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The Master's Community Fellowship - Church annual report 2011


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The Master's Community Fellowship Church annual report 2011

Published in: Spiritual
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The Master's Community Fellowship - Church annual report 2011

  1. 1. Reaching the WORLDbypreachingtheWORD . . .one verse at a time The Master’s Community Fellowship 2011 ANNUAL CHURCH REPORT 1
  2. 2. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011 January 3, 2012My fellow slaves in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Master, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ! This is the first ever annual church report since we began The Master’s Community Fellowshipin February of 2010 and by God’s grace certainly not our last. The purpose of the annual report is notto blow our horns and boast of our accomplishments but rather to inform and reflect on the goodnessthat God has bestowed over His ministry every year. It is also my desire that this annual report willhelp encourage you to become more active in church activities realizing that indeed God has blessedus so much as we see him doing great things in our midst. This report will encapsulate church andministry activities and will be posted in our church bulletin board and website. “Till I come, give PREACHING THE WORD ONE VERSE AT A TIME attendance to READING, DOCTRINE and As you all know our church motto is “Reaching the WORLD EXORTATION.” by preaching the WORD one verse at a time.” We are so glad to have made a commitment to preaching the word verse by verse - 1 Timothy 4:13 since we started. It has been such a blessing and a thrilling experience. We started off with Mathew chapter 1 and continued to Read the text, Explain the text, preach verse by verse through the book of Mathew every Sunday, Apply the text, that’s what except on certain special occasions. We ended the year 2011 in expository preaching is all about Mathew chapter 9 and will hopefully work our way to the middle of Mathew’s Gospel by the end of this year 2012. Personally I havebeen so blessed to have studied the book of Mathew and I’m sure you have all been blessed as well.Please pray for our steadfastness in our commitment to expository preaching.FULFILLING THE GREAT COMMISSION Jesus last instruction before he left was to makedisciples of all nations. Sure we recognize the importance ofevangelism but we should certainly not stop there, hence weremain committed to a structured discipleship program. Wekicked off our discipleship program in April of 2011 starting offwith Module #1, which focused on the topic introduction todiscipleship and the subject of how to become a real discipleand on salvation. We ended the year almost finishing Module#7 on the subject of the church. We have also tackledsubjects on New life in Christ, eternal security, Baptism, How “Go therefore and maketo Study the Bible and prayer. We have been utilizing existing disciples of all the nations,available discipleship materials available for download in the baptizing them in the name ofinternet but have expanded and revised some of it to add the Father and the Son and thesome inputs. Our discipleship materials are really a work in Holy Spirit”progress. Exams are scheduled after 2 to 3 lessons to gauge – Mathew 28:19if indeed the concepts in the lessons has been absorbed. It ismy desire that in the near future the materials will be compiled so that it can be used by those whohave finished the discipleship modules when they want to disciple somebody else or will be used byanother church if they want to start a discipleship program. I look forward in the near future whenthose who have undergone the discipleship course will start doing one on one discipleship on theirown. Our discipleship program is from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. every Sunday. Average attendance for ourdiscipleship program is from 15 to 20 every Sunday. I sure do hope and pray that all of you who areattending our main service will start attending our discipleship program because in the discipleshipprogram we start with the basics of our faith and progress to more advanced topics. By the end of theyear 2012 we hopefully would want to complete all modules if not almost finish it. Some arerequesting that past modules be made available. So hopefully by the 1 st quarter of 2012, we will beuploading the materials in our website and will be compiling it into leaflet/notebook format, so pleasepray for this. Those who have requested to take the previous exams, we will schedule it soon and willalso schedule a mastery 2
  3. 3. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011EXISTING AND NEW AVENUES OF MINISTRY You all know that we started off initially with the Children’sministry which is named as “Train a Child Ministry” way back in2009 and God has been so good and has blessed the Children’sministry so much. They had their second year anniversary lastFebruary 2011. Life skill classes are conducted almost everySaturday from a wide variety of topics while children services areconducted every Sunday at 4 p.m. Average attendance for thechildren’s service is 30 to 40 every Sunday. Train a child ministryhas so much activity each month that I could not write about all ofthem here. You can visit the ministry website or perhaps they might be able tocome up with their own annual report. We are praying that wecould start a BLESS (Basic Life Empowerment and SupportServices) which will teach children basic English literacy in 16weeks. The program has been used by several evangelicalchurches and has been very effective also in opening doors forevangelism to the kid’s parents. So please pray for this plannedproject. A new avenue of ministry CHURCH IN NUMBERS that has opened up for us is in (Based on last quarter 2011 the young people’s