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DRAUP : Auto Startup Report


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Insights from Zinnov's proprietary DRAUP Platform. For more, check out

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DRAUP : Auto Startup Report

  1. 1. WORKING SESSION: RECRUITMENT BEST PRACTICES MAY 2014 Automotive Start-Up Scan Global Engineering Insights Platform OCTOBER 2016
  2. 2. Automotive 1.0 & Automotive 2.0 emerge from craft, mass & lean philosophies creating barriers-to-entry for new start-ups 2 490 Players Why did automotive startup disruption happen again only after a century? Ford’s economy-of-scale revolution led to massive upfront investment costs Sloan’s concept of ‘a car for every purse & purpose’ increased PDLC by many years Toyota’s effective waste reduction concepts enabled patent protection & closed door knowledge Government regulations & converging oligarchies meant increased crony capitalism 1890 Automotive 1.0 Craft 235 Players 1909 Automotive 1.0 Mass 43 Players 1973 Automotive 2.0 Lean 1000+ Players 2005 Automotive 3.0 Smart Royce • High skilled workers • Individual Customization • Rewarding Work • Horizontal Hierarchy • Expensive Rolls Sloan • Moving Assembly Line • Interchangeable Components • Vertical Hierarchy • Alienating Work • Inexpensive Ford • Yearly Cosmetic Updates • Choice & Variation • Quality & Productivity both achieved • Removing Waste created though overburden & unevenness • ‘Value Creation’ happens when customer is willing to pay • Systematic elimination of Waste Sakichi Toyoda
  3. 3. Automotive 3.0 – less about the car, more about the service 3 Information Age  The advent of Internet and major advances in algorithms made Informatics applications in vehicles easier to implement with greater Infotainment experience  Online Retail made dealership information & car features completely open with direct-to-consumer sales and home delivery Gen Z and Millenials  Increased environment awareness leads to re- introduction of electric vehicles  Changing consumer preferences cause commoditization of vehicles - Ridesharing erupts onto the scene Silicon Evolution  Moore’s law made electronics cheaper, smaller and scalable year-by-year setting up the stage for Telematics in Automotive Smart Everything  The Smartphone revolution increases demand for Smart Car finally leading to a fully Autonomous Self- Drive vehicle
  4. 4. About Global Engineering Insights Platform 4 Global Engineering Insights Platform Location Technology Company Top 500 R&D Spenders 150K+ start-ups Engineering R&D Footprint Tracking of Global 500 R&D Spenders Global R&D Spenders 250+ Vendors Digital Ecosystem Intuitive tracking of Global Engineering Service Providers and Platform companies focusing on New age Technology areas Global Vendors/Platform companies Real time tracking of details of Start-ups and Innovation Ecosystem across Industry Verticals An integrated, real-time insights solution, encompassing global R&D Customers and the Innovation Ecosystem
  5. 5. The Automotive Start-up Landscape has evolved considerably over the years 5 2010 2016 1355 $18 B 512 $40 Bn CAGR: 14% No. of Automotive Start-ups Total Funding in Automotive Start-ups Active VCs Active Angels Accelerators 650+ 380+ 60+ $21.2Bn $1.9Bn$13.6Bn $0.3Bn Top Locations by Funding Top Areas of Investment Transport Tech Electric/ Battery Tech ADAS/ Autonomous Connected Car Aftermarket & Dealerships $32Bn $2.7Bn $1.3Bn $0.6Bn $2.2Bn Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  6. 6. USA, India & China are rich with automotive start-ups that are flourishing with an active investor ecosystem 6 $ 42 M40 $ 21,233 M589 $ 309 M94 $ 85 M8 $ 292 M31 $$ Funding Major Technology Focus 1. Transport Tech 2. OEMs 3. Connected Cars Top Investors 1. Accel 2. Tiger Global Management 3. Coatue Management 4. Sequoia Capital 5. BMW I Ventures 6. Goldman Sachs $ 1941 M152 $ 13,635 M23 X No. of Automotive Start-ups Major Technology Focus 1. Transport Tech 2. Aftermarket/Dealerships Top Investors 1. Lumina Capital Major Technology Focus 1. Transport Tech 2. Connected Cars Top Investors 1. Poalim Capital Markets (PCM) 2. Pitango Venture Capital 3. BRM Capital Gemini Israel Ventures 4. Jerusalem Global Ventures Major Technology Focus 1. Telematics 2. Fuel Technology Top Investors 1. Atomico 2. StarupBootcamp Major Technology Focus 1. Transport Tech 2. Connected Cars 3. Aftermarket/Dealerships Top Investors 1. Tata Capital 2. GIC 3. India Value Fund Advisors Private Limited 4. RNT Associates Major Technology Focus 1. Transport Tech 2. Aftermarket/Dealerships Top Investors 1. Alibaba 2. China Investment Corporation 3. Tencent Holding Major Technology Focus 1. Transport Tech 2. Aftermarket/Dealerships Top Investors 1. High-Tech Gruenderfonds USA Canada UK Germany China IndiaIsrael Automotive Start-up Hot spots Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  7. 