Ren Zhongping: the socialist market economy haschanged the fate of ChinaTo change the fate of Chinas historical choice- Wr...
economy in the eyes of the Chinese people are negative, even once it hasbeen described capitalist society, the source of a...
The past 20 years, when the prophecy is still posted on the milestone in thehistory, contrasting with the hardships and gl...
prosperity. "(4) Only In retrospect, we know that they have come out far.Different from the utopian socialists, Marx and E...
related to department leadership desk piled thick stack.Crisis, opened the door of the emancipation of the mind. Change, t...
Chinas reform and opening up the ship is heading for a deeper, farther andmore magnificent sea.(E) establishing a socialis...
Socialism to a market economy, which is a great innovation for thedevelopment of Marxism in the New Communist Party of Chi...
coordinate the interests of all parties, so that economic development to benefitmore people, the building of a harmonious ...
To be effective, to be fair to a socialist to a market economy. Continuousimprovement of this new economic system, to prom...
compatible with the socialist market economy and to build the worlds largestsocial safety net, enhance national security a...
contradictions, the more complex interests involved, the greater the problemsencountered. "Adhere to the direction of refo...
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Ren Zhongping: the socialist market economy has changed the fate of China

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  1. 1. Ren Zhongping: the socialist market economy haschanged the fate of ChinaTo change the fate of Chinas historical choice- Written on the 20th anniversary of the socialist market economic systemestablishedRen Zhongping(A) of the socialist market economic system was born 20 years.20 years can achieve what? A baby, will grow into a the bodybuilding the youth.One of land, that can be cropped the the the joy of of dozens of quarter of ofManchurian Long positions in. An invention, it may create great wealth and amore agreeable life. As one of the most complex process of institutionalchange in the history of mankind, brought to China 20 years of socialist marketeconomic system, far beyond the extraordinary imagination.1992, from the the the beginning of the year Comrade Xiaoping all the waysouth, published the the Universal Declaration of of once again ideological theliberation of of the, to the early summer with Comrade Jiang Zemin in thecentral Party School published About the the an important speech of the thesocialist market economy, and then to the 14th National autumn the partyslarge to determine the to establishing a socialist market economic systemChinas economic reforms, "feeling the stones" has finally shaken off thefetters of the planned economy. 20 years, to establish and perfect the socialistmarket economy, this new revolution carried out on 9.6 million squarekilometers of land, laid the new basic economic and institutional framework toachieve a new leap in understanding of socialism. In 20 years, it reshaped thelifestyle and mutual relations of production of 1.3 billion people, has changedthe destiny of the Chinese nation, and affect the direction of the whole world.(B) the market economy, a way to make the term of the Chinese people havemixed feelings.A century ago, when the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution tooverthrow the feudal monarchy, the growing trend of monopoly capitalism isexperiencing an unprecedented crisis of the world-wide. Market expansion,resource exploitation, the result of competition between rich and poordifferentiation, the pursuit of profit maximization of the value orientation of thecycle of economic crisis ... nearly a century, the impression of the market
  2. 2. economy in the eyes of the Chinese people are negative, even once it hasbeen described capitalist society, the source of all evil.Opening its doors until the late 1970s, China shocked the world changes, thefirst time to stop and re-looked at the market economy, starting from realityrather than from books.Economic development can not be separated from the allocation of resources.With the interests of incentives, changes in supply and demand, pricefluctuations, free competition mechanism lever, the market for people withlimited financial, material to optimally assigned to the various fields of socialproduction, efficiency and wealth enhancing. To rely on market economy, "thethe the productivity of created by by the the bourgeoisie in the in the the it lessthan 100 years class domination, all the productive forces to create than in thepast everything day and age we still need more, but also large." Improving themarket economy, many capitalist countries in the period of time to ease socialconflicts, promoting economic development, gained the upper hand in globaleconomic competition. the dialectical of history, and reflected the in the the the people pairs ofunderstanding of the law among the the constantly deepen the of. China whenthe time come to the threshold of the 21st century, once the market economyas something peculiar to capitalism ", now to a market economy beckons.(C) start from zero kilometers, the road of Chinas market economy, it is notsunny smooth road.This is the the a very thought-provoking the fact that - 20 years ago, the Whenthe the Communist Party of China for the first time will be "market economy"written on the the socialist banner of, that it encounter is not just domesticpopular among the worry and anxiety of the the the people of the the thetraditional concepts and the subjective bias the shackles of, more in the marketeconomy on the road through the several hundred years of Western politicalelites questioned.This is to be paid attention "advice" - in 1991, former British Prime MinisterMargaret Thatchers visit to China when he said: "socialist market economycan not be compatible with the socialist market economy, wants to marketeconomy must be implemented to capitalism, privatization, it was predicted todo so, not a socialist system to stifle the vitality of the market, the marketeconomy, the evolution of the socialist system ". Some people assertion, more,"engage in the of a market economy socialism with Chinese characteristics, inessence, is the with Chinese characteristics of the capitalism".