ministry. estimates) Children above the age of 12 would no longer fit in the Average Adult children’s ministry so a new attendance in 15+ door for ministry has opened discipleship up. More than 10 of these children have been transferred to our youth Average Adult ministry which we are calling attendance in 35+ as “The Master’s Youth.” The main service youth program kicked off in June of 2011. I have Average Master’s delegated this area of ministry 20+ to youth leaders who have Youth attendance regularly attended our morning services. The next Average Children’s months after it started the Worship Service young people’s programs attendance 30+ seemed to be going nowhere until sometime in September 2011, I told the youth leaders tofollow the discipleship program. I am not directly involved in the Sunday after Sunday running of theyouth ministry but have delegated the discipling of the youth to youth leaders who have undergonethe discipleship program and are mature enough to handle this area of ministry while I just serve toguide the youth leaders. In the next months after September, “The Master’s Youth” has progressed inthe discipleship program. They ended the year finishing Module #1. They also had their first everyChristmas party which was filled with much fun last December. Attendance has risen from an averageof 15 to about 20+ every Sunday afternoon. Other young people who are not once part of Train aChild Ministry have been regularly attendees. It is my prayer that as the church grows, new avenue of ministries may be opened in order thatthose of you who are in the body of Jesus Christ may exercise and serve the Lord with their spiritualgifts. In the near future God has laid a burden in my heart to start livelihood seminars that would invitepeople in the community while at the same taking making this as an avenue to share the Gospel anddisciple people for Jesus 3
  4. 4. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011ATTENDANCE, BAPTISMS, SERVICE SCHEDULE AND OTHER MATTERS Although we have not constantly kept tracked of our mainservice attendance in 2011, The Lord has been blessing us andhas increased our numbers. When we started off in 2010average attendance is less than 10. In the 3 rd and last quartersof 2011, average adult main service attendance is now morethan 35. About 60 % are old believers. There are some of thesewho are members of other churches but have stopped regularlygoing to their churches but were revived to go back to churchwhen we opened up in the area. Others are regular churchattendees from other churches but would like to fellowship withus for various reasons. About 40 % are new believers orattendees. Although I am personally happy with the growth in attendance, we however need to remindourselves that the best measure of success in God’s ministry is not the number of people inattendance but the number of real disciples but we have presented the figures in order for us to knowhow our church is growing to encourage us. However let me emphasize again that no amount ofattendance can ever be construed as a mark of success. In the eyes of God, the real committeddisciples and true worshipers matters more to him than the number of church attendees. It is mydesire that this will be your prayer as well so we hope that you keep this in mind when you invitesomeone to church. The objective is not to boost attendance but to disciple people for Christ. In the year 2011, 6 new believers have followed the Lord in the waters of baptism. We make sure that the reason for being baptized has been properly explained first before believers are baptized. There are those that have not yet been baptized and I do hope that within this year we can schedule another Baptism so that those of you who have just become new believers will testify to the whole world that you have indeed surrendered your life and would like to be identified with Jesus Christ through baptism. Some have suggested that we should integrate the Master’s Youth to our Main service, but wedo not have space anymore as our present worship center canonly accommodate around 40+ adults which is our averageattendance already. If we integrate the Master’s Youth we wouldreach about 60 already although some of youths including youthleaders are attending our morning services. So we are prayingthat we may be able to transfer to another worship center whichis just a stone’s throw away from our present one. Since it is agarage it will just need a little bit of construction work. Hopefullyby this year 2012, we will be able to move there. Since it is not very practical to hold Wednesday prayermeeting services as we only have 5 or more in regularattendance, we have dissolved our Wednesday prayer meetingservices in the third quarter of 2011 and have integrated theprayer meeting in our regular Sunday services. Prayer meetingis either on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of the month. But it is moveableto other Sundays depending on the situation. Last February 2011 we celebrated our 1 st yearanniversary. Our speaker was my father in law, Pastor EddieGerodias Senior pastor of Bible Baptist Church San Carlos City.Please pray as to who our speaker will be for our secondanniversary this February 4
