Leveraging New Technologies


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Leveraging New Technologies, Nigel Mugamu, 263chat

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Leveraging New Technologies

  1. 1. Leveraging New Technologies for Constructive Dialogue, Knowledge and Information Packaging for Development #CSZSummerSchool Friday 15 Nov 2013
  2. 2. Leveraging New Technologies for Constructive Dialogue • Real Name: Nigel Mugamu • Twitter: @SirNige • Facebook: Sir Nigel’s Journey • Website: www.sirnige.com • Instagram: SirNige
  3. 3. #263Chat & @263Chat
  4. 4. What is #263Chat? • Crowd-sourcing solutions for challenges/issues ordinary people face daily • Twitter based weekly discussion on Zimbabwe • 1 theme & therefore 1 focus • Takes place at 6pm CAT/Zim time • Plays a role in creating local content for various media & DIALOGUE • Used to gauge the Zimbabwean pulse
  5. 5. #263Chat Uses • Creation of CONTENT esp. LOCAL content • Helping Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans understand Zim more through dialogue • Crowd source solutions and raise awareness of relevant national & societal issues • Change or influence the Zimbabwean narrative • Aim: Involve Auntie in the conversation one day
  6. 6. My Aunt
  7. 7. Auntie Stats • Very little educational opportunity • Worked for a textile company in Harare for several years before moving back to village • Lives in our village approx 72kms from Harare • Market gardener • Frequently sells her produce in Mbare • Auntie is familiar with Baba Jukwa
  8. 8. Auntie’s Vegetable Garden
  9. 9. Auntie & ICT 3 Fundamental Roles of ICT in her life: 1. Accessing of information & knowledge 2. Reducing cost of production and transaction 3. Making connections e.g. traders at Mbare
  10. 10. Challenges of Social/New Media • Relevance to her life – How relevant & useful is social media to Auntie? • Cost 1) data to get online 2) the actual phone • How much does ICT contribute to Zim’s GDP? • Perception that tech/social media is a toy • Auntie’s voice is irrelevant in her eyes • Polarised & politicised environment
  11. 11. Social Media & Development • Social media can save lives e.g. Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya • Social media as a equalizer i.e. access to info • Social media for economic benefit/empowerment • Social media to garner public opinion e.g. #263Chat • Social media used in elections • Social media to report &/or monitor corruption
  12. 12. Facts re Zimbabwe • Zim has highest mobile subscriber’s penetration in Africa – 98%. • Zim has one of highest internet penetration rates in Africa – 35%. • Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa – 90.7%
  13. 13. Interesting Stats re Zimbabwe • 70% of Zim population are the youth • 65% of Zim population live in the rural areas • 52% of Zim population are women
  14. 14. Opportunities of Social/New Media re Auntie • The use of social media to give Auntie detailed info on the price of produce in Mbare before travelling • Info re prices of inputs or special sale with suppliers e.g. fertilisers, seed, tools etc • What produce is in demand in Mbare at any given period? • What produce is affected by over-supply? • CRITICAL TO ALL THIS IS AUNTIE’S CELL PHONE
  15. 15. Moving forward • Whatever solutions are adopted in distributing or accessing info re development across Zim, the use of our cell/mobile phones is CRITICAL. • Costs of accessing internet data needs to decrease • Costs of mobile phones needs to decrease • There has to be a 2-way communication process
  16. 16. Thank you