Networked framing and networked gatekeeping on #Egypt


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Paper presented at IAMCR 2012, Durban

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Networked framing and networked gatekeeping on #Egypt

  1. 1. BROADCASTING AND LISTENING PRACTICES ON #EGYPT: NETWORKED GATEKEEPING AND FRAMING ON TWITTERSharon Meraz, PhD Zizi Papacharissi @zizipAssistant Professor, Communication Professor and Head, CommunicationUniversity of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois at Chicago
  2. 2. premise• Twitter and news storytelling• Collectively prodused news feeds and the news economy• Twitter as alternative/primary channel for information
  3. 3. previous research• Twitter as news reporting mechanism • Established news values guide use of Twitter • News breaking/premediation/instantaneity • Homophily, peripheral awareness and ambient news environments, hybridity• Twitter as news sharing mechanism during uprisings • Electronic word of mouth • Broadcasting and ‘listening in’ on uprisings • Homophily and group identity +++JOC theme issue
  4. 4. research design• Networked Gatekeeping• Networked FramingRQ1: Who were the prominent users and how was their prominence negotiatedacross the different conversational markers?RQ2: To what extent did prominent users forge connections to other users basedon the users’ levels of prominence across the different addressivity markers?RQ3: To what extent does the usage of hashtags reflect an organic level framingto the real world events occurring during the Egyptian protests?RQ4: What types of conversational practices support processes of gatekeepingand framing negotiation?• METHODFrequency analysis (R), 1.5 mil multi-lingual tweets, network analysis (SQLqueries), discourse analysis
  5. 5. 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 160000 180000 01/24/20111/25/20111/26/20111/27/20111/28/20111/29/20111/30/20111/31/2011 2/1/2011 2/2/2011 2/3/2011 2/4/2011 2/5/2011 2/6/2011 2/7/2011 2/8/2011 2/9/20112/10/20112/11/20112/12/20112/13/20112/14/20112/15/20112/16/20112/17/20112/18/20112/19/20112/20/20112/21/20112/22/20112/23/20112/24/2011 @ RT VIA count dual processes of networked gatekeeping and framing
  6. 6. dual process of networked gatekeeping and framing networked framing networked gatekeepingRT Via @Bencnn Youtube GhonimMonaeltahawy AddThis MonaeltahawyDima_Khatib Guardian AJEnglishAJEnglish Addthis SandmonkeyCnnbrk Ajenglish AndersoncooperBorowitzReport Huffingtonpost GhonimGhonim Fran AJELiveSharifkouddous Washingtonpost BencnnAymanM Telegraph 3arabawyAlArabiya_Eng AymanM CNNArabRevolution Alyssa_Milano BarackObamaTheAlexandrian Reuters AlaaNickKristof Nytimes MonasoshMarwame AndersonCooper Dima_KhatibAlMasryAlYoum_E AJEnglish AymanMJoeUnfiltered AlexMLeo ZeinobiaRawyaRageh TIME AcarvinAJELive Arabist ElBaradeiDemocracynow FrankRG SultanAlQassemiSherineT Nobelegypt NickKristof
  7. 7. networked gatekeeping: connectivity
  8. 8. networked gatekeeping: reciprocal ties
  9. 9. conversational affordances and practices • Affect and ambience • Conversational practices mix of news, opinion, emotion reflecting movement toward the not yet, retweets as conversational refrains/chorus, affective gestures support contagion and rhythm, state that conveys impression of constant movement • Always on environment with a life cycle and pulse of its own, sustaining movement even when nothing new is going on • Networked gatekeeping and framing • Conversational tendencies • Cosmopolitanism/fluency in (multi) cultural context • Directly conversational, become embedded via offline and online activities
  10. 10. Practices of broadcasting / listening / redacting• Networked Gatekeeping Process through which actors crowdsourced to prominence through the use of addressivity markers and conversational practices• Networked Framing Process through which a particular problem definition, causal interpretation, moral evaluation, and/or treatment recommendation attain prominence through crowdsourcing practices• Affect and ambience support always on space - electronic elsewheres - that treated this movement as a revolution well before it had actually become a revolution Thank you! @zizip