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New books in the Woodbury University San Diego campus' library.

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April New Books

  1. 1. APRIL 2013
  2. 2. NEW BOOKS
  3. 3. San Diego: An Introduction to the Region BY Philip R. Pryde Reference to San Diegos unique history, natural features, and earth science.
  4. 4. Metropolitan San Diego: HowGeography and Lifestyle Shapea New Urban EnvironmentBY Larry R. FordA thorough and intelligentportrait of one of Americasmost multifaceted cities,Metropolitan San Diego bringsto vibrant life the many niches,both ecological and social, thatcontinue to make this region adestination for visitors and abeloved home to residents.
  5. 5. Sustainable Development in San Diego-Tijuana:Environmental, Social, and Economic Implications of Interdependence BY M. J. Spalding
  6. 6. Infrastructural Urbanism:Addressing the In-betweenBY Thomas HauckThis volume discussesspatial design implicationsof technical and transportinfrastructure.
  7. 7. Design with the Other 90%: Cities BY Cynthia E. Smith It looks at some of the myriad challenges created by accelerated urban growth and presents design solutions thataddress the consequences.
  8. 8. Invented Edens: Techno-Cities of the TwentiethCenturyBY Robert H. KargonTraces the arc of one formof urban design, techno-city: a planned citydeveloped in conjunctionwith large industrial ortechnological enterprises,blending the technologicaland the pastoral, the milltown and the garden city.
  9. 9. Leverage: Strengthening Neighborhoods through Design BY Beth MillerA series of essays consider the role of designers as advocates andpolicymakers, the future of design activism, and how the Collaborative has contributed to design excellence in Philadelphia and beyond.
  10. 10. The Failure of Planning:Permitting Sprawl in SanDiego SuburbsBY Richard Hogan
  11. 11. San Diego Architecture from Mission to Modern: Guide to the Buildings, Planning, People, and Spaces That Shape the Region BY Dirk Sutro This guidebook is gearedtoward anyone who wants to get out and see San Diego’s best buildings.
  12. 12. No Nails, No Lumber: TheBubble Houses of WallaceNeffBY Jeffery HeadNo Nails, No Lumbershows the beauty andversatility of Neff s designin new and vintagephotography, previouslyunpublished illustrations,and archival material andephemera.
  13. 13. Architecture in India: Since 1990 BY Rahul Merhrotra Each chapter introduces exponents of distinct genres of architectural expression, examining the work of more than 60contemporary architects in more than 500 photographs.
  14. 14. Homes, Issues + ProcessesBY Faye CheahA monograph on the workof Design CollectiveArchitects (DCA), a youngand vibrant architecturalpractice based in Malaysia,whose projects thrive onthe close collaborationbetween architects,interior designers andlandscape designers.
  15. 15. Kenzo Tange and the Metabolist Movement: Urban Utopias of Modern Japan BY Zhongjie Lin This book focuses on the Metabolists’ utopian concept of the city andinvestigates the design and political implications of their visionary planning in the postwar society.
  16. 16. The Edifice Complex: Howthe Rich and Powerful--and Their Architects--Shape the WorldBY Deyan SudjicFrom the grandioseprojects of Stalin to the"theme park" excess oftoday’s presidentiallibraries, go behind thescenes of history’s greatmanipulators of buildingpropaganda.
  17. 17. Design Like You Give aDamn [2]: Building Change from the Ground Up BY Kate Stohr The indispensable handbook for anyone committed to building a more sustainable future.
  18. 18. Citizens of No Place: AnArchitectural GraphicNovelBY Jimenez LaiA collection of shortstories on architecture andurbanism, graphicallyrepresented using manga-style storyboards.
  19. 19. Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement BY Andres Lepik Presents recently built orunder-construction works in underserved communities around theglobe by 11 architects and firms.
  20. 20. Sketch Plan Build: WorldClass Architects Show HowIts DoneBY Alejandro BahamonFocusing on the designprocess of todays mostnoteworthy architects,Sketch Plan Build exploresthe reasoning, resources,and influences behind theprojects of todays mostrecognized architects.
  21. 21. Designing for a Digital World BY Neil Leach This volume brings together some of the worlds leading voices from digital theory,technology and design to address this question.
  22. 22. Eccentric Structures inArchitectureBY Joseph LimThis book presents studiesin architectural formfocusing on therelationships betweenforce, form, and space todevelop structure.
  23. 23. Dwellings: The Vernacular House Worldwide BY Paul Oliver It documents the form of traditional buildings that are self-built by their owner-occupiers or built by members of acommunity, recording themeans of construction and decoration of the house across a spectrum of different cultures.
  24. 24. Latin American HousesBY Mercedes DaguerreFocusing on one-familyhouses that have beenbuilt over the past decade,this lively new titleexplores the elegance andinnovation with whichtodays Latin Americanarchitects evolve theirmodernist heritage.
  25. 25. Manuel de Sola-Morales: A Matter of Things BY Adriaan Geuze This monograph unites his oeuvre for the first time,documenting it extensively in word and image, with particular attention tolarger and more importantprojects and realizations of his recent years.
  26. 26. In Favour of Public SpaceBY Magda AnglesIt presents a selection ofprojects from former andnew winners andtheoretical texts fromManuel de Sola-Morales,Dietmar Steiner, RafaelMoneo.
  27. 27. The City of To-morrow and Its Planning BY Le Corbusier The great revolutionaryarchitects probing analysis of urban problems and their origins, and his bold solutions, which include the "Voisin" scheme forthe center of Paris, and the more developed scheme for a "City of Three Million Inhabitants."
  28. 28. Material Strategies:Innovative Applications inArchitectureBY Blaine BrownellChapters examinehistorical precedents,current opportunities, andfuture environmentalchallenges. Case studiesshowcase pioneeringbuildings from todaysmost forward-thinkingarchitectural firms.
  29. 29. Housing Reclaimed: Sustainable Homes for Next to Nothing BY Jessica Kellner Examines how technological advances,design evolution, and out- of-the-box thinking aboutmaterials can help us meet the challenge of building affordable, environmentally friendly, and unique homes.