THE YEAR OF ALEXANDER             ZINOVIEV 2012             Russian Blueprint for Resisting    In 2012 the whole thinking ...
«The prayer of the believing                             «Calamity»                    atheist»                           ...
Philosophical Problems of                    only with the help of various logical                     many-valued logic  ...
Intellectology                      introduce them, and nobody has anyPHILOSOPHER                                         ...
«The Yawning Heights»                         «The Global human anthill»             «Lets tot up the balance sheet,      ...
The Reality of Communism                               Colonial democracy                  «Marxism makes a distinction   ...
A Thinkers Palette                       on an infinite and invisible horizon, captives                                   ...
Ideology of the Party of the Future                 development of the new ideology                                       ...
About the murder of Slobodan                               Why we are slaves?                       Milošević             ...
«I Have a Dream of a New Man»                miracle happens before too long. All                                         ...
Olympus of Glory                                                                Philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State      ...
1984                                                   Publishes a research book «The West» (1994),          agreement and...
The city of Kostroma institutes annual                2009Alexander Zinoviev Prize                              Russian-Ba...
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The official booklet of The Year of Alexander Zinoviev 2012

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  1. 1. THE YEAR OF ALEXANDER ZINOVIEV 2012 Russian Blueprint for Resisting In 2012 the whole thinking world is obscurantism, superimposed choice, ancelebrating the 90th anniversary of the absence of any alternative and thebirth of Alexander Alexandrovich Zinoviev manipulation of history. It is the path of– logician, philosopher, sociologist, writer, resistance to the planned global controlideologist, outstanding citizen of Russia. of the human evolutionary process. The world is discovering for itself the His creed is the pursuit of truth,phenomenon that is Alexander Zinoviev, whatever the cost. His formula is service toRenaissance man, one of the most the truth. His standard is the acme ofalluring, intriguing individuals of the 20th intellectual ratiocination. His world is theand beginning of the 21st Centuries, a sphere of society, to a study of whose lawshero of our time, while being a man ahead he devoted himself wholeheartedly. Hisof his time… heroic feat was to throw down the gauntlet Alexander Zinoviev is the first to an all-powerful Leviathan. His fate was thetheoretician of humankind in its era of tragedy of a Russian genius and prophetglobal awakening. He devoted his whole who was banished from his Fatherland. Hislife to the study of the intellectual, social epoch is the great turning point inand civic awakening of humanity, and of humankind’s evolutionary process. Hisits principal driving force: reason. His intellectual tradition of teaching people tolegacy focuses on the preservation and think in a new way is his uncompromisingdevelopment of the “comprehension search for a social and civilised alternativefactor”, which allows the individual to evolutionary path in today’s world.comprehend mankind’s social existence According to his fundamental law it is onlyand helps him to survive in the world of possible to remain human by going againsttoday as an independent and free- the current.thinking human being. After all, only “man Zinovievs path is that of a New Manignites the flame of reason and there is no whose moral code is grounded in thesubstitute for this miracle”. following values: The life of Alexander Zinoviev offers a DIGNITY,Russian blueprint for resisting socialentropy and ideological manipulation, the JUSTICE,global dumbing down of people’s minds, CREATIVE WORK 1
  2. 2. «The prayer of the believing «Calamity» atheist» «That day is bad luck, THEY`ll take you «Its been proved by cyclotrons away. And so it must be true, Maybe forever or for one day. The world is full of electrons THEY`ll silently do it for people to look. And chromosomes - not YOU. You like it or not, but you are on the hook And so you dont exist, oh God, Your mother won’t weep and your father Youre just a priestly lie; won’t see, But all the same, I pray you, God, Your friends will not fight THEM to let you Exist for me - please try! go free You may not be omnipotent, Colleagues will not scream indignation Omniscient, all-blest, and shame Farsighted and benevolent, All will look away and live all the same. Forgiving and the rest. To Nowhere alone from friends you will Its not a big request I make, part So do your best for me: Nobody will keep your words in his heart» All-seeing be, for goodness sake, I pray you, God, please