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Digitizing Education for Emerging Users


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The education field in India is mired in tradition, ideology and incumbent interests. There is a need for a transformation in education that will help make the learning that is imparted current and relevant. Today’s children live in a world that is constantly connected, and alive outside the class room. Yet education is still delivered through traditional means. The true revolution in education will come from digitization of education so that children can learn at their own pace both within and outside the classroom. All this while they continue to benefit from the nurturing, mentorship and guidance of teachers.

This combination of traditional teaching pedagogy coupled with digitized learning is one of the ways we can prepare our upcoming generations to become global contributors who can communicate across culture, time and geographies.

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Digitizing Education for Emerging Users

  1. 1. Education for Emerging Users Touching Lives. Changing Worlds.Through Technology Digitizing This report is solely for the use of Zinnov client and Zinnov personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Zinnov.
  2. 2. ExecutiveSummary 2For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | • Education system world over is going through rapid transformation. Value derived out of centuries old factory model is being fundamentally questioned • India is home to 1/5th of the World’s youth and is in the midst of a massive education reformation process. • Digitization of education can enable this disruption and provide a platform for the next generation workforce and touch a billion lives • Total addressable market opportunity for digitizing education in India is USD 3 Billion over next 3 years (Zinnov Estimates) • Technology companies need to explore innovative business models and strategic partnerships to tap this opportunity. Winning in India can open up other market opportunities which are closed for linear thinkers.
  3. 3. Our world today Reforming The World is looking at Education 3For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : Wikipedia, US Census Bureau
  4. 4. Why? We live in a flat world and to open doors to future prosperity Countries need citizens ready for the 21st century CleanSlateonWallStreetbyKyleMayavailableat underaCreativeCommonsAttribution2.0licence “For the first time we are preparing students for a future we cannot clearly describe.” – David Warlick 4For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  5. 5. what is 21st century literacy? Education that creates effective learners, able to communicate across … … culture, time & geographies 5For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | Imagecredit:iStockphoto
  6. 6. Because the world is interconnected and will become more so.. Education that creates global collaborators • Radio – 38 years • Television – 13 years • The Internet – 4 years • Apple iPod – 3 years • Facebook – 2 years • ??? Years to reach an audience of 50 Million!! 6For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : United Nations Website Imageusedisnotcopyrighted.Availableforfreedownload
  7. 7. India is no different from the world 1.21 Billion People 620 Million youth below the age of 25years India is also critical for 21st century education Home to 1/5th of the worlds youth population 7For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : Wikipedia page on World Demographics, India Demographics Imagecredit:iStockphoto Imagecredit:iStockphoto
  8. 8. India’s literacy rate is ~65% Government School Teachers Parents Children Number of schools: 1.3 million Private: 1.05 million Public: 0.25 million Pupil-teacher-ratio: 1:32 Average number of teachers per school: 4.5 Average Income: ~1000 USD Per Year Number of enrollments in schools Primary : 130 Million Upper Primary : 54 Million 8For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : District Information System for Education – Flash Statistics 2010
  9. 9. A lot ails education in India 9For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  10. 10. Infrastructure……  41% of schools do not have a separate girls toilet.  Still around 10% of schools are single teacher schools.  49% of schools do not have a boundary wall.  30% of schools do not have a proper building.  8% of schools do not have drinking water facility.  Only 17% of schools have computer.  61% of schools don’t have access to electricity. 10For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | ImageCredits: Source : District Information System for Education – Flash Statistics 2010
  11. 11. Quality….  Only 39 out of every 100 students reach 10th grade, out of which only 40% pass.  Dropout rate after elementary education is as high as 44%.  Majority of students have poor and irregular attendance.  Only 55% of students complete their primary education with more than 60% marks. One out of every three students in class 5th cannot read or write.  About 45% of teachers teaching in schools in India are not even graduates. The situation is worse among schools in rural areas where this number rises to more than 50% among female teachers. 11For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : District Information System for Education – Flash Statistics 2010 ImageCredit:Freelyavailablepresentationtemplateforeducation.OriginallyusedbyKimCofino
