European Landscape Convention project


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PAN Parks joined the E-CLIC project which aims to bring European policy closer to people throught the example of the European Landscape Convention. Our foundation is in charge of the communication aspects of the project. This presentation was used during the kick-off meeting in Athens

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European Landscape Convention project

  1. 1. Soomaa NP © Arne Ader
  2. 2. E-CLIC, 1st SCM, Athens, 18 January WP6, Deliverables 15-18 Zoltán Kun, Executive Director PAN Parks FoundationPaanajärvi NP © Viktor Gritsuk
  3. 3. BackgroundEuropean Landscape ConventionCouncil of Europe, which means ELC goesbeyond the EUQuestion: do we have any chance / possibility/ interest to attract the attention ofneighbourhood and accession countries?The WP6 goes throughout the whole projectfrom month 1 to month 28!
  4. 4. Valorisation planTwo parts:1. Dissemination strategy2. Exploitation plan (which is linked to WP4led by Prisma)The plan is a living document!Target groups:University lecturers, Schoolteachers, students (youth)  aiming toincrease policy understanding
  5. 5. Exploitation planAim: securing the legacy of the project at least 5years after the project ends!How:Creating and maintaining / coordinating VirtualLandscape Community / Landscape Communityof InterestTool:eg. (surely use social media)Resposibility:ECLAS, PPF, Euracademy
  6. 6. USE various social media platforms Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest Twitter, etc... Where are we active?
  7. 7. Dissemination strategy Moving very quickly! Prepared early on / at the beginning of the project Two different levels 1. National strategy 2. International strategy There is an overlap between the 2 levels!© Bruno D’Amicis
  8. 8. Dissemination strategy Aim: familiarising the target groups with our project (but not only with results! We have to communicate our goals, best practices, etc...) Common responsibility! PPF / EMU: 50 days Euracademy: 40 daysMajella NP © Barbara Mayer Prisma: 35 days .....
  9. 9. Dissemination strategyTool: website in 6 languagesLevel: International + NationalResponsible partner: PrismaWhen: 30 April 2013Measurement: 25,000 hits!We must direct traffic to the site!Link it to online community and other socialmedia tools (+ stores best practices)
  10. 10. Dissemination strategyTool: brochure in 6 languagesLevel: National (less International)Responsible partner: PrismaWhen: 15 April 2013Measurement: ? X of copiesOther questions:1. Who writes the first draft text?2. What language?
  11. 11. Dissemination strategyTool: newsletter in 6 languagesLevel: International + NationalResponsible partner: PPFWhen: 30 June 2013 (the first edition)Measurement: published 4 timesSuggestions:Use an easy newsletter sender tool which manages contact informationtoo!Link it to website news in order to generate leads to the websiteThe landscape of the season (the newsletter will have Summer andWinter edition)Questions:1. How to disseminate (sharing emails raises privacy questions)2. How to measure readership? Central distribution? Challenge with thelanguage!
  12. 12. Dissemination strategyTool: 1-day Euracademy workshopLevel: InternationalResponsible partner: EuracademyWhen: 25 August 2014Measurement: 50 participantsQuestions:1. Should consortium members participate?2. Should Euracademy members participate?3. Where?
  13. 13. Dissemination strategyTool: 2-day International ConferenceLevel: InternationalResponsible partner: EMUWhen: February 2015Measurement: (at least) 100 participantsQuestions:1. How will conference participants select the European winners?2. How to present the 18 National winners?
  14. 14. THANK YOU!