see. Alexander Zinoviev Just see, thats really all I want, «The Madhouse», 1978–1979 Just that and nothing more. Just keep an eye on what goes on, On whos against, whos for. Thats all youve got to do, oh Lord, Theres nothing else to say; All else besides can be ignored «The friendship with Save what I do, what They. Ill make concessions if you want: Zinoviev enriched my life in If you cant watch it all, many senses. He’s a Watch one per cent of what goes on,POET Just that and nothing more. unique person, and his We need someone to watch this world, genius shows in his ability So thats why I insist And roar and scream and rant to explain with few words Oh Lord!! the essence of our world, Not pray – demand: Exist!! why everything happens I whisper, I croak: and where it leads to… Exist He’s the only one to have Oh Lord!!! I pray, that genius gift. I adore Not demand, him, he’s a great man» Exist!!!!» Alexander Zinoviev Mstislav Rostropovich, «Gospels for Ivan», 1988 Cellist, conductor (RF) 3
  3. 3. Philosophical Problems of only with the help of various logical many-valued logic calculi, methods, conceptions, trends, etc. To accomplish this the very problems of «Every scientific theory is two-valued logic have to be expanded and reoriented or in general n-valued in the sense that relative to the tradition which has been logical symbols and, or, if...then..., etc., built up in logic. We have tried to show the are used in it, and the rules of deduction possibilities which can be discovered can be defined and justified in logical already in the analysis of the most theories in which two or generally n truth fundamental concepts and principles of values are attributed to the propositions. logic if they are regarded as means of Thus the choice of one or another system describing the properties of scientific of definitions depends on the properties knowledge» of the object domain studies and on the Alexander Zinoviev, 1967 conditions of its knowledge» «As to the rise of many-valued logic, it «The Comprehension Factor» aims (among other problems) at giving a wider and more exact description of the «The comprehension factor in myLOGICIAN lows of scientific thinking, and at rendition (my teaching) is radically accounting also for the progress of different from every other existing science in this respect, but it in no way teaching of this sort that I know of – as a denies the laws of classical logic. It denies whole as well as detail-wise. All such only the claim of some representatives of disciplines – or teachings (including traditional logic for a final completeness Marxism) are conceived as compilations of formal logic and for the independence of intellectual materials penned by a of its laws from the progress of variety of authors. What I propose is a knowledge» theory with a singular organic Alexander Zinoviev, 1960 conceptual structure (non-compilatory), organised as a whole in accordance with the rules of my own logical conception» Foundations of the logical theory of Alexander Zinoviev, 2006 scientific knowledge «Thus, the logical theory of scientific knowledge is not a special science, different fro, and paralled to logic. It is simply that part (or aspect) of logic which makes it possible for the formal apparatus of logic to be counted precisemy as an apparatus of logic and not of any other science. It explains the basis on which this apparatus is set up, the direction of «Reading Zinoviev is development of it, and paths of using it in a remedy against the the describing and perfecting of the language of science» freezing of our society» «It is our view that one can construct a Max Gallo, theory of scientific knowledge adequate Writer, historian, politician, member of to the practice of contemporary science French Academy (France) 5
  4. 4. Intellectology introduce them, and nobody has anyPHILOSOPHER practical need for anything of the sort» «In this part of the book I give a Alexander Zinoviev, 2006 popular description of my research in what I call the logical aspect of human About the sense of life intellectual activity, or logical intellect. I use the term «intellectology» for referring «The phenomenon defined by the to the scientific discipline that studies expression ‘the sense of life’ is an logical intellect. As for its subject area, ideological phenomenon that means intellectology combines everything that one pertaining to masses. pertains to logic (which studies the nature A human taken as an individual can of cogitation), ontology (which studies have objectives in his life, not the sense the nature of being) and epistemology of it. The individual has the sense of life (which studies the nature and scope of as a part of a mass that carries certain knowledge)... I consider logic, ontology ideology. The sense of life is a state of an and epistemology to be different facets of individual that makes him a part of a single discipline – a science that studies something historically grandiose». the following three aspects of the human Alexander Zinoviev intellect simultaneously: language, being and knowledge» Life