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Assessment of hr processes and practices


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Assessment of hr processes and practices

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Assessment of hr processes and practices

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: NOVEMBER 2014 Assessment of HR processes and practices
  2. 2. Case Example: HRFunctionAssessment – Conducted assessment of HR processes and practices for four of the group companies for a client Challenge Zinnov Solution Client Impact • The client was able to understand the current state, establish areas that needs to be sustained as well as improved. It was also able to determine the compliance level and course of action • The client with over 10,000 employees and multiple business interests wanted to measure the effectiveness and compliance level of HR systems and practices across its various business groups Currently each of the group companies followed different systems and practices Other developments – Change in organization structure (introduction of matrix structure) – Introduction of Group VP of HR • Zinnov mapped the ‘as is’ state to understand the existing systems and practices. This was done through onsite discussions & reviews Opportunities and strengths were identified Gaps and root causes for the same were analyzed Zinnov provided insight on industry best practices and developed a detailed action plan to bridge the gaps • • • • • • “ insights in to the practices followed by each of the group companies. This will form the basis for me to decide the next course of action” - Group VP, HR Client – The client is a multi-faceted Global Management Group with over 30 years experience in pioneering technologies in IT, Telecommunication and IT enabled services Thank you for giving such good
  3. 3. Aud A eas The audit was conducted for the organizations to determine the level of both statutory and process compliance Employeeit rpractices Exit Process management ManagementCompensationretention Training and Staffing/ Recruitment Communication Orientation Systems Talent acquisition Operations Separation/ Talent Talent Performance practices practices and Benefits Development HR Audit
  4. 4. The methodology used for the audit was administration of questionnaire, onsite review conformity evaluation & employee interviews Pre-assessment interview interviews and thereby establishing the areas for Pre- questionnaire will be administered to Onsite review, understand the current systems and and •Review of policies, forms and other evaluation •Review relevant documents that support Employee with regard to the various human 1 2 3 Onsite review, Employee questionnaire and conformity evaluation •Prior to onsite review pre -assessment assessment define the focus areas during onsite questionnaire interviews The onsite review will focus on the level of •Interviews with the HR team to compliance followed for each of the review areas interview practices improvement conformity related documents. various processes and action •Understanding employee perceptions interviews resource systems and practices Approach
  5. 5. a wa awa e com – The process followed to identify a vendor A summary that quantifies the compliance level of each audited area and also captures compliance, gaps and analysis constraints Compliance Specified requirements Conformity Evaluation Gaps Each of the audited area will list down the sequence of activities in that area ; explaining the specified requirements, the conformity evaluation, the gaps identified and the qualitative compliance level (Placement consultants, media, walk in, positions level Manpower Planning Identification of resource requirement based on business projections for the year NA (Activity conducted by operations. No documents to support the same) HR is not playing any role in manpower planning Raise Manpower Request Form MRF forms signed by Head of the Department (Hardcopy) None Provide job description to HR Job Description formats (Hardcopy) None Sourcing Use of appropriate sourcing channels Employee interviews None Evaluation and identification of vendors Records on vendor agreements None Employee referral policy administration and timely communication of open positions - Documentation of referral policy - Employee interviews Employee referral process not actively pursued. Employees not Screening and Interviewing l ys r of open Written test for freshers Test scores None Functional and HR interviews Feedback on resume, employee application form and e-mail No structured feedback assessment form Missing Not up to standard In Compliancemunication 72% Development processes Function assessment areas– Compliance level Staffing 70% On boarding & orientation 57% Employee 94% Separation Performance Management Training and 35% Compensation 64% Benefits administration 94% Operations 83% Communication 37% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Compliance Percentage • Compliance and create a program • Gaps – Training & development initiatives – Development need identification process and delivery of programs • Analysis – It was observed that barring a few external training programs, no initiatives around training & development was taken since last one year due to budget Report Presentation - Illustration
  6. 6. Employee discussions were held to help organizations understand the employee perception as well with respect to compliance level. HR systems & practices High sati action Low satisfaction Employee friendly 3 6 6 4 % policies The analysis will include both qualitative as well as quantitativ e data orientation efficiency Communication environment engagement % HR efficiency Negative response Positive response Employee friendly Initiatives 71 % 29% Responsiveness 64% 36% HR personnel 50 % 50% Creating a fun79 % 21% Employee 79 % 21% Process efficiency Negative response Positive response Staffing process 50 % 50 % Onboarding/ 64 % 36 % Performance 43 % 57 % Management Training & 93 % 7 % development 64 % 36 % processes 71 % 29 % Compensation & benefits ssfa
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