7. Automotive Start-up Landscape Trends 7 Disaggregation of the Automotive Value Chain Penetration of software in to the car has led to the emergence of multiple players within the Automotive Ecosystem, thereby disaggregating the entire value chain 1 Autonomous, Electric & Ride-Sharing With increasing need for safer, cheaper & eco-friendly transport and with the advent of AI & on-demand services, Autonomous Technologies, Electric Vehicles & Ride-Sharing are the hottest technology areas in the automotive start-up landscape 2 Bay Area – Hotbed for Automotive Innovation Being the hub for software innovation globally, Bay Area has thereby developed the ecosystem necessary to nurture Automotive Innovation 3 OEMs & Tier 1s Collaboration with Start-ups With disruption and competition increasing from start-ups, the OEMs and Tier 1s are resorting to different ways to collaborate and co-innovate with the Start-ups 4 Tier 1s – Aggressive Acquirers Disaggregation of the Automotive Value chain has left the Tier 1 suppliers at the risk of becoming irrelevant. Hence, the Tier 1s are on an acquisition spree to increase their capabilities in Software 5 Interest from Non-Automotive Corporates Corporate VCs from sectors that are Non-Automotive like Financials Services, Internet Companies, Electronics Manufacturers have made investments in the Automotive Start-ups 6 Rise of New Revenue Models Increase in adoption of Software & IoT has led to rise of new revenue models like commission model, advertising model & licensing model 7 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  8. 8. The automotive industry is undergoing drastic changes to finally become cross- functional and highly specialized 8 Tier 3 Raw materials | Screws | Springs | Hinges Tier 2 Safety Belt Cover | Hand Brake Grip | Reservoir Tank Tier 1 Powertrain | Electronic Modules | Seats | Climate Control | Tyres OEM Fully Developed Car | Branding Transport Tech + Services Car Rental | Ambulance Vehicles | Freight Management Dealerships Dealer Networks | Volume Trade Aftermarket Repair | Financing | Over– the-counter Parts End Customer Gen X | Gen Y | Gen Z | Millennials | Rural | Urban | Suburban | Premium | Volume Traditional Structure Modern Structure Tier 2 & Tier 3 Traditional Tier 1 Powertrain | Electronic Modules | Seats | Climate Control | Tyres Software Providers Autonomous OS/SW | Infotainment SW New Age Tier 1 HUD | ADAS | Safety Systems | Battery Tech | LIDAR | OEM Contract & White Label Manufacturers | Established Brands DataAggregators TrafficLightAlgorithms|BigDataAnalytics|IntelligentSpeedRadar Transport Tech + Services On-Demand Cabs | P2P Car Sharing | Delivery Brick & Mortar + Online Dealership Car Sellers | Independent Car Aggregators | Online Configurators Infrastructure Players Charging Stations| Intelligent Parking Garages | Toll Systems Traditional + New Age Aftermarket On Demand Repair | Pay per Mile Insurance | Over– the-counter Parts End Customer Gen X | Gen Y | Gen Z | Millennials | Rural | Urban | Suburban | Premium | Volume OTT Providers Connected Car Apps | Infotainment Apps 1 Tech OEM Tech Mafia | Autonomous OEMs | EV OEMs Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  9. 9. The Tech Stacks of today are more intangible with the tangible components increasingly commoditized 9 $ 60 Mn INFOTAINMENT BATTERY TECH SAFETY & SECURITY AI & COMPUTER VISION ADAS POWERTRAIN AFTERMARKET INFRASTRUCTURE DATA PLAYERS OEMS CONNECTED CAR $ 18 Mn $ 50 Mn $ 28 Mn $ 558 Mn $ 41 Mn $ 183 Mn $ 10 Mn $ 2185 Mn $ 372 Mn $ 3400 Mn $ 152 Mn LIDAR & RADAR Electric Autonomous Gas EV Charging Parking Solutions Alternative Vertical Start-ups that includes Ridesharing and other services (Legal, Financial, Media) for the Automotive Industry has received close to $ 34 Bn Funding XX Total Funding in Technology Area 1 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  10. 10. A deep dive into Tech Stacks shows that the industry has become more granular 10 Connected Car Alternative Verticals Infrastructure OEM Powertrain Infotainment Tier 1 Vehicle & Driver Safety Aftermarket & Dealership Autonomous Data Player 1 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  11. 