on Earth Alexander Zinoviev, «The Comprehension Factor», 2006 ««I do not believe in the existence of other planets but the Earth inhabited by living and sentient creatures. Life in The Future of the human general and humanity in particular are intellect unique and inimitable phenomena. Should they reach extinction on Earth, the «The masters of the new world do Universe shell forever remain dead and not need an evolved intellect. It is quite soulless». beyond their comprehension. Partial or Alexander Zinoviev for «The International local applications of intellect are Book of Peace», Munich, 1990 commonplace; however, they do not go beyond the narrow boundaries of particularities and do not affect the The loneliness summary state of human intellect in any way. Intellect in my understanding has «The individual becomes a loner once never been studied scientifically with he dares to become human» the application of all resources Alexander Zinoviev available. It remains a terra incognita, a material for bulk verbiage and «As for me, the philosopher demagoguery. I have no knowledge of whether the situation is going to Alexander Zinoviev belongs improve or not. Most likely, the to the old spiritual tradition of improvements will be insignificant and without any mass success. Principal the great Russian literature» changes in foreseeable future are right Georges Nivat, out of the question. There is no one to Historian, translator, slavist (France) 7
  5. 5. «The Yawning Heights» «The Global human anthill» «Lets tot up the balance sheet, «Our XX century was probably, as for Chatterer said to himself. Just a summary the destiny of humans, peoples, ideas, of accounts. But a vital one. social systems and civilizations, the most What is the foundation of the dramatic in history of humanity. But it was foundations of human existence? Alas, the also a century of human passions and answer is a commonplace. Its been clear grief, a century of hope and despair, of from the very start. Why did I have to live illusions and insights, of seductions and my life through to be sure of it? I dont disappointments, of joy and woe, of love know. and hatred… I know only one thing: truth is the Maybe it was the last truly human foundation of any truly human epoch, one to be replaced by centuries of existence. The truth about oneself. The super-human or post-human history, one truth about others. The battle for truth bare of hope and despair, bare of illusions and against it is the most ferocious and and insights, of seductions and profound battle fought in society. And disappointments, bare of joy and woe, of from now on the level of development love and hatred» of society, from the point of view of its Alexander Zinoviev, 1982 humanity, will be defined by the degree of truth it allows. This is the first, the most primitive of evaluations. When people achieve aWRITER certain minimum level of truthfulness, they will advance other criteria. But everything begins from there» Alexander Zinoviev «The Yawning Heights», 1976. Translated from the Russian «"The Yawning Heights" is by Gordon Clough the first book of the XXI century» «Homo Sovieticus» Wladimir Dimitrijevic, publisher and «This book is about Soviet Man.He is a founder of "LAge dHomme",1978 new type of man, Homo Sovieticus. We will shorten him to Homosos. I have a dual relationship zith this new being: I «Alexander Zinoviev is one love him and at the same time I hate him; of the greatest modern I respect him and I despise him. I am delighted with him and I am appalled by writers insofar as pure him. I myself am a Homosos. Therefore I literature is concerned, am merciless and cruel when I describe him. Judge us, because you yourselves will perhaps the greatest» be judged by us» Eugene Ionesco, Alexander Zinoviev, 1981 playwright (Romania) 9
  6. 6. The Reality of Communism Colonial democracy «Marxism makes a distinction «Colonial democracy in a country isSOCIOLOGIST between the lowest stage of Communism which is Socialilm and the highest which is full Comunism... It is reckoned that society has not yet achieved this highest stage. not a result of the natural evolution of its innate historical conditions and laws. It is something artificial imposed on this country by external force contrary to its potential and evolutionary tendency …I shall ignore the Marxist distinction that was inbuilt historically. It is kept between Socialism and Comunism as a afloat by colonial measures. purely ideological phenomenon. I shall The country chosen for colonization examine the type of society that is is lead into a state of affairs of complete dominant in the USSR and a number of inability to exist on its own. From other countries as the actual embodiment military point of view, the country is of the aspirations of the classical Marxists demilitarized to the point when and of all the, the Marxist sense, resistance becomes unthinkable. progressive thinkers of the past» The armed forces have the function Alexander Zinoviev, of keeping down the protests of the «The Reality of Communism», 1981 population and