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  1. 1. CDM : Poultry litter based power generationClean Development Mechanism: An UpdateIGES-ICS workshopBangalore, 26-27 July 2005
  2. 2. Project brief “Recovery of methane from poultry litter by high rate biomethanation process and grid connected power generation” Purpose To collect, process and recover methane generated by poultry litter To generate electricity from methane and sell to state owned utility To produce organic manure from the biogas digester residue. To demonstrate environment friendly technology to avoid emissions and to enhance propagation of commercialization of such technology To contribute to the positive sustainable development of the region: socially, environmentally and economically
  3. 3. Project brief Promoters : G. K. Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd. Capacity : 1.5 MW / 40 t of manure/day Location : Namakkal, Tamil Nadu Quantum of litter collected : 200 tons/day ( from 12 farms housing 1.5 Mn birds) Technology: High rate biomethanation (imported technology – indigenized) Commissioned : Jan-Feb 2005
  4. 4. Current practice Open dumping, removed every six months methane is generated due to uncontrolled anaerobic digestion besides nitrous oxide. Unhygienic conditions for egg laying birds Sold as manure to Kerala after six months
  5. 5. Proposed intervention Collection of poultry litter every 3-4 days well-constructed and properly maintained sheds with a sloping floor for easy collection of litter in bins Adequate space or gap is provided between the sloping floor and the poultry shelter for facilitating litter collection. Anaerobic digestion of collected litter for methane generation Power generation from methane Manure production from the treated litter
  6. 6. Proposed intervention FeedPoultry Waste Digester preparation Dewatering of sludge Residue Biogas Biogas by screw storage storage desulphuration presses tank Power Electricity generation to grid Aerobic Compost composting
  7. 7. CDM and the projectProject qualifies undersmall scale CDM (Type IIID : Methane Recovery Litter production in poultry farms CO2and Type I D : Powersupply to grid) Gas released into atmosphere Open dumping for six months Land application as manureAvoids Methane, Carbon- Emissions due todi-oxide and Nitrous CH4 transportation of semi digested litter NOx and CO2oxide emissions (manure)Nitrous oxide emissionreductions and CO2reductions (for replacingchemical fertilizer) to beascertained at later stage
  8. 8. CDM and the projectPoultry no. 1Poultry no. 2 transportation Manure Manure Litter collection Biomethanation usage in fields PlantPoultry no. … Biogas composed of methane and carbon dioxidePoultry no. 12 Fuel (Diesel/Petrol) Electricity Generator TNEB grid Project boundary Emissions Transportation Combustion Manure handling
  9. 9. Emission reductions Methane recovery part 6,000/ annum Power recovery part 10,000 / annum Methodology for other ER being explored by the promoter
  10. 10. Additionality arguments Investment barrier Project cost : 4.6 Mn USD Not a common practice Continue to open dump Project : First of its kind HRBM for poultry litter
  11. 11. Stakeholder consultation Study through GRDIM, Coimbatore Poultry farm owners Price for litter less attractive (Rs 550 Vs 700 / Ton) Government officials Improve hygienic conditions for birds Rid of bad odours and vector breeding Enhance egg laying capacity Improved power availability
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