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Freelance Online

  2. 2. OPPORTUNITEIS IN FREELANCE• Before getting started with your job as a freelance photographer you should need a portfolio which allows you to show your samples of work. This will help you to add on your best work and also win photography contest or start receiving paid works as well.• When you have created a portfolio you can start submitting your photos to contest and magazines. The quality of your photo which means the area of focus, lighting colours and the backgrounds determines your pay rate.
  3. 3. HOW TO EARN MONEY• Freelancing is a way to get started a job in home. A number of jobs can be performed as a freelancer. Every freelancing job is different.• The skills and qualifications you need depend on what type of job you are doing.• The main advantage is that you can earn more money from the comfort of your own home. More companies and organizations are now contracting out their projects instead of hiring regular employees.
  4. 4. BENEFITS• Each and every person tries to build up their careers for their living. Some of them will be building up their career management and others chose to be self employed.• The persons whose careers are built up by self without any help from management can be categorized as Freelance Careers.
  5. 5. CAREER IN FREELANE• Thinking about starting an employment career make you stand in front of number of options.• Every person who thinks of getting a job can come across the situation of freelancing. Some take it in the serious sense and some leave as it is.• Working as a freelancer is a matter of freedom and independence.
  6. 6. FIELD OF CONTENT WRITING• To get career and job search information, as a job seeker you need to visit career councilors, employment agencies and job services.• The web has made the process of finding a job much easier.• Decision making on right jobs is not that easy until you know what job types or set of job types you want to peruse.• Currently, there are lots of individuals who have taken up content writing as their career
  7. 7. FIELD OF SMO• They offer easy linking techniques• Various sorts of dynamic, relevant contents• Book marking as well as tagging facilities• Built blogs for your web sites• ·Promotes social networking• Gives a web page maximum amount of traffic• Helps in building up inbound link rates• Can surely bring up a site one among the top in search results• With the aid of SMO one can brand their products• With SMO your site gets more visibility and accessibility• How one can excel at SMO
  8. 8. CONTACT US•• MOB: +919447416698• YM! : ajuever• G Talk:• Skype: ajuever• AOL :• MSN :