suppressing eventual uprisings. National culture is vulgarized into a pittance. Masses are fed with the Global Supra-society surrogate of democracy made of absence of discipline, of low level «Global supra-society is formed not controls by authorities, cheap after the mould of western societies, but entertainment, debauchery and laissez- after the mould of supra-societies. It has faire, of scale of values that free the western supra-societies in the process of individuals of any moral self- formation as its components. These containment» components are fit into one whole by Alexander Zinoviev upper strata of the global supra-society – «The West. The phenomenon of «society of the second order» on the Westernism», 1995 world scale. This stratum rules the today’s humanity, not a bunch of the superrich. The instant when the global supra- society has appeared the very type of the evolutionary process has changed: the degree and the scale of understanding of «Let’s admit that we historical events have reached such level haven’t yet adequately that chaotic evolutionary process was replaced by the evolution both planned studied the society we live and managed» and work in» Alexander Zinoviev, Yuri Andropov, «On the way to Supra-society», 1988 Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Head of the KGB (USSR) 11
  7. 7. A Thinkers Palette on an infinite and invisible horizon, captives of the immutable. Add to that a baroque, «...ugly, and wretched society with which albeit often manneristic emphasis created by the artist has broken... There is something the juxtaposition of contrasted colours of a grotesque in the sardonic, merciless satire of bitter-sweet quality, and the physical events which could as well have occurred distortions of humans and animals, especially elsewhere, even in the United States or horses, whose bodies are given the clean, France. Thus the compelling vision of plastic elongations... Chernobyl: the evocative power of this .. these paintings have a visionary power apocalyptic composition goes far beyond the that fires both the soul and the mind. accident and calls into question the whole of uncontrolled science. The world has become a set of situations The sharp, sparing lines formed without to be fathomed, and the key is given by an excessive flourishes, are sometimes uncovered tragic vein which is rooted in the deliberately brutal and vulgar so as to reflect inmost depths of Alexander Zinoviev... After more clearly the absurdity and derisiveness of the fashion of his novels... his paintings a closed world. The choice of colours is describe a tragicomic universe which must be willingly limited, moving through a few dark, deciphered on two levels; the form says what aggressive shades, marked here and there by it represents and also reveals what lies in the despair and nihilism. Opposition of intense inmost depths of each one of us, as we reds and blues reinforce this oppressiveness confront all sorts of ideological systems: our of a penitentiary world where pessimism nocturnal anguish» withers even vague hopes and dashes hints of Sylvio Acatos, journalist , art critic cheerfulness. ...On all accounts, these are powerful, «In his books AlexanderARTIST symbolic and thought-provoking works... A valuable testimony» Zinoviev uses the Claude Ketterer, art critic burlesque, black humour, tragic laughter, colossal Anguish, diurnal and nocturnal absurdity, but at the same «Alexander Zinovievs paintings also have time, he dissects and similarities to a whole artistic movement of realistical fantasy... describes the ideological Zinovievs tonalities – they are often mechanism of the Soviet muted, sombre, «cold», – express another society in all its details and world, a distorted, occasionally ironical, at times profoundly bewitching, at times depicts with incredible obsessively disturbing world. Certain precision the nightmare of paintings, such as the boldly composed Destiny, or Germany with its hieratic everyday’s life in the Soviet monumentality (both are built from purple- Union» red, yellow and black) convey even better the Bernard Pivot, mineral solitudes of an expanse forsaken by man. And when men - or women - do appear, Journalist, member of Goncourt they stand erect, motionless, their eyes turned Academy (France) 13
  8. 8. Ideology of the Party of the Future development of the new ideology (ideology of the future), propaganda of «After disintegration of the soviet this ideology among citizens communist block, disintegration of the independently of their social status, race, USSR itself and destruction of the sex, ethnos, profession, etc.., growth of communist social way of life in the number of sympathizers (persons countries of this part of the world the accepting propagated ideology) and epoch of the evolutionary decline and unionization of such citizens in the of total social counter-reaction has framework of such objective for collectiveIDEOLOGIST begun. actions. Social orientation of this counter- The party of the future under reaction is anti-communism, anti- present conditions in place