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Footwear Franchise in India


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Footwear in India is no longer just a utility product. The market is growing faster and franchise opportunities is too taking a toll. With big brands of India as well as international markets tapping the fashion needs of young population, via media, celebrities and excessive promotion, a whole new craze for setting an wardrobe for footwear is a n ongoing hoopla.

Staring or rising business in footwear Industry can be your take to taking upcoming market of India

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Footwear Franchise in India

  1. 1. A LOOK AT FRANCHISE IN INDIA Franchise market is today’s developing story and tomorrow's success for entrepreneurs in India.
  2. 2. Contents Why franchise is powerful?1 Top Industries in India2 Industry watch: Footwear3 Franchise Zing4
  3. 3. FRANCHISE IN INDIA There are presently 3000+ brands that are using franchising as a tool to expand business in the market. Since the government of India has given nod to FDI, many international brands are waiting in the wings to utilize the chance. Home brands, of various sizes and industries, too participating in franchising, and creating opportunities in business. India is considered a favourable destination for business expansion due to intense population and altering lifestyles.
  4. 4. The market is getting big Add Your Title The industry was estimated to be worth of Rs 80, 400 crore in 2012, contributing 1.4% of GDP It is suggested that the market will grow in fourfold by 2017, accounting for almost 4% of Gross Domestic Income. The growth is consequently capable of providing 11 million employment opportunities in India.
  5. 5. WHY FRANCHISING IS POWERFUL? Franchise business allows business-skilled people to have their own business without strains of huge investments. The concept minimizes the risk of developing a business as the brand permits the investor to employ its trademark, for business purpose, at any given location. Further, franchising let the investor enjoys early returns, which is otherwise uncertain if starting a whole new business. For a country, at large, the concept helps in generating the possibilities of promoting self-employment among people. Hence, overall growth will affect country’s purchasing power.
  6. 6. Franchising Comes With A Great Value For Starting Entrepreneurs. The concept encourages entrepreneurs to utilize their creativity in processing a business, and also prompts them to work hard as now they are working for themselves. Training and support of the parent company is offered to franchisees to run the business, which proves helpful for an amateur entrepreneur to grow. Opening a franchise business allows investors to secure their share of profits [ROI], which is otherwise limited if in the job. Brands that offer franchise have already established their name in the market, so franchisees do not need to struggle hard to build the business from the ground Starting a franchise business usually comes at a low cost, if looking at the investments needed in starting a new business, moreover risk involved is relatively low. But that doesn’t mean an investor need not require a self- satisfactory investigation over the franchise brand.
  7. 7. For Brands Get A Valuable Growth In The Market Brand Development via franchise Investment will be no barrier for expanding business. Quick Market penetration will be there Customer footfalls will augment through brand awareness. Self-motivated entrepreneurs will operate the business Enhance the brand value in market. Better financial condition will leverage growth of overall business.
  8. 8. TOP INDUSTRIES IN FRANCHISE BUSINESS Food & Beverages Retail Health & fitness Consumer services Education OTHER INDUSTRIES THAT ARE GAINING LEVEL IN THE MARKET Apparels logistics Cafeteria s Real estate footwear Health and wellness Beauty salons Kids’ toys and clothing Fashion accessor- ies and jewels
  9. 9. Operating a successful franchise business needs right mechanism A powerful franchise model Zeal and hard work of franchisees Thorough support of the franchisor
  10. 10. FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY OF INDIA The organized sector which currently accumulates about 5% of total retail market is expected to leap to 15% by 2025. With growing trend of fashionable accessories among youth mainly aged between 21- 30, the Indian footwear Industry in India is loaded with approximately 19,900 crore with a growth rate of 8-10 per cent. Low production cost, abundant availability of raw material, ever-evolving retail ecosystem, buying patterns and a huge consumption market are certain basic features that set apart the Indian footwear market. 70% of market for footwear retail came from urban India in FY2011, in which 50% accounts for exclusive-brands outlets while 28% for multi- brand outlets.
  11. 11. FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY OF INDIA India’s per capita shoe consumption or the number of footwear (shoes, chappals, sandals) worn by an individual has gone up from 1.4 shoes a year in 2004 to 2.2 shoes per year in 2010, according to data from the commerce ministry. Online shoe shopping is a fast emerging segment in terms of footwear sale and currently accounts for about 8 percent of the overall industry and is expected to reach nearly 20 percent by 2015. Indian consumers have become more fashion and brand conscious and due to fast changing fashion trends young professionals tend to update their footwear collection every two to three months and maintain a separate budget of their salary only for shoe shopping.
  12. 12. FRANCHISE ZING: BRIDGING GAP FOR YOUR SUCCESS We have come forward to offer you tailor-made services for your franchise development in India. With best experience of the field, we let our clients discover sustainable franchise opportunities around India, by raising a common platform for franchisors and franchisees at every potent location, to embrace the productivity of franchise market in India. Brand seeking expansion Investors seeking business We bridge the gap It’s whether you are planning to extend your business reach, or desiring to get started with your own business, we are here for you to guide you with best services and practices.
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