  3. 3. The past 20 years, when the prophecy is still posted on the milestone in thehistory, contrasting with the hardships and glory of a new road. "Socialist +market economy," a new socialist development of the formula embedded incontemporary history, the activation of the Chinese economy, stimulate theenthusiasm and creativity of hundreds of millions of people.20 years, Chinas economic aggregate ranked second in the world, per capitaGDP into the ranks of middle-income countries; "to education, employment,medical services and a sense of security, and housing" from the people a stepby step, the vision turned into reality.20 years, proudly joining the WTO, ranking the worlds largest exporter. Alongwith the WTO principles of non-discrimination, transparency, nationaltreatment and fair competition to penetrate the institutional mechanisms, wehave successfully integrated into the mainstream of world economy, loudervoice "in the international arena.20 years, the country the vast majority of goods and services, priceliberalization, the market system robust development towards a unified, open,capital, technology, labor, land and other elements of the market to speed upthe process; reform of state-owned enterprises to tackle tough, theadministrative system gradually break out of taxation, finance, foreign trade,rural, investment, social security, resource prices, monopoly industries andother areas of reform step by step forward, expanding the scope ofcomprehensive reform.20 years, we move from shortage to sufficient, from a sellers market into abuyers market, turned to the pursuit of people-oriented, comprehensive,coordinated and sustainable scientific development from the pursuit ofeconomic growth. Rich and affordable on the socialist market economy hasbrought not only material, but also brought about the emancipation of the mind,ideas, free movement of persons, the development of increased opportunities,and equal competition, efficiency, rule, rule of law and market awareness ofthe wake ......The socialist market economy, not just as Deng Xiaopings assertion "does notexist fundamental contradiction", but also in the mutual chemical reactiongreatly liberate and develop productive forces. Over the past 20 years,socialism not only did not the market economy "peaceful evolution", butprosperity in the market, rapid economic growth in the glow of unprecedentedvigor and vitality. Despite the doubts of this path is not yet vanished, but thefact of the iron repeatedly confirmed a firm judgment - "China does not go thisroute, there is no other way this road is the gateway to the rich and The road to
  4. 4. prosperity. "(4) Only In retrospect, we know that they have come out far.Different from the utopian socialists, Marx and Engels did not provide adetailed blueprint for future society after the demise of capitalism. They are justrough to assume that the future society will be a planned economy, commoditymoney relations will gradually disappear.The Soviet Union was once a thriving socialist economy, in the minds of theChinese pioneers who laid a deep imprint. The Soviet Union as a teacher, thebasic characteristics of the socialist planned economy as a market economyand capitalism are equated, and deny the possibility of a market economyunder the socialist system and development to become a long period after thefounding of new China time, no doubt about the theoretical principles.Looking back, reflect on the drawbacks of the model of the Soviet Union, toexplore the socialist economic model in line with their national conditions,Comrade Mao Zedong in 1956, "On Ten Relationships" had emerged.However, a sophomore public "concept under the weight of the" Three-Self abag of "grass does not rise; down decentralization of institutionaldecentralization" from time to time encounter a flat tone typhoon swept;recurring curse of "adjustment, consolidation, enrich and improve" like a flashin the pan, put - chaos - Collapse - death always lingering ... the rigidity of theideas, the level of awareness limitations of these attempts can only plantinkering under the economic framework. Exploration of the socialist economicmodel, the end is not out of the countrys economic reform model in the SovietUnion and Eastern Europe "cap".The drawbacks of the economic system and the impact of the politicalmovement, not only stifle the development of market economy, even to makethe planned economy itself unsustainable. Years of planned economy,although it laid the basis of the industrialization of the Republic, but the pastthree decades, the Chinese economy is still a shortage economy, the pooreconomy, the rigid economy.Example is a repeated references have two factory in Shenyang, a transformerfactory, owned by the Department of Mechanical tube; a smelter, owned by theMinistry of Metallurgical tube, copper transformer factory by the Ministry ofMachinery from Yunnan, a large number of transport, while Smelter productionof copper by the Ministry of Metallurgical assigned to the country. The wallseparates the two companies can not be horizontal linkages, wasting a lot ofmanpower and resources. When the "Peoples Daily published a cartoon: acompany to buy a typewriter, take a train to Beijing to consult the documents