on our socialism, anti-democracy, and planet can be born exclusively on the anti-liberalism. The important top level of intellectual and creative life component of this counter-reaction of the contemporary human anthills is artificially created, induced and (supra-societies). stimulated total mind muddying, The party of the future must not take artificial reanimation of antediluvian part in the day to day social-political ideologies and invention of new activity within the framework of the ideologies of the same intellectual existent social organization. It is none of level and orientation. the business of the opposition of such This evolutionary process becomes a level to operate for the good of the threat to the existence of billions of existent social organization. Such a Party people on this planet as well one to the has a much more significant objective of whole of the humankind. an epochal size, that is to lay foundation Can it be stopped? In my opinion it of the struggle of humanity for a social may be possible only under condition of ideal alternative to westernism» creation of the new ideology, comparable Alexander Zinoviev by its span to the Marxist one, but «Ideology of the Party of the Future», 2003 exceeding it by its intellectual level and by its degree of adequacy to the conditions and demands of the third millennium, and under condition of appearance of adequately strong organization of sympathizers that will accept such ideology and will make its conscientious objective social transformations in the sense of ideals fo the future humanity, as «Alexander Zinoviev’s defined in this ideology. whole life is an exemplar of The Party of the Future must not consider itself as representative of certain genuine spiritual freedom. part of the population of the country, of He always was a faithful certain oppressed, exploited, impoverished son to his country» etc. classes, i.e. like proletariat in the Marxist Sergey Mironov, sense. Chairman of the Federation Council of the It must consider itself as a special kind of union that has one objective: RF Federal Assembly (RF) 15
  9. 9. About the murder of Slobodan Why we are slaves? Milošević «Why we stay slaves in spite of all? The «The voracious Moloch of monstrous problem «Why we are slaves?» is in its unfairness that embodies the American essence the problem «Why we prefer to be standards of justice has performed it slaves?». ignominious deed. Not to fight, not to climb upwards, not That ultimate, human something that to swim against the current makes life inflexible freedom fighter Slobodan easier - for some time the freefall is Milošević, walled in the prison of the perceived by some people as flying. Haage Tribunal, was deprived of for Not the desire to be free, but the desire many years, has run its course, has cut as to deprive other people of the desire to be the guillotine, his worn out heart, free is the substitute that is fed to the strained nerves and suffering soul have citizens today. This is so much easier than given in. the fight for not being enslaved. The Slobodan Milošević was killed by results of the struggle for the true freedom unpronounced verdict of the Haage are seldom recognized and only by a few Tribunal. Shame on all of you who silently after many generations pass» watched this slow bloodletting, be cursed Alexander Zinoviev, May 1980 all of you who worked the buttons of theFIGHTER merciless machinery of the sterile fascism that does its dirty job in the name of Freedom and Democracy» Chairman of the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milošević, Alexander «All the years of emigration Zinoviev (in a telegram to the Milošević family, 11 March 2006) Alexander Zinoviev always remained a Russian patriot On Russia’s Future who, devoted to Russian «I want the people of which I am a part science and culture, never of to survive as a historically significant parted in his personal entity under actual dramatic and unprecedented circumstances. destiny from Russia’s fate. The objective and merciless When he returned to his perception of this given reality is the necessary condition for the survival. Motherland, he returned to I wish my compatriots to pursue such a new fame too» understanding irrelevant of its horror. Victor Sadovnitchi, Otherwise, we will be simply expelled Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State from history» University, member of Russian Academy of Alexander Zinoviev, Sciences, Head of International editorial «Literaturnaya gazeta» newspaper, board of “The complete works of 28-31 December 2005 A.A.Zinoviev” (RF) 17
