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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review The Real Truth Exposed!


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With the tons upon tons of muscle building programs out there, it is difficult to weed out the tosh from the real stuff that works. The sheer amount of information is enough to make you want to give up on your dreams of getting that enviable ripped physique. What you’ll find in most programs is a set of weight lifting exercises that will simply bulk you up but not get you ripped. However, that is not to say that you cannot get a proven muscle building program to help you...

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review The Real Truth Exposed!

  1. 1. Visual Impact Muscle Building ReviewIs Visual Impact Muscle Building a Scam? "Strategic Muscle Gains For A Visually Stunning Body"With the tons upon tons of muscle building programs out there, it isdifficult to weed out the tosh from the real stuff that works. Thesheer amount of information is enough to make you want to give upon your dreams of getting that enviable ripped physique. Whatyou’ll find in most programs is a set of weight lifting exercises thatwill simply bulk you up but not get you ripped. However, that is notto say that you cannot get a proven muscle building program tohelp you gain a refined body, which brings us to the Visual ImpactReview.The Visual Impact Muscle building program is one of the finest youcan get out there, not because it is a brainchild of one of the bestfitness authors around, but because it is really about building dense,refined muscle, not just bulking up. Note that the program mayhave its own confines for certain individuals, but that is a discussionfor later.Without a doubt, every bodybuilder wants to have defined muscles in the right places, musclesthat command respect from onlookers. Weight lifting for the sake of it will not get you definedmuscles, and that is what most programs don’t get. Visual Impact focuses on building a decentamount of muscle in the right areas while maintaining a lean body. What this really means is thatwith Visual Impact, you will be able to build refined muscle while crucially avoiding that bloated,bulky look that is typical of bodybuilders using ‘conventional’ weight lifting programs. By all measures, that look is not enviable at all, and you should avoid it at all costs. Rusty Moore is the brain behind this breakthrough system, as well as creator of the Fitness Black Book, plus a range of other best sellers in the fitness realm. Most importantly, Rusty’s physique and body build bears testament to his own fitness and muscle building techniques, something that is critically important for a widely acclaimed muscle building program.
  2. 2. What Does Visual Impact Really Entail?The 75-page Visual Impact Muscle Building manual is split into fifteen chapters, with a smallintroduction on why the majority of bodybuilding programs ‘get it wrong’ most of the time. RustyMoore explains at length the perils of the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ sy ndrome that is the obsessionwith many programs dedicated to muscle building. From Rusty’s own observations, theseprograms are what he collectively refers to as the ‘Meat-Head Movement’ that is all about ‘totalbody weight’ and cares less about appearance. And Rusty is rather candid with his bashing of the‘Meat-Head’ movement, but make no mistake, he is 100 percent correct.In chapter one, he basically goes ahead to give the low down on the whole bulking up business.The moment you start reading through this chapter, one thing becomes undeniably evident:Rusty Moore is very knowledgeable about what he is talking about. It’s always comforting andreassuring to know that you’re being guided by someone who is sure about what they are writingabout, and not just from assumptions. Evidently, Rusty is someone who has ‘been there, donethat’.And so chapter one basically demystifies the obsession with ‘ The Big 3’ that most muscle buildingguides dwell on. The Big 3 refers to squats, dead-lifts, and the bench press that are the focus ofhundreds of strength training and weight lifting programs. By and large, The Big 3 will buildstrength and muscle mass, but certain parts of your body will mass at a faster rate than others.There are pictorial illustrations in the manual but whatever you might think, you don’t want adisproportionate physique! More importantly, the Visual Impact manual does not entirely dismissthe Big 3, and certainly some people would need those exercises, but it is better to go slow onthem.The real business of the Visual Impact Muscle Building program starts at chapter ten – but there’sa lot of useful information about the science and mechanics on muscle growth, as well as adviceon nutrition and supplements in chapters two through to nine.
  3. 3. Chapter ten is the first of ‘ The 3 Phases’ that are really the gist of the entire muscle buildingmanual. Each of the 3 phases should ideally last two months, which comes down to six monthsfor the entire program.Phase 1 is about rapid muscle growth in specific places. The techniques in this phase utilize thescience of Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy, which is basically about subjecting the targeted muscles tointense workouts while increasing fatigue. To achieve this, the rep range for the workouts is kepthigh while rest periods between sets is very short. This leads to high muscle growth within ashort time.Phase 2 is essentially about strength building and defining muscles. Rest periods between sets isstill short but rep range for workouts is medium. The typical workout here is a set of 5 reps with arest period of 45-60 seconds between each set.And finally phase 3 basically aims at maximizing the results of phase 2, which is gaining strengthwhile maintaining a lean physique. This means cutting excess fat by introducing calculated cardioand toning the muscles with low-rep workouts and longer rest periods between sets.There’s also a bonus phase that shows you how to ‘shrink wrap your muscles’ after cutting bodyfat. This is essentially toning your muscles by gaining lean muscle to ‘fill up’ the loose skin left bythe excessive fat loss.As explained in the chapter using notable Hollywood examples, the shrink wrap technique is idealif you’re preparing for a forth coming event, such as a vacation, camping trip, or just going to thebeach. It could also be a competitive event.
  4. 4. The best thing about Rusty Moore is that he doesn’t only think about men. He created anotherVisual Impact system specifically for Women, which is the ‘Visual Impact for Women’ system. Likethe Visual Impact Muscle Building program for men, Visual Impact for Women is not your typicalmuscle building program.The major limitation of this system is that the workouts described may not suit people who areparticularly small or never trained at all. In that case, you may need to start with ‘ The Big 3’ tomass up some muscle and strength, which you will also find in this manual.Overall, the Visual Impact Muscle Building system is a solid program that is highly recommendedby millions of users who have overwhelmingly reviewed it positively in various body buildingforums online. FREE BONUS!Right now, if you buy "Visual Impact Muscle Building " Through This Link (or thispage), you will receive a bundle pack of bonus (worth $497) for FREE. Heres whatYOU will get:
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