  12. 12. He used to go to school because he GOT AN ASSURED MEAL A DAY. The nearest school is 2KM AWAY. He regularly falls sick as he is ANEMIC. He aspires to Play with friends & is Scared of his dad 12For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  13. 13. Raghu’s Father • Earns USD 1 a day doing odd jobs • Has respiratory illness because of cooking using coal • Works in the fields • Earns USD 2 a day • Habitual drinker • Relies on Government Welfare Scheme Raghu’s Mother • Graduate and recently completed his B.Ed. • Takes all classes for students from 1st grade to 8th grade Spends 50% of his time managing school admin Raghu’s Teacher He isn’t educated but understands that education could help his son. She isn’t educated but wants her son to go to school. Her daughter as well. He wishes he had support, and the right teaching aids. 13For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | Imagecredit:iStockphoto Imagecredit:iStockphoto
  14. 14. Raghu Dropped out of School... • His classes were BORING. • He did not learn much. • Working earns him USD 1 a day. • He misses his friends…but USD 1 a day is a lot of money for his family. 14For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  15. 15. Had Raghu continued his EDUCATION and got QUALITY EDUCATION his LIFE COULD BE A LOT DIFFERENT 5th Grade Drop Out Graduate USD 1/day 10th Grade Drop Out USD 3/day USD 10/day 15For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : Zinnov Analysis
  16. 16. All is not Lost....India is reforming Education! • Right to education: Children are legally entitled to free and compulsory elementary education under The Right to Education Act, 2009 (RTE) • Student Pupil Ratio is Approaching 1:30 • Post Graduate Qualification amongst teachers is touching 20% 16For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : District Information System for Education – Flash Statistics 2010
  17. 17. Enrollment in Primary Education is touching 99% Rural Household expenditure on education is up 79% in last 6 years Urban Household expenditure on education is up 98% in last 6 years 17For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : Government Report on Domestic Household Expenditure 2010, DISE Flash Statistics
  18. 18. Education in India Today Factory Production Line.. • Students split by Age Groups • Pass out in Batches • Study Specialized Subjects • Have a fixed curriculum and speed of learning 18For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  19. 19. Children need personalized Learning 19For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | ImageCredit:
  20. 20. Apprenticeship model Standard Curriculum Personalised Learning Key Trends in Education Point towards us going back to personalized learning Just in case Just for me Just for me 20For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  21. 21. Digital technologies can revolutionize how Education content are made, distributed, and used in India 21For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  22. 22. India has started to embrace digital tools  India has 800 Million+ mobile users  85 Million Internet Users  100 Million+ TV Household  2 Million Developers 22For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : TRAI, Economic Times, BCG Report,
  23. 23. There is an opportunity to digitize education and provide… go/440119001/ and Social networking Powered by Collaboration ..customized learning experience 23For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  24. 24. “ Education is an important element to inclusive growth and technology is an accelerator to this process ” - Aravind Sitaraman , President, Inclusive Growth , Cisco Global competitors like Cisco have already started to work towards this opportunity… Technology  Cisco has developed CEED, a platform solution exclusively developed for remote education delivery , through multimedia content & virtual classrooms Model  Partnership Model : Cisco partners with Government ( on a public private partnership model ) and emerging education entrepreneurs ( On revenue share model ). Cisco delivers the platform, partner delivers the content Recent Successes  Partnership with Lakshya Networks, in Madhya Pradesh, for delivering after school tuitions in 7 villages  Partnership with Everonn in Raichur & Karnataka Government in Shimoga to deliver distance learning courses. The way forward  Cisco’s long term vision is to turn rural India into a $1 Billion market, for education, healthcare and citizen services. 24For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : Cisco Website