11. Technology Sub Stacks have gradually evolved and matured over the years 11 OEMs New Age Material & Manufacturing Powertrain Vehicle Driver & Security Autonomous Infotainment Connected Car Aftermarket & Dealerships Alternative Vertical 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Driver Safety New Age Fleet Management Analytics & Platform Transit Info OTA Augmented DisplayDashboard Entertainment Lidar AI & Computer VisionADAS Passenger Security Anti-Theft System Cybersecurity Hybrid & Electric Alternative Fuel Engine Efficiency New Age Materials Gas Powered OEMs EV OEM Autonomous OEM Social Network BFSI Advanced Services On Demand Cabs Alternative Transport Traditional Aftermarket Traditional Dealership Dealership/Used Car Aggregator Aftermarket Aggregator New Age Aftermarket New Age Dealership Size of bubble indicates relative no. of startups in each Tech Stack On Demand Cabs is the most funded with most no. of startup players Autonomous Car OEM & OTA startups are the latest buzz Aggregators & Marketplaces have a lot of players but New Age Dealerships are Maturity (Mean Year of Establishment) 2 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  12. 12. Transport Tech and Electric & Autonomous OEMs are the hottest areas of focus 12 -10 0 10 20 30 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Maturity (Founding Year – Mean, Median) InvestmentPerStart-up(Funding/No.ofstart-ups) Size of bubble indicates relative no. of start-ups in each Tech Stack Transport Tech Electric/Autonomous OEMs Autonomous Tech Connected Car Vehicle & Driver Security Infotainment New Age Materials & Manufacturing Powertrain Infrastructure Data Player Tier 1 Aftermarket & Dealerships High Investment Mid Investment Low Investment With 10X funding, this is the hottest are in the value chain TRANSPORT TECH Electric Vehicles & Autonomous Vehicles start-ups have been the next major focus area for investments NEW AGE OEMS 2 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  13. 13. Autonomous Technology/ADAS Start-up Landscape 13 2 ADAS $ 28 Mn in investments AI & Computer Vision $ 18 Mn in investments Autonomous OEMs $ 922 Mn in investments LIDAR & RADAR $ 152 Mn in investments 5 10 5 2 Autonomous Technology/ADAS Total Funding $ 1186 Mn Rest Of America Bay Area Europe Asia Where are they from? 1 Canada 1 Israel ACQUISITIONS GM acquired Cruise in 2016 & since then is testing its own fleet of self-driving cars Delphi acquired Ottomatika in 2015 and posted big profits for the next quarter Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  14. 14. Across OEMs, Tier Is and Start-ups, Autonomous car technologies is a big focus area 14 2 OEMs have shown increased focus on developing ADAS and autonomous capabilities They are not relying on Tier Is for the same. ~USD 6 Billion R&D SPEND ON AUTONOMOUS CARS* IN 2015. Toyota announced USD 1 BN spend in next 5 years Tier Is are working on their own Autonomous driving modules, which they intend to supply to OEMs. Bosch Highway Pilot is expected to be in production by 2020 Tier Is Ride share companies ultimately aim to provide autonomous cars who will ply on demand. Ride Share Companies New players like Mobileye are disrupting the market by solely focusing on Autonomous car modules. New Tier Is Technology Companies like Google and Apple are also working on autonomous car modules. Tech Mafias Uber has started testing its autonomous car in Philadelphia, US They currently supply chipsets for Tesla Model S Google is investing USD 30 MN YoY on autonomous cars OEMs Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  15. 15. OEMs & Ride sharing companies are increasingly partnering with Autonomous Technology companies 15 2 Ridesharing company partnership with Autonomous Car startup Singapore based On Demand Cabs company, Grab partnered with Nutonomy to leverage Nutonomy’s Autonomous Cars for its ridesharing business Sensor company moving into ADAS Through the collaboration, Quanegy aims to become the leader in Lidar Sensors whereas Sensata aims to extend its sensing capabilities into ADAS applications Low Cost Lidar Sensors The partnerships are meant to bring the Lidar tech into commercial market segment by reducing cost Third Party Technology Integration These partnerships with Non-Auto Players help in leveraging relevant robotics technology from the partners Display Equipment for Automotive i4Drive plans to develop special display equipment for Automotive industry that shows ADAS statistics. Ricoh being a leading electronics company can help in building the display for the equipment Next Gen Driver Monitoring The cooperation intends to assess ‘user readiness’ to take over driving in partially autonomous systems which is extremely important in Level 3 Autonomous Vehicles Integration of Low Power Vision Processing & Skeltal Tracking & Gesture Control The partnerships intends to combine Videantis’s low power vision processing IP Platform with Gestigon’s Skeletal tracking & Gesture Control as well comfort and security features Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  16. 