Richwell Phinias - Emerging Technology Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe Series


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Speaker introductions at the Computer Society of Zimbabwe ICT Entrepreneurs function

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Richwell Phinias - Emerging Technology Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe Series

  1. 1. Facilitator: Emerging ICT Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe Introduction to the Panel There are a few problems that can be solved in a small way with the solutions you already have. These small numbers when they see value in what you are doing, they are going to push you to greater numbers, numbers which will eventually get you to move mountains. Thank you I now introduce you to our panel While some wait for venture capitalists to give them thousands of dollars to start up we have some who are starting where they are with whatever resources around them. The story of Silicon Valley which is home to inspirational stories on the foundations of technology giants and individuals is full of stories of people who started out from their college dorm rooms, parents' garages etc. Moving across to India and Asia, the bigger giants also carry similar stories with venture capitalists coming through to already successful projects. We are saying in Zimbabwe we have that class, the class that only needs exposure to the market. But a class that is already doing something in the prevailing conditions. The class that does not look at the past, and say things should have been this way, our predecessors erred, no, this is a class that does not look into the government, politics or society and cry for everything to be in place. This is the class we have today, we wish just to help expose this class to their colleagues who are waiting for some help somewhere, to say wherever you are, this is the right time and you are at the right place and this is the time to start up. Some who are supposed to be scholars with this class have chosen to hibernate hoping the environment will change and one day it shall be easy to start up. Maybe some have great ideas, not just in their minds, but probably on paper, maybe hidden in their emails, laptops or mobile devices. Some have been rejected and discouraged and decided to shelf what could have been the greatest innovations of our time. Your colleagues on the podium are here to show you that you can do it, that it is possible to dream again! Richwell Phinias, QDS ( CSZ Harare Chapter