Device design


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Device design

  1. 1. Mobile  Devices  Design  for  Young  
  2. 2. A  MOBILE,  DIGITAL  WOARD Today’s  students  want  to  do  everything  with  their   mobile  devices,  including  managing  their  social,   school  and  work  lives.
  3. 3. Design  a  dream  phone  that  can  perfect  match  our  lifestyle? Study   Social  life   ConsumpJon   Entertainment To  be  in  love    ain  mission   m   ork  part-­‐Jme   w   ot  economically   n   epending  on  the   d   omanJc.   R  repare  for  future   P   ake  friends   M independent   internet.      long  distance   a ack  the  moJvaJon   l through  Internet,     eep  track  of   k (Chat,games,music,blog)  study party  and  other  ways.   fashion  trends     hopping  online   S Style  of  Young
  4. 4. 4  Final  SoluJon  Folded  Phone Pandora Pet-­‐Phone Dreamfly
  5. 5. Folded  Phonebased on human behavior
  6. 6. Scenario  1 Scenario  2It  can  stand  up    to  show  photos  or  videos Open  it  if  you  need  to  send  messages
  7. 7. Usage  of    Folded  Phone
  8. 8. PandoraProvide  beTer  and  easier  music  experience  to  you
  9. 9. Touch  Screen Open  here  to   listen  to  musicRich  sparkle  like  bright  Diamonds
  10. 10. Music  PLAY  Mode
  11. 11. An interactive phone that can play with you
  12. 12. 1 2 Scenarios   43
  13. 13. Give  life  to  your  phone
  14. 14. Transparent  glass  displays  FluTering  wings  like  a  buTerfly  
  15. 15. Scenarios  Spread  her  wings  and  wake  you  up  with  lovely  music……   She  fluTers  her  wings  to  tell  you  something……
  16. 16. Dynamic    demonstraJon  
  17. 17. NOKIA  WORKSHOP  2009  Team  Device QiuYiwu   QianManqian   Yuansisi   JiangJia   WangYang   WeiHaoyuan