16. Battery Technology Start-up Landscape 16 2 Lithium Battery Tech $ 142 Mn in investments EV OEMs $ 2428 Mn in investments EV Charging Infrastructure $ 233 Mn in investments Electric Conversion Kits $ 15.6 Mn in investments Hybrid Engines $ 2.2 Mn in investments 38 24 12 8 Battery Technology Total Funding $ 2844 Mn Rest Of America Bay Area Europe Asia Where are they from? PARTNERSHIPS & ACQUISITIONS Bosch has acquired SEEO in Aug, 2015 in a rare move of a Tier 1 moving into battery tech space OSVehicle has developed an open source EV car platform which Uber is utilizing to build its autonomous car fleet Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  17. 17. There are multiple start-ups based out of Silicon Valley and China who are involved in Electric Car Development 17 2 Nissan 45-50% GM 15-20% Daimler 10-12% Tesla 12-13% PSA 3-4% Ford 3-4% Renault 2-3% Others 2-3% Currently, the traditional auto manufacturers dominate this market, with the exception of Tesla EV – Sales 2015 Total Sales – 400,000 | Growth ~100% YoY Alex Lightning Car Company Alpha Lujo NextEV Atieva Obvio Coda Auto Phoenix Motorcars Colmac Quixera Eday Rimac Electrovaya Saba Motors Faraday Futures SIM Drive Fisker Switch Vehicles Hybrid Technologies Universal Electric Vehicle Corp Liberty Electric Zotye However, there are 22 new companies who have announced around 30 models to be launched by 2020. Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  18. 18. Bay Area has emerged as the global automotive Start-up hotspot 18 Bay Area Total Funding USD 16.1 Bn Rest of the World Top Corporate Investors in Auto Tech in the Bay Area Automotive Technology Start-ups & Funding Total Funding USD 18.7 Bn 220 Start-ups 760 Start-ups 3 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  19. 19. Bay Area has emerged as the Automotive innovation hub because of Leaders who drove the first wave of innovation 19 Autonomous Electric In Car Experience New Age Infotainment Ride Share To invest $1 billion in SFO over next five years in AI and self-driving cars R&D Bay Area Drivers Followers Invests $182 million next-gen cloud computing firm Pivotal for self-driving tech; developed aDrive gaming atmosphere for autonomous test driving Opened R&D center in Sunnywale focusing on HMI based virtual dashboard (DICE) and content delivery Emerging Players Ford Research & Innovation Center, Palo Alto, is working with Carbon 3D to make elastomer grommets for Ford Focus Electric Mountain View and Palo Alto team work on HMI, Sensor technology; created controller of iDrive Partnered with Lyft to start ride sharing taxi trial within a year Tests its car sharing service DriveNow in Seattle, taking On Car2Go ERL integrated Google Earth maps into Audi’s navigation System; a development hub for VW Group’s new modular infotainment toolkit Joint Research center with Argonne Laboratory focusing on Li- Ion Batteries research 3 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  20. 20. Snapshot of the Automotive Start-ups in Bay Area 20 Acquired 3 8903 Ride Sharing135 Autonomous Cars 57 Powertrain 297 Aftermarket and Dealership 174 Infrastructure 463 OEMs 108 Connected Cars 116 Advanced Services 41 Infotainment 6 Vehicle and Driver Security 27 Social Network 90 Car Pricing 30 Alternative Transport Automotive Startup Funding in Bay Area in $ Mn Start-up Charging Infrastructure 149 Technology Total Funding in $ Mn Electric Vehicle 131 Battery Tech 43.6 Navigation 35.3 Battery Tech 34.5 Autonomous Cars 30 Heads Up Display 26.8 Top Funded Start-ups USD 16.1 Bn Funding 220 Start-ups Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  21. 21. 70+ Accelerators set up by global corporations around the world 14 9 48Bay Area Germany India Hong Kong 6 Israel 6 United Kingdom 6 Rest of Asia Pacific 10 Rest of America 14 Rest of Europe xx No of start-up accelerators in established location No of start-up accelerators in emerging location Legend: 8 Accelerators set up by Automotive companies Global OEMs & Tier 1s are adopting several engagement models to collaborate with Automotive Start-ups across the globe 21 Cross Industry Tie-ups Strategic Collaborations Venture Capital Arms Accelerator Programs Acquisitions OEMs & Tier 1s are engaging with start-ups through multiple avenues General Motors Ventures SAIC Motors in energy vehicles and powertrains Acquired myTaxi, RideScout to get talent and tech in Ride Sharing BMW Startup garage BMWiVentures Strategic alliance with Toyota in hydrogen fuel cells, vehicle electrification, sports car BMW’s collaborated with Microsoft for cloud computing services Bosch India Accelarator Program Partnership with a security startup GhangorCloud in US Acquired Connected car start-up Ottomatika Delphi Venture Capital Acquired Cruise Automation, SideCar to enhance Telematics, autonomous tech Partnership through Apple Carplay Robert Bosch Venture Capital Gmbh Acquired SEEO for dry solid polymer technology Bosch entered healthcare market India with telemedicine collaboration NXP and Delphi enter partnership in automotive electronics Delphi Connect powered by Microsoft Azure 4 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  22. 