  10. 10. «I Have a Dream of a New Man» miracle happens before too long. All these years we have seen the practical, businesslike, shrewd, cruel and «Something quite horrible has egotistical people methodically trample occurred – the human being can barely be down everything thats decent and said to exist any more, it virtually verges humane about people. All I want is for on extinction. the New Man to survive, it is my fondest The fact that individual human beings and most cherished dream. Otherwise keep on getting born does not negate the there is no hope for our survival as a grim reality that human beings no longer species» exist as entities that influence the course From an last interview given by A.A. of historical events. Zinoviev for the Rossiyskiye Vesti We must start from scratch here, newspaper, commencing with level zero – the 22–29 March 2006 creation of a New Man. A civilised, idealistic, utopianist, naїve, starryeyed, non-egotistical, human being quitePROPHET untouched by shrewdness Such people did exist in the days of yore, they lived among us, we were «Alexander Zinoviev is to be accustomed to knowing such people. Rousseau and Locke dreamed of such placed among the great human beings, likewise Hobbes and teachers of humanity, of Descartes. Could they have all perished without a trace? I think not. Nobody can reformers in the like of actually leave the world – the only Martin Luther. You can find destination for aspiring emigrants is a new level of culture, a new level of intelligence those who dare to go and a new level of morals. It is possible to against public opinion, few emigrate into the inner space. I do not think humanity will degrade completely, are they, yet you can find and we might as well hope that human them. But one also has to beings remain as human as possible, know where and how to go. notwithstanding the emergence of the new savage, one covered from head to Alexander Zinoviev was not toes in electronics and gadgetry of all only courageous in his sorts. Yet this new savage remains perfectly barbaric. deeds; he also understood Still, for as long as we remain human, what it was all about. He we have to realise that none of these cybercreatures could ever replace the had the courage of most important identifier of humanity – comprehension» the fire of the mind. This is a wonder for Abdulsalam Guseinov, which there is no substitute. Director of Institute of Philosophy of I see the emergence of a New Man Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), being as the only hope we have as a member of RAS (RF) sentient species, and I do hope that this 19
  11. 11. Olympus of Glory Philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State University. 1978 Publication in the West of the sociological novel «The Radiant Future» 1968 Dismissal as Head of the Chair following his 1978 refusal to fire the lecturers, Viktor Finn and A. Zinoviev is stripped of his soviet Yurij Gastev who protested against Soviet citizenship and under threat of arrest expelled 1922 A. Zinoviev is associated with a brilliant invasion of Czechoslovakia together with his family from the USSR to FRG Alexander Alexandrovich Zinoviev is born page in the history of the institute and theon 29 October 1922 in the village of Pakhtino, advent of the «Thaw» period. A young 1969 1978 – 1999Chukhloma region, Kostroma province generation of philosophers emerges, aspiring Marries Olga Mironovna Sorokina Forced exile in FRG to a new humanist interpretation of Marx (Zinovieva) who becomes his trusted partner A. Zinoviev and his family live in Munich. He 1939 legacy and inciting to rethink certain and companion-in-arms for life pursues his literary and scientific work, A.Zinoviev excels at school, and in 1939 principles of social philosophy. The leader of sociological research, works as professor at theenters the Moscow Institute of Philosophy, this intellectual reshaping is A.A.Zinoviev, 1974 – 1975 Chair of logic at Munich University. He survives 4Literature and History who base his research on methods of logic Seek and hide writing of satire novel «The attempts at his life by unspecified secret services and dialectic, proceeding from a firm Yawning Heights» 1939 conviction that scientific and philosophical 1978 Arrested and put under guard for research and his results are to be the key 1974 French Medici prize ( Prix MОdicisconspiracy to murder Stalin. Escaped from factor of social transformation Elected together with physicist P.L.Kapitsa Оtranger) for literature in the nomination «for«Lubyanka» NKVD (KGB) secret police as full member of the Finnish Academy of foreign writers» awarded for his novel «Theheadquarter 1960 Sciences. Recognized as founder of the Soviet Yawning Heights» Doctor of sciences dissertation on school of logic 1940 – 1946 «Philosophical problems of many-valued logic», 1978 He enrolls in the Red Army in 1940 and professorship at Chair of logic at the Faculty of 1976 Election as a full member of Italiantakes part in the Second World War of 1941 – philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State The first ever sociological novel «The Academy of Sciences1945, first in the cavalry, then as tanker and University. Yawning Heights» is published in the Swisslater as fighter pilot publishing house «L’Age d’Homme». The book 1979 – 1983 1962 – 1975 becomes a bestseller and is translated in more Publishes a number of sociological novels 1946 A.Zinoviev publishes a number of books on than 20 languages and stories further developing the plot and Student (1946 – 1951) and post-graduate logic and methodology of sciences which are ideas of «The Yawning Heights»: «On thestudent (1951 – 1954) of Faculty of philosophy translated into foreign languages. 