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Agile vs ??


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Appsterdam Milan meetup 15/10/2015

How to become a happy Agile developer... and never feel lost

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Agile vs ??

  1. 1. Agile vs ?? How to become happy Agile developers... and never feel lost
  2. 2. Alessandro Confetti I started to develop software when I was fourtheen… and never stopped since then… CTO di OSLO srl linked-in twitter @zigolab - github zigolab - skype zigolab Scrum Alliance CSM® & CSD®
  3. 3. 5Ws of Agile (W)hat it is, (W)hy, (W)hen, (W)here and ho(W) to use it
  4. 4. What is it Agile? We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Manifesto for Agile Software Development (2001)
  5. 5. Why to use Agile? change without pain
  6. 6. Training Within Industry (TWI) 1940-1945 “There isn’t time” “Don’t try to plan a whole new department layout or go after a big new installation of new equipment” “Look for hundreds of small things you can improve” “Look for improvements on existing jobs with your present equipment” “Pay respectful attention to every employee, viewing each one as a potential source of ideas, information, and suggestions” W. Edwards Deming The Spirit of Kaizen: Creating Lasting Excellence One Small Step at a Time by Robert Maurer, McGraw-Hill, 2012
  7. 7. Toyota “extended” Family Tree jidoka - automation with an human touch kaizen - improvement teams TPS - Toyota Production System
  8. 8. When to use Agile? The Cynefin framework
  10. 10. Agile vs “The real” Project Management
  11. 11. Bombshell vs Trumpet things to do start delay...end
  12. 12. Where to use Agile? not all companies are the same...
  13. 13. Agile vs Corporate Culture: Agile in Colors Reinventing Organizations By Frederic Laloux, Nelson Parker 2014
  14. 14. Agile: necessary conditions for adopting it TOP LEADERSHIP OWNERSHIP “The founder or top leader (let’s call him the CEO for lack of a better term) must have integrated a worldview and psychological development consistent with the Teal developmental level. Several examples show that it is helpful, but not necessary, to have a critical mass of leaders operating at that stage” “Owners of the organization must also understand and embrace Evolutionary-Teal worldviews. Board members that “don’t get it,” experience shows, can temporarily give a Teal leader free rein when their methods deliver outstanding results. But when the organization hits a rough patch or faces a critical choice, owners will want to get things under control in the only way that makes sense to them―through top-down, hierarchical command and control mechanisms.”
  15. 15. How to use Agile? The leading tools and frameworks (sort of…)
  16. 16. LEAN Eliminate waste (Muda-Muri-Mura) Create Customer Value
  17. 17. Seven Types of Waste Eliminate Waste in Manifacturing: 1. Transportation 2. Inventory 3. Motion 4. Waiting 5. Over-processing 6. Over-production 7. Defects Improve Quality of Software: 1. Eliminate waste 2. Amplify learning 3. Decide as late as possible 4. Deliver as fast as possible 5. Empower the team 6. Build quality in 7. See the whole
  18. 18. Lean: Life's Too Short… …to build software nobody wants! Lean UX - Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience By Jeff Gothelf, O'Reilly Media,013
  19. 19. Kanban visualize the workflow limit work in progress measure lead time
  20. 20. Kanban: what’s going on?
  21. 21. SCRUM split your organization split your work split your time optimize the release plan and the process
  22. 22. Scrum: how to organize team work? Giulio Roggero introduzione-a-scrum
  23. 23. AMDDagile model driven development Just Barely Good Enough Models and Documents (JBGE)
  24. 24. AMDD: Agile UML The Object Primer by Scott W. Ambler, Cambridge University Press 2004
  25. 25. ADDM: use the right tool for the right audience
  26. 26. TDDtest driven developmnet Define success up front Break the design down into little pieces Write the test before adding a new functionality
  27. 27. TTT vs TDD: from outside-in to inside-out vs
  28. 28. DEVOPSDEVelopment & OPerationS test the deployment before writing a single line of code
  29. 29. DEVOPS: the infinite loop of release