  5. 5. related to department leadership desk piled thick stack.Crisis, opened the door of the emancipation of the mind. Change, the mostcritical link point to economic activity - resource allocation. The Third PlenarySession of the Eleventh CPC Central Committee opened the curtain of thereform and opening up, get rid of ideological superstition, seek truth from facts,the mental state of the whole of China for a new one. With the deepening ofeconomic reform, with the thriving commodity production and exchange, from12 Third Plenary Session of the concept to the partys 13th, the commodityeconomy increasingly popular, groping towards a market economy step bystep closer.Decisive turning point occurred in 1992, the 14-year plan to reform andopening up and market to the debate to an end. The 14th Party Congresssolemnly declared: "Chinas economic reform goal is to establish a socialistmarket economic system. Since then -In 1993, 14 Third Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee Decision onthe establishment of a socialist market economic system, lays out the basicframework of the socialist market economy;1997, the partys 15th National public ownership is dominant, the economy andallowing diverse forms of ownership and common development "clear thebasic economic system of the primary stage of socialism, the major innovationof the theory of ownership;In 2003, the Third Plenum make the decision of the CPC Central Committeeon improving the socialist market economic system ", marking the Chinese toenter the period of institutional innovation to improve the market economicsystem as the core content ...If the reform and opening up is a critical choice to determine the fate ofcontemporary China, for the establishment of socialist market economy, opento the reality of the door; then the establishment of a socialist market economicsystem, establishing the most important focus of the reform and opening up,played reform and the great cause of the most stirring of the grand movementof people. It not only laid the path and direction of reform and opening up, butalso created a magnificent era of upheaval in the land of China.This is the historical choice to decide the fate of China. Along this trajectory,Chinas economic reform has gone through a man suddenly in the initial stages.Under the command of the scientific concept of development, innovation andpolitical system of the economic system, cultural system and socialmanagement system innovation are intertwined, supporting each other.
  6. 6. Chinas reform and opening up the ship is heading for a deeper, farther andmore magnificent sea.(E) establishing a socialist market economic system is a major innovation inthe theory of Marxism.What a departure from Marxism, or the development of Marxism? Develop amarket economy under the socialist system gave birth to the date of facingsuch a sharp torture.Marx and Engels indeed predicted that in a socialist society, the capitalistprivate ownership of the means of production is socialist public ownership isreplaced by the whole society the production of the plan will replace theanarchy of social production. Lenin also indeed once stressed that the, as longas the the the market economy is still exist, as long as the also maintained acurrency the powers and capital of forces, the any legal Du on of the the worldis can not get rid of the inequality and exploitation. However, in a specificenvironment for the future, you should do something, you should immediatelydo something, which of course depends entirely on the people will have inwhich activities that established the historic environment, to uphold thescientific attitude theorists, Marx never an ideal target on the other side, toimpose also reality on this side of people. As realistic revolutionaries Lenin ofold age "of the entire view of the socialist fundamentally changed," heproposed "new economic policy", the need to develop the commodity economy,capitalism and building a socialist.Deng Xiaopings great, is both a true Marxist kind of pragmatic attitude and thecourage of the emancipation of the mind.- Chinas socialist society is and will be long-term in its infancy. The theory ofthe primary stage of socialism, opposed to an ideal instead of reality, and laidthe foundation for the introduction of market economy from the standpoint ofhistorical materialism.- The development of socialist productive forces, enhance the comprehensivenational strength of the socialist countries, to improve peoples living standards.Criterion, "three" is the root of the problem of abstract ideological debate.- Plan a little more to market forces is not the essential difference betweensocialism and capitalism. Talk in the South, tear up the label, has long beenattached to the body of market economy capitalism and building a socialistmarket economic system not found on this classic answer of "world and thechallenges of the century" and thus the essay.