22. The intensity of collaborations is highest in the Bay Area 22 Venture Capital Arms Accelerator PartnershipsOpen Innovation Labs Honda set up an open innovation lab for R&D in connected vehicles, HMI, big data and apps Volkswagen’s Electronics Research Lab focusses on ADAS, autonomous driving, HMI and mobility solutions GM’s advanced technology lab in Silicon valley is a listening post to identify high relevance star-ups for collaboration Mobility Advanced Materials, EV and Infotainment 1st Ranked Start-up Ecosystem in the world >120 Auto Technology Start- ups across all stages $ 14 B + Total Funding received by auto start-ups since 2005 >2K Investors residing in the Bay Area Silicon Valley is home to the most mature and diverse start-up ecosystem in the world 10 Venture Capital Arms set up by automotive companies 6 Accelerators set up by automotive companies 4 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  23. 23. Tier 1s are acquiring aggressively as compared to the OEMs 23 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 OEM Tier 1 AverageAcquireeMaturity Low High Acquisition Year • Autonomous Technology • Connected Car • On-demand Services • Electric Powertrain • Connected Car • Infotainment • Infotainment Technology Focus Bubbles indicate acquisitions by OEMs or Tier 1s 5 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  24. 24. OEM acquisitions are limited and inclined towards Transport Tech… 24 OEM Materials Acquisitions by OEMs Connected Car Powertrain Tier 1 Infotainment Autonomous Transport Tech 5 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  25. 25. …while Tier 1s are focused on increasing their capabilities in Connected Car Technology & Infotainment through acquisitions 25 Infotainment Acquisitions by Tier 1s Connected Car Powertrain Transport Tech Autonomous Tier 1 OEM Materials 5 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  26. 26. Case Examples: Harman, Bosch & Continental – aggressively investing in acquiring/incubating software capabilities 26 Infotainment Lifestyle Audio Systems Professional Audio Systems Maps and Navigation Product portfolio Then – Only Hardware Product portfolio Now – Software Focus Organic Acquisition 2005 2015 Cloud based Analytics Platform Infotainment content provider Navigation Solution Software Prod. Development Specialized Software Infotainment solutions Cybersecurity IOT Middleware IOT Cloud Suite Embedded Software and Services Multimedia Solutions Battery Technologies 5 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  27. 27. Corporate Investors from Non-Automotive verticals are making significant bets in the Automotive ecosystem 27 6 Telecommunication 104 Non-Auto Corporate Investors SemiconductorInternet Tech Mafia Travel Electronics Others Investment Focus Transport Tech Aftermarket & Dealerships Advanced Services Autonomous Connected Car Data Player OEM Powertrain High Medium Low Investment Focus Intensity Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
  28. 28. Revenue Models like Commission model & Advertising model are becoming more prevalent in the Auto Landscape with higher penetration of software in the cars 28 20% 16% 20% 19% 15% 24% 13% 10% 13% 12% 10% 13% 9% 7% 2005 -2009 2010-2015 Production Model Fee-for-service Model Comission Model Licensing Model One Time Payment Model Advertising Model Commission Model Advertising Model Production Model Licensing Model Grew by 9%, majorly driven by ride-sharing start-ups Driven by Navigation & Infotainment Increased by 3 % Highest Decrease (4%) Decreased By 3% Percentage share of Revenue Models Founding Year 7 Source: Global Engineering Insights Platform (
