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Es un resumen sobre la historia de Apple

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Apple company

  1. 1. App Zianya Rodríguez-English-
  2. 2. 1. Beginnings2. Steve Wozniak3. Steve Jobs4. Logo5. First steps of Apple6. Apple II and Apple III7. Stock-market8. Tiring plane crash9. Events in 198310. Macintosh11. Resignations and dropouts12. Apple in the Music World13. iPhone14. iPad15. Bad newsIntroduction
  3. 3. Beginnings·It founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs.·They met by a both friends.·After speak about the idea ofcreating a domestic computer,both decided to make and sellit.Glossary:-Founded -> Fundaron
  4. 4. SteveWozniak·Received a scientific reward with 13 years old.·Attended an exhibition about computers onSan Francisco.·Started making the first Apple, but itwasn’t fully assembled.Glossary:-Reward -> Premio-Fully assembled -> Completamente montado
  5. 5. Steve Jobs·In 1972 he started a degree, and after six month, decided to leave theUniversity.·In 1974 he came back to California for work like a technician.·Because of Wozniak, he started attendingmeetings.·In that meeting he told him his intention ofcreating a domestic computer.
  6. 6. Logo·The first logo whose a person under a apple-tree·Wasn’t very imaginative.·Finally the company launched with a bitten apple.·The logo was that because of the king of microprocessor, Alan Turing.·This logo first was colourful.Glossary:-Logo -> Logotipo-Launched -> Lo lanzó
  7. 7. First Steps ofApple·The company was installed in the garage of Jobs.·First device, sold by $666,66.·Only sold 175 unit because of the little money that the founders had.· The characteristics were limited.Glossary:-Device -> Dispositivo-Founders -> Fundadores
  8. 8. Apple II andApple III·Apple II get into the market in 1979.·Its has better memory and BASIC language.·They saw that they had to change Apple withimprovements as quickly as possible.·In 1980 Apple III went on sale.·Apple III corrected the problems of latest version, butthey couldn’t sell all the copies.·The last Apple was a failureGlossary:-Get into the market -> Entró en el mercado-Improvements -> Mejoras-Went on sale -> Salió a la venta-Failure -> Fracaso
  9. 9. Stock-market·On 12th of December 1980, Apple gets into the stock-market.·Only some employees had shares.·Those employees became millionaires.·The shares were sold for $22 the unit.Glossary:-Stock-market -> Bolsa-Employees -> Empleados-Shares -> Acciones
  10. 10. Tiring PlaneCrash·In 1981 a plane crash left Wozniak seriously wounded.·When he recovered he decided to leave the work·Then he take pleasure from the money he had earned in the previousyears.Glossary:-Plane crash -> Accidente aereo-Wounded -> Herido- Leave the work -> Dejar el trabajo-Pleasure -> Disfrutar-Earned -> Ganó
  11. 11. Events in1983·The launching offer of Lisa was in that year.·Those it was the first domestic computer which used graphicalinterface and mouse.·In spite of that, it sold poorly because of the prize.Glossary:-Launching offer -> Oferta de lanzamiento-It sold poorly -> Se vendió mal
  12. 12. Events in1983·Jobs began to court John Sculley, the president of Pepsi Cola to takepart of Apple.·He convinced him by a question.Do you want to sell sugar water all your life or do you want tochange the world?
  13. 13. Macintosh·Launched to the market in 1984.·Initial sale forecasts, more than a half million.·Month later, those sales declined because ofdifferent reasons.Glossary:-Sale forecasts -> Previsiones de venta-Declined -> Disminuyeron
  14. 14. Resignations anddropouts·In 1985 serious problems began when Jobs resign.· In 1993 Sculley was forced to leave the company and he was replaced by Michel“Diesel” Spindler until 1996.·Amelio Gil became CEO in Apple, and they still wanted to recover Steve Jobs.·In 1997 Jobs became the president of Apple Company, and on that year, AmelioGil left the post.Glossary:-Resign -> Dimitir- Replaced -> Reemplazado- Recover -> Recuperar-Left the post -> Dejó el puesto
  15. 15. AppleRenaissance·With the Steve Jobs return, Apple lived a spectacular renaissance because differentthings.·Was able to get continuousbenefits since the launch of theiMac.·In 1999 with the sales of iMac theshares reached the highest levelsof every year.Glossary:-Spectacular renaissance -> Renacimiento espectacular-Benefits -> Beneficios-Reach -> Alcanzar
  16. 16. Apple in theMusic World·In October 2001, Apple surprised when it entered the music world.·It entered with:-iTunes, a computer program created by Apple Computer.-iPod, the new reproducer of Apple.
  17. 17. iPhone·In June 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone.·That starts a revolution on the mobile phone market.·The device didn’t reach the market until one year later.·One year later, Steve Jobs announcedthe new iPhone 3.·On 2010 iPhone 4 was launched witha new design and better characteristics.·Another year ago, the iPhone 5 wasreleased to the market, but for first time,it wasn’t Steve Jobs who announced it.Glossary:-Announced -> Anunció-Design -> Diseño-Released -> Lanzado
  18. 18. iPad··On April 2010 Apple announced the “post PC era” with the launching of the tabletiPad.·The second iPad surprised Apple fans with the slim design.·That device included two cameras, one on the front and another rear.·In late 2012, the iPad mini went on sale.Glossary:-Slim design -> Diseño delgado
  19. 19. Bad News·On October 5, 2011 Apple announced that Steve Jobs had died at home inCalifornia.·He died because of a cardiac stop caused by a metastatic tumour on his pancreas.“All this marking the end of an era for Apple Inc.”