Using Tablets for Architecture Education


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Quickly learn about 50 apps that can be used for architecture education.

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Using Tablets for Architecture Education

  1. 1. Isn’t there an app for that?USING TABLETS IN ARCHITECTURE EDUCATION
  2. 2. get to know 50 apps …in just a few slides.ebooks, periodicals, pdfs, references,sketching, drawing, tools, news, travel,urban studies, augmented reality, and othercool apps.
  3. 3. ebooksAt present, quality ebooks for art +architecture are limited. Ask your school’slibrarian what your library offers.In the meantime, watch Mike Matas: A Next-Generation Digital Book and do whateveryou can to support it.
  4. 4. ebooksDownload the Kindle app to read digitalbooks from Amazon on your Apple orAndroid device.Check out to download freeebooks.Use WorldCat Mobile to find a physical bookin a library near you.
  5. 5. periodicalsMany print subscriptions of architecturemagazines come with free digital versionssuch as Architectural Record.Ask your librarian to subscribe to digitaleditions.Purchase individual issues with the Zinioapp.
  6. 6. periodicals Architect Magazine Reader free digitalissues of Architect. Abitare free app. Each digital issue costs $2.39within app. Monu same content at the Monu print magazinefor $19.00.
  7. 7. pdfs Dropbox sync files online and acrosscomputers. Bluefire Reader allows you to read PDFs andePub formats, great for reading ebooks.Want to make notes on your PDF?Get pdf-notes for free or GoodReader for$4.99.
  8. 8. referenceArchitecture and Landscape Architecture, Oxford Dictionary over6,000 entries and 250 drawings for $14.99. Pocket Architect quick guide to elements and techniques.Free. ARCAT building product and manufacturers’ information.Free. Buildings information, images, and videos on historic,contemporary, and conceptual buildings, nearby or far away.Free. Zaha Hadid is one of the most notable architecture apps!Browse their current portfolio and view buildings throughinteractive guides. Free.
  9. 9. sketching UPAD features drawing and typing mode to mark upnotes, books, or images for $4.99 or get the free version. Penulitimate best-selling app for taking notes orkeeping sketches and it’s only $.99. Adobe Ideas the ideal digital sketchbook companionfor Illustrator and Photoshop. Many of the same tools ona smaller scale for $9.99. Sketchbook perfect for digital artists. Get Pro for$1.99 or the Express version for free.
  10. 10. drawing AutoCAD WS view, edit, and share DWG files for free. Tracing Paper trace any photo in the background for$2.99. GraphPad simple interface for architectural drawing for$12.00. SightSpace 3D view Google SketchUp designs withaugmented reality engine for $15.00. iCad create 3D IFC files that are compatible with allstandard drawing programs. $59.99 for professional version.Free version also available.
  11. 11. tools Planimeter measures map distances and landareas for $3.99. Photo Measures saves measurements on photosfor $4.99. Architect’s Formulator contains over 400formulas for architects for $9.99. Design Data Engineering Materials provides datafor different materials for $.99.
  12. 12. tools Palettes Pro productivity tool for creating andmaintaining color pallets. $5.99 or free version available. 360 Panorama take seamless panoramas for free. LEED Standards relevant and popular standardsused in LEED technology for $.99. LEED GA Practice Exam multiple choice questions,answers, and detailed explanations to help you preparefor and pass the LEED exam for $7.99.
  13. 13. news Architizer over 100 new buildings added every week makes thisone of the best apps for architecture news. Design Observer leading site for design, photography,architecture, urbanism, sustainability, social innovation, and visualculture. WAN Latest News architecture news from around the world. Builder News information from Builder magazine Architect News from the website of Architect magazine. ALL OF THE NEWS APPS LISTED ARE FREE!
  14. 14. travel AIA/LA Design Awards a guide to the best designs of leadingLA architects for $4.99. AIA New Orleans Architecture Guide for $2.99. Japanese Architecture Navigator featuring famous Japanesebuildings for free. Architecture GPS-enabled guide to world architecture. Freetrial. Mimoa features over 3,000 buildings, interiors, squares,parks and bridges around the world. Free.
  15. 15. urban studies ArcGIS find interesting information, measure distances andareas of interest. BAO get key demographic and market facts about any U.S.location. Google Earth explore the world. Browse roads, borders,places, photos, and more. Zillow is the #1 real estate app. Trulia search homes and apartments with interactive maps,photos and filters. ALL OF THE URBAN STUDIES APPS LISTED ARE FREE!
  16. 16. augmented realityWatch the video for Google Glasses and the one forGoogle Goggles (app available for Apple andAndroid). Layar is the leading AR app. It superimposesdigital information onto the real-world around you.The Urban Augmented Reality app, only available inthe Netherlands, for now, allows you to see howbuildings under construction will look at completion,buildings that were in the running, plans, historicalphotos, architect biographies, and much more!
  17. 17. other cool appsSync Pad$9.99 or free version for receiving only watch the YouTube video
  18. 18. Cathryn Ziefle @ziefleziefle Woodbury University School of Architecture San Diego, CA