  7. 7. Socialism to a market economy, which is a great innovation for thedevelopment of Marxism in the New Communist Party of China for "what issocialism and how to build socialism" creative answer. Disperse the fog ofstalking all my heart, unlock trouble a big question mark about the overallsituation of socialist modernization, and socialist economic theory, more full,more alive, more times.(F) the establishment of the socialist market economic system is a majorhighlight of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.In the pursuit of modern Chinese copy books, superstition over dogma,through a lot of detours. High tuition fees allow us to wake up: Only theuniversal principles of Marxism with the concrete practice of China combinedto go its own way, building socialism with Chinese characteristics, can be astrong nation, to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Go its own way, easier said than done. Every step of the innovation, are facedwith radical dual challenges of ossified dogma and beyond the stage; everybreakthrough, have suffered the inheritance and development of realistic andlong-term, progressive and break through the barrier of the dilemma; everydecision, may touched a vested interest in cheese, lost in the "to do the cakeand the cake," difficult to reach.The economy and allowing diverse forms of ownership and commondevelopment, will shake the dominant position of public ownership? Non-publiceconomic development, will erode the fairness of socialism? Market failure andgovernment abuse of power, what kind of risk? Efficiency and fairness is moreimportant? How can we achieve a win-win rather than non-engaged? Theestablishment and improvement of the socialist market economic system, it isin the encounter and so on thorny issues to move forward. Only inextraordinary difficult, but also highlight the great significance; morecomplicated, the more superior wisdom.Building a socialist market economy as the core content of economic reform,has opened a contemporary Chinese economic transition, social transition, thedevelopment of the changing way of the curtain. 20 years, began in theeconomic field break the ice, and stirred a huge response for all-round reformand development of reference and power: the transformation of governmentfunctions, to maintain fairness and justice, building the market economy of thelegal system in many other areas of political, cultural, social, for theconstruction of socialist democratic politics and a huge demand for traction;give full play to the important role of the market in the configuration of culturalresources, and become an important means of building an advanced socialistculture and means; deepen the reform of the social management system to
  8. 8. coordinate the interests of all parties, so that economic development to benefitmore people, the building of a harmonious society is the inevitable choice inthe market economy, advance to a certain stage ...If, 20 years ago, a huge turning point in the revitalization of socialism from therigid theory, then the glorious 20 years of practice are difficult to explorerefresh peoples understanding of the mode of economic development for themodernization of the country opened out a new path.(G) establishing a socialist market economic system is a major contribution tothe development of socialism in the world.In 1516, Thomas Mores "Utopia" to be donated to the dreams of countlesssocialist beliefs. In 1848, the "Communist Manifesto" blew the horn "aroundthe world, unite". From utopian socialism to scientific socialism, thegenerations pursued the exploration and understanding of socialism vary.Drastic changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the world socialistmovement were hit; the collapse of the Soviet Union, developing countriesgenerally fall into the reflection. Many scholars in the West that socialism cameto an end. However, the failure of the Soviet model does not represent a failureof socialism, socialist ideals are not devoid of socialist practice, nor hadstopped.Be foreign as the new Chinese regime "socialist market economy, breakingdown the traditional economic model of the socialist economic systeminnovation, socialism based on the solid earth, truly active and thrive in China.The brilliant achievements of socialism with Chinese characteristics, so thatonce again be reflected in the vitality of socialism. Under the haze of theinternational financial crisis, the Western world a reflection of the"consultations" for capitalism, "save capitalism from the capitalists," the voicesounded again, "Beijing Consensus" re-activated the different developmentmodel, with different social the imagination of the system. 1/5 of the globalpopulation is to fulfill the practice of this change, and deepen peoplesunderstanding of socialism, socialism with new vision.This is not only the latest achievements of scientific socialism in contemporaryCommunist Party of China, the development of socialism in the world anddescribe important revelation: any system should withstand the test of practicein different social soil, under different historical conditions. Courage to thetrend of world civilization with its own development and progress, good willcombine modern law with its national conditions, socialism can radiate vigor.
