The laws of the kingdom part 2 - blessed are the poor in spirit


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A sermon on the first beatitude, blessed are the poor in spirit.

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The laws of the kingdom part 2 - blessed are the poor in spirit

  1. 1. The Laws of the Kingdom – Part 2 Blessed are the poor in Spirit Mathew 5:1 – 12
  2. 2. <ul><li>The word “Blessed” comes from the greek word “Makarios” which means happy, fortunate & blissful </li></ul><ul><li>The full meaning of the term has to do with inward contend ness that is not affected by circumstances </li></ul>- The word blessed is a character word and is often used by God himself as when David ended on of his Psalm declaring “Blessed by God” - Blessedness is an element of the character of God, when men partake of His nature through Jesus Christ, they partake of his blessedness
  3. 3. - The Beatitudes seems paradoxical. The reason for happiness here as stated by Christ is very contrary to what the world is saying. <ul><li>In the beatitudes, Jesus is saying, you cannot satisfy a rational, personal need with an irrational, impersonal object. External things cannot satisfy internal needs just as spiritual things cannot satisfy physical needs. Tragically the opposite is being taught today. </li></ul>- It is impossible to follow Jesus new standard of living. But what Jesus is saying here are not possibilities. These are pronouncement. - The sermon on the mount is progressive. Each leads to the other in logical succession.
  4. 4. “ Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven” - Mathew 5:3 I – THE MEANING OF THE POOR IN SPIRIT - The Greek word for poor here is “Ptochos” which means to “shrink, cower or cringe” as beggars often did in that day. It refers to a person reduced to total destitution, who crouched in the corner begging. The words does not mean simply poor but begging poor. (As opposed to “penichros” or poor with some meager resources) - What is referred is not material poverty but “spiritual poverty” apart fro God, one sees oneself as lost and hopeless. (Luke 18:9-14, Romans 7:18, Philippians 3:4-8)
  5. 5. II – WHY HUMILITY IS FIRST - Because it is the foundation of all other graces, a basic element in becoming a Christian. (Mathew 18:3,4) - Humility must precede everything else. No one can receive the kingdom unless he recognizes that he is unworthy of the Kingdom.
  6. 6. III – ACHIEVING HUMILITY 3.) We must come in humility asking God for it Humility is not a necessary human work to make us worthy, it is a necessary divine work to make us see that we are unworthy and cannot change our condition before God. 1.) The first step in experiencing humility is to turn our eyes off ourselves and to look to God. 2.)We must starve the flesh by removing the things that it feeds on.
  7. 7. IV– KNOWING WHEN WE ARE HUMBLE 3.) We will more clearly see the strengths and virtues of others (Philippians 2:3)(Romans 12:10) 1.) We will be weaned from ourselves (Galatians 2:20)(Phil. 1:21) 2.) We will not complain of our situation (1 Peter 4:16) 4.) We will spend more time with God 5.) We will praise & thank God for his grace and will continue to rely on Him
  8. 8. V – THE RESULT OF BEING POOR IN SPIRIT Those who come to the King in Humility will inherit the Kingdom. In giving up their own Kingdom the poor in Spirit inherit God’s (Isaiah 6:1, 5-7)
  9. 9. Most of the Notes in this slide are lifted from John MacArthur’s Bible Study Guide “The Beatitudes.” For Bible study Guide notes, sermon notes and the audio message of this series by John Macarthur visit . Other inputs and revision of outlines and notes by Zigfred Diaz To download other slides that can be used for sermons visit the Master’s Community Fellowship website at