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  1. 1. Love By: Jennifer Rai
  2. 22. <ul><li>When You Know I wonder how I got here When I’m crying angel drops I wonder what’s the point When I’m thinking won’t it stop I wonder what I want When I’m kissing tenderly I wonder if I’m worth it When I’m giving lovingly I carry guilt around me Like a dagger to my heart I carry this weight on my shoulder Like it will never depart I carry on with my life Like any other day I carry on staying sane Like it’s the only way </li></ul><ul><li>I know you were the one Because you gave me all I am I know I can’t live without you Because now I don’t give a damn I know I must try Because there’s no other path I know I can’t give up Because I’ll have the last laugh I want my baby back You're all that I need I want you by my side You're who can make me succeed I want to hold you tight You're the best I ever had I want to kiss those lips You're the one to stop the sad! Dreams Can last a Lifetime, And the memories still remain, Yu still live in my heart, And the tears fall like rain. </li></ul>A love that was so magical. Walk Hand In Hand With The One You Love Or A friend!!!