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Sölktäler Nature Park


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Sölktäler Nature Park's presentation during the kick-of meeting of Bioeuparks in Berlin in April 2013

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Sölktäler Nature Park

  1. 1. BIOEUPARKSSölktäler Nature Park AT
  2. 2. Parks in Austria• 48 Nature Parks– Association of Austrian Nature Parks• 6 National Parks– National Parks Austria
  3. 3. Sölktäler Nature Park• In the Centre of Austria
  4. 4. Sölktäler Nature Park• Located in the EasternAlps in the NiederenTauern in the Provinceof Styria• 3 Communities:– Kleinsölk,– Großsölk and– St. Nikolai• 1.600 Inhabitants
  5. 5. Ownership structure• Small Structuredextensive agriculture inthe valleys• Private owned forests• Sölktäler Nature Parkdoes not own land– Intensive cooperationwith landowners
  6. 6. Protected Areas• Nature Park– 27.700ha• Nature 2000– 18.900ha• Conservation Area– 25.500ha• Nature reserve– 83ha
  7. 7. Management for protected areas• For Nature 2000 an external agency isresponsible.• In the project “Green Mountain” aManagement Plan is developed• Different acitivities in protected areas– Almpflegeplan• Management plan for alpine pasture– Umweltbaustelle• Volunteers for farmers of alpine pastures– Almrevitalisierung• Revitalization of alpine pasture aftercatastrophe in 2010
  8. 8. Biomass ProductionSoelktaeler Nature ParkBiomass exploitation areahaForestal area where biomass will be exploited for thesupply chain14.943,00Biomass exploited for the supply chain TonConiferous forest 5.749,05Mediterranean forest 327,06Agricultural area 4.992,00Total 11.068,12
  9. 9. Certification• Sölktäler Nature Park has no forests– No experience with certification• Forest owners in Sölktäler Nature Park use PEFC– Strong regional distribution– Very large acceptance– Cost effective
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention