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Now You Can Study At Home By Your Self And Get Certified Consultant.

Following Materials You Will Get With Purchase : ( All Below Listed Files )

TBW 10 - BI - Enterprise Data Warehousing(2006/Q2)

TBW 20- BI - Reporting & Query Design(2006/Q2)

TBW 41 - BI - Extraction With UDI, XI And APO ( New e-Learning Material Also Available Now )(2006/Q2)

TBW 42- BI - Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting (Part 1)(2006/Q2)

TBW 42- BI - Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting (Part 2)(2006/Q2)

TBW 45- BI - Integrated Planning (2006/Q2)

BW 305- BI - Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis (Part I)(2006/Q2)

BW 306- BI - Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis (Part II)(2006/Q2)

BW 305- BI - Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis (Part I)(2007/Q4)

BW 306- BI - Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis (Part II)(2007/Q4)

BW 310- Data Warehousing(2006/Q2)

BW 330 - Business Information Warehouse - Modeling(2006/Q2)

BW 350 - BI Data Acquisition(2006/Q2)

BW 360 - SAP BI Performance & Administration(2006/Q2)

BW 365 - BI - User Management & Authorizations (2006/Q2)

BW 370 - BI - Integrated Planning(2006/Q2)

BW 380 - BI - Analysis Processes and Data Mining (2006/Q2)

BW 380 - BI - Analysis Processes and Data Mining (2007/Q4)

Extra FREE Stuffs Also Like :

DBW70E – Sap BI Enterprise Data Warehousing: Delta BW 3.5 to SAP BI ( 615 Pages )

DBW70P – Sap BI Integrated Planning ( 355 Pages )

DBW70R - Sap BI Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis Delta 3.x -> BI ( 481 Pages )

How To… Extract Archived data from Sap ERP

How To… implement a Transformation End Routine

How to… Integrate the BW Reporting Agent With the Alert Framework

How To… Routines within Transformations

How To… Trigger an ALERT from a Process Chain

BI Transaction Codes

Also FREE BI/BW Functional Screenshots for:

Transfer DSO data to Cube

Working with standard DSO

BW-Loading transaction data from a local csv file

BW-Loading Attribute or Text from local file

BW-Loading Transaction data from SAP source system

BW-loading Attribute/text for InfoObject from SAP

BW-Create InfoCube

BW-Create Key Figure

BW-Create Characteristic InfoObject

BEx Web Analyzer

FREE Presentations on :

BI in SAP Netweaver 7.0 - Functional Enhancements Schedule

Auguments to Upgrade the BW System to Netweaver2004s

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