The laws of the kingdom part 1 - introduction


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An introductory sermon to the beatitudes and the sermon on the mount

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The laws of the kingdom part 1 - introduction

  1. 1. The Laws of the Kingdom Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes) Mathew 5:1 - 12
  2. 5. I - The Context The Biblical Context - The message of the King was closely related to the new testament and in fact was different from it but the emphasis was the Gospel. The good news. - The last message of the Old Testament is a curse while the first message of the New Testament is a blessing. - The Old Testament demonstrates Man’s need for salvation, the New testament offers the message of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. - The Old testament begins with the first King, Adam who fell to the curse, the New Testament begins with the King of Kings, Jesus Christ who brings blessing rather than cursing.
  3. 6. The Political Context - The Jews of Jesus day expected a Messiah who will be political leader that will deliever them from the yoke of Roman Rule (John 6:15), but Jesus Kingdom is not of this world. (John 18:36) - The thrust of the sermon on the mount is that the message and work of the King are first most importantly internal and not external, spiritual and moral rather than physical and political. - The ideals and principles of the Sermon on the Mount are utterly contrary to those human principles. In Christ Kingdom, the most exalted are those are the lowliest in the eyes of the world. .
  4. 7. The Religious Context - There were four primary groups during the time of Jesus, the Pharisees, the Sadduccees, the Essenes & The Zealots. - The Pharisees focused on the past. They believe that right religion consist in divine law and following tradition. - The Sadducees focused on the present. They were the religious liberals who suited Scripture to their own philosophies. - The Essenes believed that right religion is to separate themselves form Society. - The Zealots were the leftist. They believe that they cannot exercise their true religion without resorting to political activism
  5. 8. II - The Importance of the Sermon on the mount 1.) It shows the absolute necessity of the new life. 2.) It intends to drive the listener to Jesus Christ as man’s only hope of meeting God’s standard 3.) The sermon gives God’s pattern for happiness and true success. It shows us that with God’s help we will fulfill what God designed us to have, such as joy, peace and contentment. 4.) The sermon on the mount is perhaps the greatest scriptural resource for reaching others to Christ. A Christian who lives the principles in the Sermon on the mount becomes a spiritual magnet to others drawing them to Jesus Christ. 5.) Following a life lived in accordance with the sermon on the mount pleases God.
  6. 9. Most of the Notes in this slide are lifted from John MacArthur’s Bible Study Guide “The Beatitudes.” For Bible study Guide notes, sermon notes and the audio message of this series by John Macarthur visit . Other inputs and revision of outlines and notes by Zigfred Diaz To download other slides that can be used for sermons visit the Master’s Community Fellowship website at