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Enabling the Collaborative Definition of DSMLs

  1. Enabling the Collaborative Definition of DSMLs Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo, Jordi Cabot {javier.canovas,jordi.cabot} CAiSE Conference Valencia
  2. Wait! Let’s make the presentation more interesting Let’s play… flickr/DonkeyHotey
  4. Collaboration in Sofware Engineering flickr/quique_fs
  5. Collaboration in DSML development flickr/erix!
  6. No support for DSMLs
  7. what do we need? flickr/Eleaf
  8. Participation flickr/romainguy
  9. Participation flickr/romainguy Providing means to discuss about language elements Overcoming technical barriers
  10. Collaboration flickr/timjmansfield
  11. Collaboration flickr/timjmansfield Fostering end-user discussion Facilitating voting processes Suitable environment
  12. Example Wikimedia/Abbey Hendrickson
  13. Abstract Syntax Concrete Syntax
  14. Participation Collaboration
  15. Participation CollaborationTraceability
  16. flickr/Tsahi Levent-Levi What do we propose to get this?
  17. Collaboration DSML DefinitionDecision Collaboro Process
  18. Collaboration DSML DefinitionDecision
  19. Collaboration DSML DefinitionDecision
  20. Collaboration DSML DefinitionDecision
  21. Collaboration DSML DefinitionDecision
  22. Environment
  23. Environment
  24. Not enough… • End-users are required to express changes at high-level of abstraction • Solution: Example-driven collaboration Engagement is limited • How to adapt the collaboration protocol? • Solution: Mechanism to define a democratic process Collaboration strategies • What happens with semantics? • Solution: Mechanisms to make easier the discussion about semantics Semantics • What is exactly a good notation? • Need of experimentation on this field Good notations
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