1976 Threshold of Paradise» (1979), «The Yellowat Lomonosov Moscow State University Among the important results of A. Ostracism House» (1980), «Homo Sovieticus» (1982) , Zinoviev’s research are: A.Zinoviev books are banished from all «Para Bellum» (1982), «The Wings of Our 1952 Solutions of some major problems of libraries of the USSR, his name is shunned from Youth» (1983) Founds (together with G.Schedrovitsky) many-valued logic, problems of logical all encyclopaedias and university programs,the Moscow Circle of Logic, which becomes a conclusions, development of an original open plagiarism of his ideas in professional 1982milestone in the intellectual life in the USSR concept of complex logic; Foundations to the circles. Banned from everywhere, he loses his job, Laureate of the Alexis de Tocqueville Prize. general theory of signs, theory of definitions, and is stripped of all his academic titles. He is This prestigious prize for sociological research is 1953 expansion the theory of induction, theory of dismissed from MSU, disqualified from awarded for his tractate «Communism as reality» Joins the communist party of the USSR proofs, and construction of an empirical professorship, excluded from the communist He is the first to develop a scientific theory(after Stalin’s death) geometry; solutions for most of the complex party and betrayed by his friends, colleagues and of real-life communism, the first to predict the logic calculations, for problems of consistency, pupils inevitability of the future crisis of communist 1954 completeness, solvability. system and its type, the first to give a scientific Candidate of sciences dissertation on «The A. Zinoviev outruns western logic by dozens 1977 description of the modern Western society –Rise of the abstract to the concrete» (based on» of years, the latter starting to work on these European Charles Veillon prize awarded for «Westernism» in his terminology, the first toMarxs Capital) problems only by the end of the XXth century. «The Yawning Heights» (Le Prix EuropОen de conclude the existence and to describe the He is considered to be one of the three leading lEssai Charles Veillon) evolutionary upheaval in the second half of 1955 – 1975 logicians in the world. This prize is attributed for a book of creative XXth century, the first to describe the reasons Senior researcher at the Institute of cumulus that has witness value and proposes an and results of the anticommunist plot in Russia,Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the 1965 – 1968 example of productive critic of modern the first to describe post-Soviet socialUSSR Head of the Chair of logic at the Faculty of societies, their ideologies and way of life organization of society 20 21
  12. 12. 1984 Publishes a research book «The West» (1994), agreement and participation of the Russian political history (RGASPI) forms A. Zinoviev Elected as the full member of Bavarian the anti-utopian novel «The Human anthill» thinker Alexander Zinoviev. The Center has archive. Original documents and manuscriptsAcademy of Arts (1997), «On the way to supra-society» (2000) opened a school of the social studies and a are deposited for eternal storage school by correspondence. In 6 years of 1984 – 1986 1992 existence over 200 students have graduated 2005 Honorary citizenship of a number of Awarded the Tevere literary prize by Italian from this school, over 300 students registered The book «The crossroads» heads the top-European cities: 1984 – Ravenna (Italy), 1986 Center for Dissemination of Arts and Culture with correspondence courses 100 rating of the texts of Russian social-– Orange (France), 1986 – Avignon (France) (Cidac) humanitarian writings (INTELROS group) Reaches worldwide recognition. He 1999 – 2006becomes a regular guest to some of the most 1997 Professorship at the Chair of Ethics at the 2006worldwide popular TV programs with many State Archives of Bremen sets up A. faculty of Philosophy of MSU Conclusive works on «the sum of totals»hours of live air. Some European cities hold Zinoviev archive Professorship in the Institute of Philosophy books, one that summarizes his scientific ideasliterary festivals in honour of Alexander The works of A.Zinoviev as well as all audio, at the Academy of Science of Russia – a scientific testament for new generations ofZinoviev. His books are published in 26 video, photo, manuscripts, press articles, press Professorship in Maxim Gorky Institute of Russian intellectuals – «The comprehensionlanguages totalling over 3 million copies. cuts, paintings, books, magazines, etc are Literature factor» (published post mortem)Academician Zinoviev becomes a visiting considered as part of national German legacy, Lectures in numerous Institutesprofessor of major universities, holds public life, culture and sciences During the years 1999–2006 A.Zinoviev 2006lectures and meetings with his readership. He reads the