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UKSC2013 - Soapbox: ACCORD Impact Rating


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(Simon George) // Soapbox presentation for ACCORD Environmental Impact Rating;

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UKSC2013 - Soapbox: ACCORD Impact Rating

  1. 1. ACCORD • Aim: Provide a mechanism for communicating the efficacy of current debris mitigation practices & identifying opportunities for strengthening European capability • Combining capability and capacity indicators within an Environmental Impact Rating System Alignment of Capability and Capacity for the Objective of Reducing Debris Space Debris Environmental Impact Rating System Simon George1 Benjamin Schwarz1, Hugh Lewis1, Hedley Stokes2 1 2UK Space Conference 2013 Soapbox Session Tuesday 16th July
  2. 2. Environmental Impact Rating System Interactive tool to evaluate how design & operation of a prospective spacecraft may impact the space debris environment – Free, voluntary industry tool for spacecraft designers and operators – Communicate how mitigation measures and good design practices can improve environmental impact – Final system will be implemented in a web-tool and hosted client-side to ensure privacy Assist spacecraft designers in achieving compliance with debris mitigation measures set out in IADC guidelines & ISO standards
  3. 3. Example User-Specified Inputs: Construction of Rating System Environmental Impact Rating Orbit Data Altitude Inclination Mitigation Measures Used How Mitigation Measures are Implemented Quantify impact of a prospective spacecraft on the space debris environment A single ‘score’ for a prospective spacecraft – On-Orbit Mass – Perigee Altitude – Orbital Inclination – Mitigation Measures Implemented – How Mitigation Measures are Implemented in Design Data derived from ACCORD industry survey of implementation of debris mitigation measures
  4. 4. Interactive Web Tool Representative ‘Certificate’ Generates Client-Side PDF
  5. 5. Catering Catering – Available to test (and leave feedback) at stand F26 in Exhibition Hall ENTRANCE Industry Engagement Astronautics Research Group F26 Further Information: Contact: • Invitation to test prototype rating system and provide feedback on its operation & design • Participation in ACCORD industry survey