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Scality, Cloud Storage pour Zimbra


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Réduire le coût de stockage, administrer de grands volumes, repousser les limites des solutions actuelles

Published in: Technology
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Scality, Cloud Storage pour Zimbra

  1. 1. Data and Storage Challenges 100s Millions of Users, 10s-100s PB of Data and Billions of files to store and serve What all these companies have in common ? Internet/Cloud business impossible to sustain and develop with traditional IT approaches Slide 2
  2. 2. Scality – Quick Facts Founded 2009 Experienced management team HQ in the San Francisco, Global reach ~ 50 Employees, 20 engineers in Paris “Aggressive use of a scale-out 24 x 7 support team architecture like that enabled by Scalitys RING architecture will become more prevalent, as US patents IT organizations develop best practices that boost storage $13M invested in Scality to-date asset use, reduce operational overhead, and meet 120% annual growth high data availability expectations.” Industry Associations Slide 3
  3. 3. Customers in US, Europe and Japan Email Service Providers Cloud Providers (s3 Compatible, FileSync, Cloud Backup…)Consumer Internet Big Data Hardware Alliances Slide 4
  4. 4. Scality RING 4 Email File Storage StaaS Digital Media Big Data Enterprise & Data Scale Out Cloud Email S3 & CDMI API Origin Server Processing File System System with Hadoop Scality RING Organic Storage 4 MD S3 P2P DATA ARC CDMI Ring End-to-End Object MESA Replication Erasure Geo Tiering Standard ManagementTopology Parallelism Storage NewSQL DB Coding Redundancy x86 Slide 5
  5. 5. Les Défis du Stockage Mail L’explosion des données et l’explosion des attentes La gestion des volumes, la croissance et la distribution La complexité Les performances La protection  Ne pas perdre les données  Garder les données disponibles Slide 6
  6. 6. La gestion des volumes  Chaque ZCS gère une liste fixe d’utilisateurs, on doit :  Distribuer la charge CPU, DBs, IOPS  Gérer les volumes  Les volumes sont limités en nombre de fichiers Slide 7
  7. 7. L’explosion du stockage Attentes clients Cout d’y répondre Slide 8
  8. 8. Les migrations  Changement de HW  Serveurs trop chargé  Changement de versions  Volumes pleins … Slide 9
  9. 9. La complexité
  10. 10. Scalitys Zimbra Architecture Zimbra 7/8 Servers SCALITYS RINGSpare Zimbra Server Legend Stateless Zimbra Node Data Standard GE Network MySQL backups
  11. 11. Les Performances La combinaison de:  volume important  Densité d’ IO  Quantité de fichiers ~ milliards La croissance ne peut pas réduire les performances Webmail et IMAP exige les réponses < 100msec en tout temps Slide 13
  12. 12. Distributed Architecture P2P Scality RING Servers (6) Storage nodes (ex: 6/node, total=36) Storage nodes projected on a ring From Servers to Storage Nodes RING Topology, P2P Architecture Limitless Scale-Out Storage based on Shared Nothing model Fully Distributed Storage (Data and Meta-data) Slide 14
  13. 13. End-to-End Parallelism APPLICATIONS / APPLICATIONS / APPLICATIONS / APPLICATIONS / APPLICATIONS / Parallel Connectors access CONNECTORS CONNECTORS CONNECTORS CONNECTORS CONNECTORS to Storage Nodes  Performance aggregation STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE NODES NODES NODES NODES  Redundant Data Path Multiple Storage Nodes I/O DAEMONS I/O DAEMONS I/O DAEMONS I/O DAEMONS I/O DAEMONS I/O DAEMONS per server  Minimum 6 to increase parallelism SSD SATA TIERED STORAGE and data independence  Fast and easy rebuild Scality Parallelism Factor Multiple IO Daemons #Storage Nodes x #IO Daemons per Server vs  Control Physical and Boost IO Simple server node with only 1 IO Engine Independent Performance and Capacity Scalability Slide 15
  14. 14. « Exceptional performance »“ESG Lab verified exceptional performance for an object-based storagesolution, which rivals block-based solutions. Aggregate throughputscaled linearly as nodes were added to a RING. Response timesimproved as the RING grew in size, allowing for predictability whendeploying a RING.” Table 3. Content Delivery Simultaneously Sustained Object Type Objects Delivered 5 servers with Intel SSD Internet Audio (MP3) 211,424 Internet Image (JPG) 135,311 Internet Video 90,208 (MPEG) CD Audio (ISO) 18,877 Broadcast TV (HD) 2,298 Slide 16
  15. 15. La protection La perte des messages n’est pas acceptable La disponibilité de la messagerie est essentielle Souvent le cout oblige à des compromis Slide 17
  16. 16. Data Replication 11 00 No data transformation 220 20  Clear/Native data format 200 40  Very fast access  Simple projection 180 60 Class of Storage 171  Up to 5 replicas (6 copies) 160 80 91 Rack-aware 140 100 120  Guarantee of full independent object location Self-healing  Balance misplaced objects  Transparently proxy misplaced objects  Rebuild missing replicas  Permanent CRC of all contents (no silent data corruption) Slide 18
  17. 17. Scality ARC ARC Data fragments = Native Data (no transformation)  Direct and fast read access  Calculation only required when data is missing  Highly Configurable eg ARC(2,4) Scality 4 RING Check sums Data Scality inputs ARC(14,4) Data 14 Data source Output to be stored Slide 19
  18. 18. Geo Redundancy Business Continuity with “true 99.999%” availability Multi-site topology with Scality RING (up to 6 sites)  Replication or Geo Erasure Coding implementation – Synchronous Or Multi-RINGs on Multi-site (independent topology) – Asynchronous Asynchronous multiple Synchronous independent stretched RING RINGs across 2 sites Slide 20
  19. 19. 2 Million Users, 1 Billion Objects:Telenet – Email Service Provider Case StudyProblem: Outdated Infrastructure, Fast GrowingCustomer Base, Budgetary Constraints, ExponentialGrowth of Storage Projected.Solution: Scality RING Unlimited number of files: Millions of files per bucket. Up to 1B files per node. Pay as you grow model Fully integrated product includes Zimbra Connectors“Scality’s storage tiering capability allows us to uselower cost disk systems at geographically dispersedsites to provide Tier 2 storage with true redundancyand disaster recovery, without incurring the extrahardware expense and back-up overheadassociated with using NAS and SAN storagesystems.In addition, the cost risk associated with emailstorage has been significantly reduced with Scalityas we can add lower cost storage as and when weneed it, without large incremental spending chunks”Nick De Jonghe, Manager Network Strategy &Architecture, at Telenet Slide 21
  20. 20. En resuméChallenges Zimbra Solutions ScalityLexplosion du stockage coute cher Stockage distribué sur des serveursen NAS/SAN standards baisse le TCOLimitation du nombre dobjets par pas de limitation (no inode): un seulvolume nécessite de monter volume: aggregation de la capacitéplusieurs volumes indépendants qui de stockagene partagent pas leur capacitéPerformance Lajout de capacité de stockage augmente la performance (aggregation CPU & IO operations)Sauvegardes complexes sauvegardes intégrées distribuées géographiquement (géo-redondant)Ajout de capacité sans interruption système distribué – zéro interruption
  21. 21. Merci Slide 23