following courses: Introduction to the Alexander Alexandrovitch Zinoviev dies onis regarded as an international independent 1999 methodology of sociology, Ideology of the 10 May, 2006. As recognition of his services toauthority, consults on their demand heads of A. Zinoviev returns to Russia with his family. Future, Russia he is buried in the Novodevichystate and presidents The reason of his comeback to Moscow is Basics of methodology of social research, cemetery in Moscow on order of the President the NATO aggression of the sovereign Society and – Supra-society, Logical Sociology, of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin 1988 Yugoslavia. Alexander Zinoviev considers this Logical Intellect Honorary professorship at the University of barbarian act to be an eventual scenario of the 2007Santiago de Chile future of Russia 2000 – 2006 First publication of «ZINOVIEV». An The Head of State did not welcome Chairman of Russian public Committee exclusive magazine» 1990 A.Zinovievs return to his Motherland. No «Freedom to the President of Yugoslavia Exibition dedicated to Alexander Zinoviev Reinstalled in the citizenship of the USSR by official apologies from the Russian powers Slobodan Milosevic» in the Parliament of Russia «Go!» in the Moscow State Literature Museumthe decision of the Presidium of the Supreme towards the family are extended. His MoscowCouncil of USSR flat that had been confiscated in 1978 was not 2001 – 2006 2008 returned President of the Russian Intellectuals Club International editorial board of «The 1990 Honorary Professor of Moscow University complete works of A.A.Zinoviev» headed by History making live TV dispute on French 1999 of Humanities the rector of MSU Academician the Academychannel Antenne 2 – perceived by millions of Following uncompromising position of Member of Russian Academy of social of Sciences of Russia V.A.Sadovnitchy is setEuropean audiences as a true duel between A.A.Zinoviev on NATO aggression of Yugoslavia, sciences upRussian thinker Alexander Zinoviev and Soviet the Nobel prize committee strikes him down as Vice-president of the Academy of Russianpolitician Boris Yeltsin a nominee for the Nobel prize for literature art of writing 2007 According to the sources close to the first Member of International Academy of First International Conference Zinovievpresident of Russia after this encounter decided 1999 Sciences of Eurasia Readings at Moscow University of Humanitiesnever again to take part in live TV political He is nominated as Candidate of the partydebates. All Russian presidents still keep to this «Union of Russian People» in the elections to 2001 2007 – 2010line Russian Parliament (State Duma of RF), but is «Man of the year 2011» by Russian Zinoviev Readings are held in Paris refused registration as candidate by the election Biographical Institute in the nomination (France), Donetzk (Ukraine), Dnepropetrovsk 1991 board on a phony pretext, actually on direct «Culture» awarded for «extraordinary (Ukraine), Stockholm (Sweden), St Peterburg Defines the fall of the USSR as «the greatest strict order from Kremlin educational activity» (Russia), Glasow (RF), Kostroma (RF), Omsksocial catastrophe of the XXth century» and (RF), Piatigorsk (RF), Saratov (RF), SofiaUSSR as the «apex of 1000 years of the history 1999 2005 (Bulgaria), Oxford, Glasgow (UK), Manilaof Russia» Alexander Zinoviev Research Center is Awarded The Star of Moscow University (Philippines) created The Research Center is created on («For the service to the Truth») 1994 – 2006 initiative of Mr. Lomeiko, assistant to the 2008 Analysis of Western societies, criticism of director general of UNESCO and rector of 2005 Post mortem decoration with title andglobal capitalism, forecasts of the world crisis. Institute of Youth (called MosGU now) with The Russian State archive of social and medal of the «honorary citizen of Kostroma». 22 23
  13. 13. The city of Kostroma institutes annual 2009Alexander Zinoviev Prize Russian-Bavarian Alexander Zinoviev Research Center founded by University of 2008 Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany) together with Second International Conference Zinoviev Russian State University of Commerce andReadings in Moscow Lomonosow State EconomyUniversity 2010 2009 Third International Conference «Zinoviev Consecration in the court of the Readings in Russian Academy of Sciences»N.A.Nekrasov University in Kostroma of themonument to Alexander Zinoviev by 2011decision of the Governor of the Kostroma Exhibition «Zinoviev ≡ Time ≡ Forward!» atRegion Igor Slunaev. The monument was the Museum of History of the Moscow Statecreated by sculptor Andrei Kovaltchuk, Universitydecorated People`s painter, Head of theUnion of the Painters of Russia. 2012Inauguration of «Alexander Zinoviev Preparation of 90th anniversary of the greatauditorium» at the N.A.Nekrasov University Russian thinker Alexander Kostroma Organization of International Congress Zinoviev Readings in Kostroma Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute: © О. Zinovieva 2012 © А. Blinov 2012 © P. Rodkin 2012 24