  25. 25. Technology  Touchscreen tablet computing device with Wi-Fi connectivity. Pre-integrated content according to subscription /category Model  Partners with established supplementary education providers to digitize & deliver their content on iProf tablet. Wifi enables, video conferencing enabled classroom sessions Recent Successes  Partnership with IGNOU, India’s largest distance education body to conduct diploma programs for 75 courses.  Partnership with Kaplan Ventures and Brilliant Tutorials to deliver Test Preparation courses on iProf device The way forward  iProf currently has about 20 iZones ( learning centers ) which it plans to expand to about 100 by the end of 2011. It already has a funding of USD 5 Millions from Norwest & IDG Ventures. 25For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | “ iProf addresses three major limitations that plagues e-learning : computer penetration, content piracy and widespread reach ” - Sanjay Purohit , Founder, iProf Along with homegrown ventures like iProf… Source : iProf Website & Press Release
  26. 26. And the Opportunity could be as large… …As USD 3 Billion in next 3 years! Govt. Spend- All USD 30 Billion* Private Spend- Formal Education USD 40 Billion* Private Spend- Informal USD 12 Billion* USD 3 Billion USD 8 Billion USD 2.5 Billion 400 Million 1.5 Billion ~1 Billion 10 % 20 % 20% 13 % 20% 30% Total Spend on Education USD 82 Billion* Content Authoring & Creation ( USD 2.4 Billions ) Content Delivery ( USD 500 Millions ) Content Management ( USD 100 Million ) Total Digitization Opportunity USD ~3 Billion Relevant Spend Digitization Filter – Next 3 years 26For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |Source : National Budget , Household Expenditure Report , Secondary Research. *Estimated for year 2012
  27. 27. 27 Technology companies can enable the entire… …Digitization Ecosystem Content Creation Content Delivery Content Mgmt. NCERT Universities Publishers Schools Education Boards Govt. Vocational Institutes Private Org. Vocational Institutes Universities For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only |
  28. 28. Micro Entrepreneurship Promotion Initiative : Promote small entrepreneurs , education startups Model : Free/ Subsidized Software, Charge on Content delivered Revenue Share Partnerships Initiative : Help existing players with content creation, delivery & management Model : Revenue share / Fixed charge per user Social Tie Ins Initiative : Partner with NGO’s & Not-for Profit organizations Model : Subsidized software, promotion of partner startups / companies Government Partnerships Initiative : Partner with key Govt. Agencies and Schemes Model : End to End solution delivery Top Line Growth Brand Recognition Early Mover’s Advantage Sustainable Market Education focused tech companies can use several enablement models to realize this opportunity… 28For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | Conceptual
  29. 29. Zinnov can help define and execute the transformation vision.. Evangelism Enablement Sustained Monetization Zinnov Services 29For sole use of Zinnov client & personnel only | • Map the eco-system linkages in education value chain. • Define Education Vertical Specific Evangelism Programs • Program Manage Education Evangelism Efforts • Customer Insights, user persona and use case definition. • Market sizing, Segmentation and Go-to- Market Strategy development for Micro segments • Partner Selection and Alliance formulation • Identifying disruptive business model and validation • Partner/ Anchor Customer Identification and Establishment of Connects. Growth Strategy Definition & Business Planning Customer Insights Partnerships & Alliances People Strategy
  30. 30. 69 "Prathiba Complex", 4th 'A' Cross, Koramangala Ind. Layout, 5th Block, Koramangala Bangalore – 560095 Phone: +91-80-41127925/6 575 N. Pastoria Ave Suite J Sunnyvale CA – 94085 Phone: +1-408-716-8432 21, Waterway Ave, Suite 300 The Woodlands TX – 77380 Phone: +1-281-362-2773 11, First Floor, Paras Downtown Center, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon-122002, Phone: 0124 4378212/13 Thank You Zinnov Management Consulting
  31. 31. Total Opportunity ($ 3 Billion) K-12 Education ($ 1.65 Billion) Creation ( 85%) Delivery ( 10%) Management (5%) Higher Education ($ 1 Billion) Creation ( 70%) Delivery ( 25%) Management (5%) Vocational & Other ($ 400 Billion) Creation ( 55%) Delivery ( 30%) Management (10%) Content Authoring & Creation ( USD 2.4 Billions ) Content Delivery ( USD 500 Millions ) Content Management & Analytics ( USD 100 Million )
  32. 32. Government Private Sector/ Schools TeachersParents 1 2 4 3 1. Infrastructure 43.8% 2. Social Schemes 10.98% 3. Salary 19.37% 4. Management 2.67% 5. Trainings 3.60% 6. Text Books 4.58% 7. Innovation 1% 8. Other Activities 14% 1. Infrastructure 45% 2. Salary 30% 3. Management, Administration & Marketing 5% 4. Content Development / Books 7.5% 5. Trainings 5% 6. Innovation 5% 7. Extra-curricular 2.5% 1. Trainings & Self Development 70% 2. Content Development for Self-use 10% 3. Books 20% 1. School Fees 50% 2. Uniforms 2.5% 3. Transportation 10% 4. Books 5% 5. Tuitions 30% 6. Others ( E.g. Internet ) 1% 7. Extra-curricular 2.5% India Education Spend Prospective Area for Digitization