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Fraud in digital advertising botnet baseline summery ziv ginsberg


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Fraud in Digital Advertising Botnet Baseline Summery - Ziv Ginsberg
This is a summery of the 50 pages research thet made on the field of botnet by white ops.

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Fraud in digital advertising botnet baseline summery ziv ginsberg

  1. 1. ZIV GINSBERG References White Ops inc. - The Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising
  2. 2. What are we going to talk about? What are Botnets? And what can they do? bots fraud in digital advertising world in brief  How it affects us  What are the damages  How to protect against What is a adware? Where to buy this cool bots Conclusions 4/18/2015 2
  3. 3. What is Botnet and how it works? 1. A botnet operator sends out viruses or worms 2. The bot on the infected PC 3. A spammer purchases the services of the botnet from the operator 4. The spammer provides the spam messages to the operator, who instructs the compromised machines 4/18/2015 3
  4. 4. What can a botnet do? 4/18/2015 4  dDoS Attack  Adware - replacing banner ads on web pages  Spyware - sends information to its creators  Scareware or Ransomware - creating fear in users to pay  Worms - The botnet focuses on recruiting other hosts  Exploiting systems by observing users playing online games such as poker and see the players' cards  And many more…
  5. 5. Botnet Example: Beebone botnet 4/18/2015 5  infected more than 12,000 computers worldwide  Installs other forms of malicious software, including ransomware and rootkits  Beebone botnet polymorphic in nature - updates itself as many as 19 times a day  more than 5 Million unique samples of Beebone botnet in the wild  Beebone infections spread across more than 195 countries
  6. 6. 4/18/2015 6
  7. 7. 4/18/2015 7
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Global advertisers will lose $6.3 billion to bots in 2015 At current bot rates Ad fraud gets home users hacked 67% of bot traffic came from residential IP Ad bots act and blend in as humans 4/18/2015 8
  9. 9. 4/18/2015 9 For 60 days, researchers from White Ops thoroughly analyzed 5.5 billion impressions in 3 million domains from 36 leading companies from different industries, all of which are ANA members. These corporations include Honda, Intel, MasterCard, Ford, Nestle, AIG, Wendy’s, and Walmart. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  10. 10. 4/18/2015 10 Approximately half the bots caught were not sophisticated enough to keep daylight hours. At night In Video Bots accounted for 23% of all video impressions observed. In Display Bots accounted for 11% of all display impressions observed In specific domain categories Finance, family, and food domains showed increased bot traffic, ranging from 16 to 22 percent bots. In sourced traffic Third-party traffic sourcing resulted in 52 percent bot fraud.
  11. 11. 4/18/2015 11 Research / Findings Problems Solutions
  12. 12. BOT FRAUD VARIES OVER TIME 4/18/2015 12Consider day-parting
  13. 13. Placements that lose more ad spend than others 4/18/2015 13 Placement is where the ad is positioned in a medium
  15. 15. Online ad fraud in video and display ad campaigns 4/18/2015 15 23% 77% 23% Video Bot 11% 89% 11% Display Bots Some of the highest impression-volume video ad campaigns took huge hits from bot traffic as well as from video autoplay adware
  16. 16. 4/18/2015 16 Possible Solutions Implement continuous fraud monitoring. Use bot detection to ensure that sites are not sourcing traffic. Monitor for all types of ad fraud, including adware and bot traffic.
  17. 17. ADWARE: NOT ALL AD FRAUD IS ROBOTIC 4/18/2015 17
  18. 18. AD INJECTION ATTACKS and QUALITY OF THE INTERNET 4/18/2015 18 Advertisers and publishers can help prevent ad injection by limiting the use of sourced traffic, continuously monitoring sourced traffic, and requiring suppliers to demonstrate that their traffic does not include injected ads.
  19. 19. Where can I buy facebook botnet services? 4/18/2015 19
  20. 20. Where can I buy Instagram botnet services? 4/18/2015 20
  21. 21. Where can I buy youtube botnet services? 4/18/2015 21
  22. 22. HOW BOT SUPPLIERS GET AWAY WITH IT 4/18/2015 22
  23. 23. How to Overcome The Problem Action Plan for Buyers Be aware and involved Request transparency for sourced traffic Use third-party monitoring Apply day-parting when you can Consider reducing buys for older browsers Action Plan for Publishers Continuously monitor sourced traffic Consider allowing third-party traffic assessment tools Action Plan for All Stakeholders Authorize and approve third- party traffic validation technology Create allies, not adversaries, in the fight against bot fraud 4/18/2015 23
  24. 24. Thank you and congratulations on becoming part of the fraud elimination movement. 4/18/2015 24
  25. 25. 4/18/2015 25