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  31. 31. Automotive Start-Up Tech Mapping (1/2) 31 Alternative Vertical Tier 1 Automotive Wiring Cables Regenerative Suspension System Car Design & Development Engine & Truck Parts Nut Manufacturer Power Steering Systems OEM EV OEM Disabled Friendly Electric Tricycles Full Electric Vans Electric Stand Up Cycles Foldable Electric Bike Solar + Pedal Electric Trike Full Electric Bike Electric Motorcycle Pods Battery EV Supercar Electric Assist Pedal Trike Motion Activated Electric Unibike Full Autonomous Car Full Autonomous Truck Gas Powered OEM High Mileage Low Cost Trike Sleek Design Bicycle Manufacturer Hybrid Commercial Vehicles Rugged Vehicles Manufacturer Luxury Bus Design Company Autonomous OEM AC Solution for Buses Auto Glass Repair Traditional Aftermarket Anti Rattle Windows Auto Detailing Traditional Fleet Management Car Restoration & Restyling Companion Bicycle Seats Emergency Vehicle Upfitting Aftermarket & Dealerships Aftermarket Aggregator Bike Parts & Accessories Marketplace Car Parts & Accessories Marketplace Car Repair & Maintenance Marketplace Car Wash Locator EV Parts & Accessories Marketplace Car Graphics & Artwork Marketplace Tyre Marketplace Car Purchase marketplace Dealership/ Used Car Aggregator Car Auction Information Listing Rugged Vehicle Information Listing EV Marketplace Heavy Duty Vehicle Marketplace Vintage Car Marketplace P2P Used Car Marketplace Vehicle Information Listing & Price Comparison Motorcycle Clothing & Protection Gear Paintless Dent Removal Car Tuning Parts New Age Aftermarket Aerodynamic Wheel Covers Motorcycle Smart Brake Lights Module Alcohol Detection Biosensor Driver Safety Windshield Nanofilm Emojis Windshield Sticker OBD Supplier Wheel Nut Securing Device Traditional Dealership Car Dealership Motorcycle Dealership New Age Dealership Honda Car Online Dealership Full Online Dealership Roadside Assistance Advanced Services Auto Consulting Car Valet Advance Booking On Vehicle Advertising On Demand Enterprise Advertising Vehicle Towing Alternative Transport Autonomous Flying Cars Electric Boats Glides Manufacturer Hybrid Electric Hovercraft Maglev Enabled PRT Transport Tech Intercity Tech Bus Operator Route Optimized Buses for Events Vehicle Loop Transit Bidding Based On Demand Cabs Ecommerce to Car Delivery On Demand Mixed Mode Commuting Freight Management & Services Hyperlocal Packaging Delivery All Inclusive Transit Information On Demand Junk Removal & Recycling P2P Car Rental P2P Car sharing On Demand Shuttles New Age Car Rental Media & News Auto Ads Aggregator Auto Enthusiast Newsbytes Social Network Social Network & Ecommerce Website Aggregator Auto Enthusiast Social Community Carpooling Social Network Legal Certificate of Conformity Crash Scene Investigation Vehicle Registration Renewals Car Reviews & Road Tests Car Reviews & Blogs Child Carpooling Social Network BFSI Car FinancingCar Financing Buyer- to-Bank Marketplace Savings Top up Platform Car Pricing & Financial Information Listing Insurance Claims Management Payment Solution for Car Dealerships Pay Per Mile Insurance Car Insurance Buy Marketplace
  32. 32. Automotive Start-Up Tech Mapping (2/2) 32 Connected Car Autonomous Infotainment Vehicle & Driver Security Powertrain New Age Materials & Manufacturing P2P Parking Ticket Alert Infrastructure EV Charging Behaviour based EV Chargers EV Chargers Test Equipment EV Charging Infrastructure Management Software EV Charging Station EV Charging Station Locator EV Wireless Charging Pads P2P EV Charging Portable EV Chargers Smart EV Charging Cables Solar Shaded EV Charging Station Gas Refill On Demand Gas FiIling On Road Parking Solution s Parking Spot App Locator Car Parking Garage Spot Reservation Digital Parking Payment P2P Car Garage Parking Bicycle Stands & Pumps Digital Valet Parking Parking Payment Gateway Data Player Infrastructure Data Aggregator Data Aggregator & Predictive Analytics Vehicle History Reports ADAS Lidar & Radar Lidar & Radar AI Software for Self Driving Cars Autonomous Car Kit AI/Camera Based Driver & Health Monitoring Autonomous Vehicle Operating System Driver Safety App Based Vehicle & Driver Health Monitoring EDR Based Vehicle & Driver Health Monitoring SDK Based Vehicle & Driver Health Monitoring OBD + Dashboard Based Vehicle & Driver Health Monitoring Motorbike Crash Detection App Motion Activated Phone Lock Vehicle & Asset Tracking New Age Fleet Manage Fleet Management Software OBD Based Electronic Logbook Truck Platooning OTA SOTA & FOTA Updates GPS & Navigation Car Satellite Antenna Digital Signal Processing Dash board Augmented Display Anti Theft System Passenger Security Cyber security Hybrid & Electric Low Cost Hybrid Diesel Engine Electric Conversion Kit Hybrid EV Truck Engine & Architecture Hybrid Gearbox Electric Turbochargers Supercapacitor Carbon Battery Alternative Fuel CNG Conversion Kit PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cells Engine Efficiency New Age Materials Electric Vehicle Exterior Body Platform New Age Manufacturing3D Laser Cutting
  33. 33. Tech Attributes Definitions (1/2) 33 Infrastructure Any technology independent of the car itself but essential to the automotive industry. An infrastructure technology acts as a support mechanism to the movement of vehicles providing gas, parking, charging facilities etc. EV Charging As an electric vehicle needs charging support structure, this sub stack includes EV Charging Stations, Solar Shaded EV Chargers, EV Wireless Charging Pads etc. Gas Refill Infrastructure Some new age gas refill solutions involve on demand gas refill or RFID based payments on a gas refill. This sub stack includes all gas refill solutions. On Road If energy/information lost can be recaptured outside the car (like piezoelectric/thermoelectric tech or Real Time Traffic Monitoring), then it would fall under On Road Sub Stack. Parking Solutions Parking being one of the oldest automotive infrastructure problems, Parking Apps, Digital Valet, Parking Payment Gateway etc. would fall under this category. Data Player With the increasing use of software in automotive, there inadvertently emerge players who aggregate the colossal data created, apply predictive analytics and create insightful customized reports. These are pure play data players. OEM Startups which manufacture full cars. It could be fully autonomous, fully electric vehicles or Gas Powered Vehicles with Higher Mileage or Sleek Designs. Tier 1 This stack includes Tier-1 companies that are exclusive of any of the other Tech Stacks like Connected Car, Autonomous etc. These startups can be thought of as traditional Tier-1 players who are low on innovation. Areas include Car Design, Wiring Cables, Suspension Systems, Nut Manufacturers, Power Steering Etc. Autonomous Self Driving Cars have been classified into five levels according to SAE; Level 5 where the full car is made has not been included here (refer OEM). Any technology which helps a car drive itself is classified under 'Autonomous'. ADAS Collision Avoidance, Lane Departure Warning, Skeleton Tracking, Gesture Control, Proximity Detection, Parking Assist all assist drivers and help in achieving a fully autonomous vehicle. Gas Refill Infrastructure AI is still not included in all ADAS Solutions & still in very nascent stages in the automotive industry. This would include AI based Operating Systems, AI based Driver Monitoring etc. Lidar & Radar Although Lidar Technology ultimately helps in achieving ADAS solutions, there are some companies that only make these sensors without worrying about helping this technology achieve Collision Avoidance or Lane Departure Warning. These are included under Lidar & Radar. Driver Security Technologies which help augment security in a vehicle Anti Theft System Companies which work on Biometric Lock Authentication, Stolen Vehicle Map Locator etc. Passenger Security Some companies work on Child Passenger Seats, Passenger Securing Devices (for emergency braking) etc. Cybersecurity With increasing use of software, automotive cybersecurity has become an independent entity in and of itself. New Age Materials & Manufacturing Companies involved in Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Nanofiber Battery Separators, High Pressure Fuel Cylinder Material, Metal Lubricity Technology; Technologies like Intelligent Drawing & Stamping, 3D Laser Cutting etc. Connected Car Any car connected to the Internet is technically termed as Connected Car. Connected Car aims at interconnecting everything automotive to the Internet of Things and in the process increase efficiency, data optimization & create novel mechanisms for Driver Safety. Driver Safety App, EDR, OBD based Driver & Vehicle Health Monitoring, Vehicle & Asset Tracking all are new age technologies that wirelessly capture information integral and previously hidden in the car, process it on proprietary servers and helps in driver safety in real-time. New Age Fleet Management Old Age Fleet Management on written logbooks, phone based truck driver communications etc. are now largely defunct and have been replaced by Connected Car technologies like OBD based Electronic Logbooks, Truck Platooning Apps etc. OTA Today increasingly, the ECU of a car does not have to be taken over to an aftermarket services company for updates. With Software-over-the-air & Firmware-over-the-air, OTA technologies have revolutionized the updates processes of the car.. GPS & Navigation Some Novel GPS mechanisms like Digital Signal Processors (DSP) or Car Satellite Antennas are being used today that create alternate GPS Data capture mechanisms or increase accuracy & reliability of digital communications (and thus help in navigation). These are included under 'GPS & Navigation'.
