were satisfied with your trip, tell it to your friends If you had any troubles, tell it to us so we can constantly improve our services
  19. 19. Travel2Wild Adventure of a Lifetime Join the crowd through Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest