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Isbn 981


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Isbn 981

  1. 1. ISBN 981-04-6563-7 -------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction from: “Beginners' Manual on Islam” published as text book specially compiled for new Muslims undergoing their “Fardhu ‘Ain” class at PERGAS (Persatuan Ulama dan Guru-guru Agama Islam Singapura) – Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers’ Association. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Published in May 2002 Bio data Zhulkeflee Bin Haji Ismail born in Singapore on (Thursday) 10 Sept 1953 / 1 Muharram 1373 was from a family that believed in the Islamic philosophy of education, which combines what was available from, traditional as well as conventional educational systems. What matters and is important is in the integration of knowledge and learning, fused by the Islamic principles. Although he was sent to an English school, but at the same time his family employed Islamic teachers to conduct regular Islamic lessons at home, and also encouraged him to sit with and be tutored under
  2. 2. well known Islamic teachers and scholars, outside his school hours. Combination of exposure to both systems was what developed him. In 1980 - he begun his involvement with a volunteer group to present Islam to the English speaking masses in Singapore and has conducted Islamic Da‟awah courses in English for Pertapis, Permusi and Muhammadiyah Associations. He then became an active volunteer in Darul Arqam S‟pore (Muslim Converts Association of Singapore). In1982 he was interviewed by Majlis Fatwa MUIS (Singapore Islamic Religious Council), and appointed by His Eminence the Mufti (Syed Isa Bin Semait) as an Ustaz to teach Islam, and since then was actively involved in the education program in Darul Arqam. 1991 - joined Darul Arqam or (Muslim Converts‟ Association of Singapore) as full-time staff, as Education Officer and later Executive Officer (Da‟awah & Education). Later he took on the portfolio of Curriculum Development. He was the resource person for many Islamic Da‟awah and Eductional programmes viz.: • “IIC (Islam & It‟s Challenges) program; the post-IIC Du‟at training program on Comparative religious studies and camps: development and training of lecturers for the “Orientation to Islam” program; revised and introduced new curriculum for the converts “Beginners‟ course on Islam”; Standardised and trained the assessors for the “Converts Assessment program”, “Marriage Guidance course”; Conducted inhouse TTC (Teachers Training Course for Beginners‟ class teachers); “Fardhu „Ain Camp for Youth” curriculum etc. He was also a regular contributor to the “Muslim Reader” magazine and was one of the Registrar for Conversion of new Muslims; • Apart from being a Khatib for Jumaah prayer (Friday sermon) he has been regularly invited by many Islamic organisations as speaker and lecturer on Islam, in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, to share his experience regarding Islamic Da‟awah and Education for new Muslims. In 1997, he left Darul Arqam and was employed by PERGAS (Singapore Islamic Religious Teachers Association) as Executive Officer (Research & Development) and as well as Acting Head for Da‟wah in English. (Oct/Nov 1999). Promoted as acting Manager for PERGAS (1999) and spear headed PERGAS move to new premise and designed the interior to reflect the concept, which encapsulate the Islamic philosophy of
  3. 3. Education. Organized the special year-long Islamic Intellectual program for Asatizah and professionals in: “Seminar PERGAS/ISTAC 2000” with collaboration from International Institute of Islamic Thoughts and Civilization (ISTAC, KL). He is one of the Asatizah for the PERGAS weekend Madrasah for adult Muslims leading to SPI (Certificate in Islamic Studies). He develops and conducts new modules on Islam and teaches them regularly in mosques. Since 1998 he developed and organised, in conjunction with the Mandarin Tourist Guides Club (S‟pore), special seminar on Islam for non-Muslims tourist-guides. In 1999 he was also appointed by MUIS to conduct a special course to introduce Islam to Catholic seminarians at the St.Francis Xavier Seminary, Ponggol. From which he was again invited by the Catholic community to conduct course on Islam at the Singapore Pastoral Centre of the Catholic Archdiocese, Queens Street. Other invitations were from Singapore American School, National University of Singapore Muslim Society, Nanyang Technological University Muslim Society, Sree Narayanan Mission, MENDAKI, etc. Currently (2001) he is the Manager of PERGAS. -----------------------------------------------------------------