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Final locations


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Final locations

  1. 1. Final Locations By Amy Carless
  2. 2. Subway in Ingatestone The subway in Ingatestone worked well as a location for our music video as it gave an urban and rustic quality to our music video. The subway allowed us to film in a enclosed area which kept the heat in which helped Nicole to wear revealing clothes that fitted our music genre without feeling cold or uncomfortable and could still dance and play the part of our main character. The subway was fitted with over head spot lights that allowed us to film throughout the day without worrying about the lighting being to dark outside for filming. The subway was spacious which allowed us to capture different angles and views of Nicole dancing. The subway walls was dirty so before filming we ensured they was clean by scrubbing off mud and residue of the walls for filming.
  3. 3. Brick Lane We decided to chose Brick lane as one of our main locations for our music video due to the urban and quirky feel of our song. The area of Brick lane we decided to use Is down the side streets which are walls covered with graffiti in bright colours. The costume we used for this location also fitted in really well the graffiti and the Mise en scene of our music genre. Nicole wears colours that stand out against the bright coloured walls and her outfit also had patterns to help her stand out against the wall to keep her the main attraction in the music video. We managed to film a variety of different camera angles when filming by being down the side roads which allowed us to have more privacy and room to have the tripod at different heights and angles.
  4. 4. Cobbled Road in Whitechapel Another location we used for our music video is a cobbled side road down Whitechapel. We decided to film here as it goes against the stereotypical perception of an old fashioned cobbled road by having colourful tiles against the wall showing a pattern and further down the road there is a piece of art spray painted against the wall of a mythical creature. We thought this would fit the genre of our music video because our main character shows a contrast of two different characters like the cobbled road, the road being old fashioned but quirky and our main character being smart but having a wilder side. Down the cobbled road our main character is seen dancing and singing.
  5. 5. Conference Room Due to not having permission to film on Beth’s dad’s office grounds we last minute decided to have the our schools conference room as a location for our office scene. We decided this would be the best place to film our office scene as it is laid out in an office style and its convenient to use as its located in our school and we don’t have to travel to get there.
  6. 6. Aldgate East Station Our last location we decided to use was Aldgate east station due to having difficulties filming in the actual underground we decided to film outside the station. We decided to film here as it was close and linked to our other locations. It also fits the narrative performance of our video as it shows the viewers how she has travelled from one place to another. We also felt that filming on the tube would give it a quirky effect and would make our music video different from other videos.