Zing Revolution Offers Personalized Gadget Skins at Competitive Prices


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Discount Cell Phone Accessories: Zing Revolution carries accessories for almost every mobile phone at cheap rates. Buy now latest Samsung cell phone, apple iPhone accessories at wholesale rates.

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Zing Revolution Offers Personalized Gadget Skins at Competitive Prices

  1. 1. Zing Revolution Offers Personalized Gadget Skins at Competitive PricesZing Revolution brings you the latest in fashion accessories when it comes to personalizing yourgadget with fun eDevice skins. Just select a device, add an image and/or add text, adjust it, set thebackground and the color and the customized skin is ready! Customized skins and clear cell phonecases are available for all the gadgets in your life like phones, MP3 players, laptops, E-readers, tablets,gaming consoles, and credit cards, just to name a few.Zing Revolution provides you with cell phone skins by design categories like animation, art, gaming,music, sports, TV/film to name a few. Zing can also provide you with cell phone screen protectionaccording to the devices. The company provides wholesale cell phone accessories and gadget skins formore than 280 devices and appliances.A spokesperson from the company stated, “Joining the Zing Revolution means that you can easilypersonalize your iPods, mobile phones, gaming devices, laptops, iPads, tablets, hard drives, e-readers,walls, refrigerators, dishwashers and even credit cards with whatever image you want. Zing Revolutionis the industry leader in music, fashion, art, television and pop culture premium quality, vinyl skins andother accessories.”“We have the biggest collection of images in the world and we really take to heart our tag line: whatdoes your stuff says about you? “ he added further. This company offers gadget skins that are made inthe USA from premium 3M vinyl that protects the device from the harshest scratches. The adhesive iscompletely removable and leaves no residue so can be changed or replaced easily. These skins add nobulk to your device.About the Company:-Zing Revolution is a leading company providing cell phone accessories and has emerged as a majororganization that caters the requirements from clients who are in wholesale business. They have thebiggest collection of images in the world. Also, they focus on the pop culture and personalization andhence created a stylish way for bands, brands, artists, TV shows, films, DJs, charities and media outletsto be closer to their fans.For more information visit: http://www.zingrevolution.comContact information:-24 15TH St, Suite 202Brooklyn, NY 11215Phone: 646-827-4264