  34. 34. Tech Attributes Definitions (2/2) Infotainment With changing consumer demands, comes widespread use of alternate media & entertainment display technologies like dashboards, HUD etc. These technologies are typically entertainment related but require a great deal of processing whether on external servers or in-car processing units. Entertainmen t Dashboard Augmented Display Any display apart from usual Dashboards which help in Driver Interaction. This sub stack includes various kinds of Heads Up Display (Helmet Mounted, Smartphone projected, Holographic HUD) or Smartphone Smart Docks. Voice-controlled, smartphone-integrated dashboards with custom UI Design software are included here. Dashboards are typically electronic screens that enable drivers to interact effectively with various in-car calls, reminders, GPS maps etc. Powertrain Powertrain includes new age technologies that help in transmitting power from engine (or battery) to axle. This stack could include alternative fuel or hybrid engine companies.. Aftermarket & Dealerships As the name suggests, all startups involved in aftermarket products or are full dealerships (premium or independent dealership) will fall under this category Aftermarket Aggregator This Sub Stack includes Parts & Accessories Marketplace, Car Services (Wash, Repair) App Locator, Car Graphics Aggregator etc. It does not include full car marketplaces. Technologies meant for purely Entertainment purposes like Car Internet Radio etc. Hybrid & Electric Companies working on Electric Conversion Kits, Lithium Battery Technology, Electric Turbochargers, Hybrid Diesel Engines etc.. Alternative Fuel Powertrain technologies apart from Petrol or Electric - like PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cells, CNG Conversion Kit etc. Engine Efficiency There are many new age ways of improving efficacy of traditional cylinder engines which involve cylinder deactivation algorithms, self recharge engines, better drivetrain coupling technology etc. Dealership/ Used Car Aggregator This sub stack include full car marketplaces: EV Marketplace, Vintage Cars Marketplace, Car Auction Information Listing, Heavy Duty Vehicle Marketplace etc. Traditional Aftermarket Startups that sell Aftermarket Products which are low on innovation: AC Solutions, Glass Repair, Auto Detailing, Car Painting, Vehicle Upfitting etc. New Age Aftermarket Aftermarket Products which are high on innovation: Aerodynamic Wheel Covers, Alcohol Detection Biosensors, Driver Safety Windshield Nanofilm, OBD Supplier, Emojis Windshield Sticker Alternative Fuel Old Age Dealership Companies which are short on innovation New Age Dealership Typical Solutions would incorporate VR Technology in Online Dealership, 3D Immersive Experience in Physical Dealerships, Online Car Configurator & Simulator etc. Alternative Vertical With the automotive industry evolving at unprecedented pace, there are verticals outside automotive which have started to matter. Transport Tech, Flying Cars, Maglev, On-Vehicle Advertising & so on. All these outside players are part of this Tech Stack. Services which typically are not part of Aftermarket & which have provided essential support structure to the Automotive Industry but which have started to matter more and more. This typically includes Car Valet Booking, Towing, On Demand Valet, On Vehicle Advertising & so on Advanced Services Alternative Transport New Age Transport Mechanisms which do not necessarily include on road vehicles but still create impact on the automotive sector. Maglev enabled Personal Transportation System, Autonomous Flying Cars, Hyperloop would typically fall under this category. Transport Tech New Age Mobility Services like Ridesharing have brought alternate mobility mechanisms for the end consumer. Route Optimized Buses, Cars-as-a-Public Transport, On Demand Cabs, Freight Management Software, P2P Car Rental, Personalised Cabdrivers are part of this sub stack. BFSI There have always been financers, insurance players as a support mechanism to the automotive industry but Pay Per Mile Insurance & Savings Topup are some startup solution which have high impact potential.