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Design Concepts

Presentation slides from Think Outside event at Stanford Institute of Design 22/04/2011

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Design Concepts

  1. 1. Concepts in Design Kirill Zdornyy Founder,
  2. 2. All the best ideas come out of the process; theycome out of the work itself. - Chuck Close American Painter and Photographer
  3. 3. • Colors• Shapes• Patterns• Typography• Aesthetics• Ergonomics• Feedback Loop• Inspiration
  4. 4. ColorsDude, I painted the friggin Mona Lisa. Have you heard of it?
  5. 5. Colors Color TheoryDude, I painted the friggin Mona Lisa. Have you heard of it?
  6. 6. Color TheoryLight (RGB) Dye (CMYK)
  7. 7. Color Wheel
  8. 8. HSL • lightness (light vs. dark, or white vs. black), • saturation (intense vs. dull) • hue (e.g., red, orange, yellow, green, blue or*Stolen from Photoshop purple)
  9. 9. Color Temperature
  10. 10. Color Temperature
  11. 11. Color Temperature Warm Grey Mixed with 6% yellow.
  12. 12. Color Temperature Warm Grey Cold Grey Mixed with 6% yellow. Mixed with 6% blue.
  13. 13. Color Meanings Red Orange Yellow Green Danger Joy Sunshine Safety Passion Enthusiasm Intellect Nature Love Fascination Energy Fresh War Creativity Attention HealingBlue Purple White BlackTruth Royalty Light MysteryTrust Power Goodness EleganceStability Nobility Purity FormalityCon dence Luxury Virginity Death
  14. 14. ShapesFill Stroke ColorSolid WidthGradient Radius
  15. 15. Patterns
  16. 16. Patterns
  17. 17. Patterns
  18. 18. AestheticsAesthetics is a branch of philosophydealing with the nature of beauty,art, and taste, and with the creationand appreciation of beauty. - Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  19. 19. AestheticsPlato felt that beautiful objectsincorporated proportion, harmony,and unity among their parts.Similarly, in the Metaphysics,Aristotle found that the universalelements of beauty wereorder,symmetry, and de niteness. - Wikipedia
  20. 20. Aesthetics
  21. 21. Aesthetics
  22. 22. Aesthetics
  23. 23. ErgonomicsCognitive ergonomics is concernedwith mental processes, such asperception, memory, reasoning, andmotor response, as they affectinteractions among humans andother elements of a system. - Wikipedia
  24. 24. Ergonomics - Donald. A. Norman The Design of Everyday Things
  25. 25. Ergonomics - Donald. A. Norman The Design of Everyday Things
  26. 26. Ergonomics
  27. 27. Ergonomics
  28. 28. Ergonomics The “unfuckup” button
  29. 29. Feedback Loop
  30. 30. InspirationGood artists copy, great artists steal. - Pablo Picasso
  31. 31. Thank you.