  5. 5. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011GIVING AND FINANCIAL MATTERS Since the start we have practiced free will giving and havebeen so blessed. Our total offering has reached P 27,795.00 for FINANCIAL FIGURESthe whole year 2011. (including some gifts from outside the SNAPSHOT (Excluding outside giving)church as indicated in the attached report) Take note that thisdoes not include my family’s personal offering. Being a businessperson means I am having my own personal income, I do not Averagedraw any sort of salary or allowance from the church. I am offering P 400+mentioning this as I have heard that some are reluctant to give Per Sundaybecause I as a pastor do not need salary since I am earningincome. With more reason that you should give freely aseverything you give in our church will certainly be devoted to the Averageministry of the church. On a personal note, of course I believe that Offering P 1,700+full time pastors should derive their means of living from the Per monthchurch as this is biblical, but since I am not a full time pastor andthat God has also blessed me and my family financially that is Averagewhy I do receive not any sort of salary or allowance from the expenseschurch. Our total expenses for the year reached P 24,916.00 P 2,000+leaving us a balance of P 2,879.00 in cash. Since it cannot be Per monthafforded by the budget of the church our electricity and office supplies are sponsored while our rent isfree as well. Details of our offering and expenses are attached at the end of this report. It is myprayer and earnest desire that our offering will increase more in 2012 in order that we might do morefor the work of the Lord. “Upon the first day of the Overall 2011 has been a great year. We look forward to what God has in store for us for the year 2012. We pray that God week let every one of you will guide us in everything we do as we make plans for our lay by him in store, as activities and programs for 2012. Let us continue to strive as one God hath prospered him, body in Jesus Christ to Know more about God through His Word, that there be no Grow more in our Christians faith and Go and make disciples for gatherings when I come.” Jesus Christ and may we be united in this ministry as we continue to reach the World by preaching the Word, one verse at a time. – 1 Corinthians 16:2Yours in the Master’s most precious name,Zigfred DiazPastor-teacherThe Master’s Community 5
  6. 6. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011 THE MASTER’S COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP INCOME STATEMENT 2011TOTAL OFFERING FOR THE PERIOD ------------------------------------------------P 27,795.00LESS EXPENSES:Missionary Support P 500 per month July to December 2011-------------------- P 4,000.00Pastor Ernesto Saguindel (Toledo)(Including additional cash gift on December)Coffee, Bread during services -------------------------------------------------------------P 5,250.00(P 150 per Sunday X 35, there were about 17 Sundays where no snacks was served or was directlysponsored)Young People’s Department budget ----------------------------------------------------- P 7,666.00(P 1,000 per month starting June, P 1,733.00 starting September. No budget for November,December P 1,200 for Christmas party)Church support for Train A Child Ministry ------------------------------------------------P 7,500.00(P1,500 per month x 5 - starting August to December)One time rental fee given to Felicisima Diaz ------------------------------------------- P 500.00Sponsored expensesElectricity expense – SponsoredOffice supplies (Bond paper, ink etc.) – SponsoredRental – Sponsored -------------------------------------TOTAL EXPENSES -------------------------------------------------------------------------P 24,916.00TOTAL CASH ON HAND ------------------------------------------------------------------ P 2,879.00(Ending December 31, 2011) 6
  7. 7. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011 THE MASTER’S COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP OFFERING BREAKDOWN PER SUNDAY FOR THE YEAR 2011 Date Details Amount January 9, 16, 23, 2011 General Offering Fund P 1,156.00 January 30, 2011 General Offering Fund P 671.00 February 6, 2011 General Offering Fund P 650.00 February 13, 2011 General Offering Fund P 550.00 February 20, 2011 General Offering Fund P 250.00 February 27, 2011 General Offering Fund P 520.00 March 6, 2011 General Offering Fund P 770.00 March 13, 2011 General Offering Fund P 120.00 March 20, 2011 General Offering Fund P 240.00 March 27, 2011 General Offering Fund P 320.00 April 3, 2011 General Offering Fund P 250.00 April 10, 2011 General Offering Fund P 170.00 April 17, 2011 General Offering fund P 540.00 April 24, 2011 General Offering Fund P 300.00 May 1, 2011 General Offering Fund P 470.00 May 8, 2011 General Offering Fund P 330.00 May 15, 2011 General Offering Fund P 780.00 May 22, 2011 General Offering Fund P 860.00 May 29, 2011 General Offering Fund P 1,010.00 June 5, 12, 2011 General Offering Fund P 500.00 June 19, 2011 General Offering Fund (With gift from Bro. P 2,250.00 Jack Newsome) June 26, 2011 General Offering Fund P 170.00 July 3, 2011 General Offering Fund P 850.00 July 10, 2011 General Offering Fund P 350.00 July 17, 2010 General Offering Fund P 1,052.00 July 24, 2010 General offering Fund P 170.00 July 31, 2011 General offering Fund P 840.00 August 7, 2011 General offering Fund P 2,320.00 (With one time gift of P 800.00) August 14, 2011 General offering Fund P 300.00 August 21, 2011 General offering Fund P 720.00 August 28, 2011 / General offering Fund P 470.00 September 4, 2011 September 11 and 18, General Offering fund P 630.00 2011 September 25, 2011 General Offering fund P 306.00 October 2, 2011 General offering fund P 150.00 October 9, 2011 General Offering Fund P 1,500.00 (One time gift of P 1,500) October 16, 23 General Offering Fund P 450.00 October 30, 2011 General Offering Fund P 2,250.00 (One time gift P 2,000) November 6, 2011 General Offering Fund P 240.00 November 13, 2011 General Offering Fund P 200.00 November 20, 2011 General Offering Fund P 480.00 November 27, 2011 General Offering Fund P 200.00 December 4, 2011 General Offering Fund P 400.00 December 18, 2011 General Offering Fund P 720.00 December 25, 2011 General Offering Fund P 320.00 TOTAL OFFERING FOR THE YEAR P 27, 7
  8. 8. The Master’s Community Fellowship Annual report 2011 THE MASTER’S COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP & MINISTRIES “Reaching the WORLD by preaching the WORD one verse at a time” E.H Bascon St. Diaz compound Dumlog Talisay City, Cebu 8