  9. 9. To be effective, to be fair to a socialist to a market economy. Continuousimprovement of this new economic system, to promote Chinas reform andopening up and modernization to a new high point, displaying a magnificentlandscape of the human society.(H) "occurred in the past 20 years, is any plan to plan out." Was to evaluate theuse of such rhetoric, a miracle created by the socialist market economy inChinas vast.The achievements of these "Plan" does not fall from the sky, is also not a"market economy one to engage in the spirit" of the simple logic that can notbe explained. Behind them, embody the concept of reform and developmentbased on national conditions, inclusive, bears many of the summary anddeep-seated need to be further summarized the law and experience -Understand the two "inequality". Chinese people from the "planned economy isnot equivalent to socialism," the market economy is not capitalism, "theexposition of the harvest is thinking to explore the endless courage. Make boldchanges and innovations, and never rigid, never stagnant, become the sourceof power for 20 years, people continue to overcome ideological obstacles.Grasp the two "focus". Focus on the liberation of the development ofproductive forces, "three" inspection reform effectiveness is 20 years of marketeconomic reform is the most important foothold in China.Adhere to the "two unwavering." Unwaveringly consolidate and develop thepublic sector of the economy, unswervingly encourage, support and guidenon-public economic development, diverse forms of ownership to force therelease of the infinite energy of the market players.Adhere to the "two hands". Good market allocation of resources for this"invisible hand" and the governments macro-control only the "visible hand" ofthe socialist market economy is showing great superiority relative to the freemarket economy.Play to the initiative. Focus on fiscal reform and administrative reform,adjustment of central-local relations, and continuously improve the centralmacro-control capacity, enhance local development.Make good use of the "two markets." Going out and bringing to full use ofinternational and domestic resources, a more powerful China, gave birth in twogeneral situations of international and domestic co-ordination.To build two security system. To build a code of ethics and the legal system,
  10. 10. compatible with the socialist market economy and to build the worlds largestsocial safety net, enhance national security and happiness, to maintain andachieve fairness and justice.To prevent the two tendencies. Resolutely eliminate the interference of the leftand right, fear no risks, not confused by any interference, do not take a rigidand closed the old road, do not walk Gaixian changing of the guard astray.20 years, it is the socialist market economic system combined with the basicsystem of socialism, and constantly deal with these in pairs of the complexrelationship process, the market economy out of a unique path in socialistChina. 20 years of exploration gave birth to a unique experience and ability tocontrol, let us in the face of the rare heavy and arduous tasks of reform anddevelopment, the face of complicated contradictions and problems, in the faceof predictable and unpredictable risks and challenges, with an unprecedentedcalm and confidence.(Ix) the establishment of a socialist market economy era left us a valuableasset. Improve the socialist market economy, is a glorious mission history hasgiven us.20 years of market economic reforms, Chinas economy brought to thecontinued growth in the fast lane trek on the road to modernization onto a peak.However, be vigilant in peace time, we have not had a moment forget that"unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable" development potential risks;little worry, "and later developed than not to develop less.Up the total economic output, the quality of development needs to be improved,to hinder the economic development pattern of the drawbacks of the systemsmust speed up to clear; non-public economy is booming, but not completelyovercome, breaking administrative monopolies restricting its development andgrowth of institutional barriers, promote the rising voice of fair competition;administrative system continued to deepen, but the economic regulationoffside, the absence of market supervision, social management, misplaced,public services are not in place, the problem persists, the urgent need forgovernment departments to accelerate its reform; security system lag birth of asocial anxiety, the trend of widening income gap become a social risk, andadjustment of relationship is the most urgent task of building a harmonioussociety; factor markets underdevelopment, distorted price signals and hinderthe optimization of resource allocation, market-oriented reforms of theelements of the field need to further promote the ... ...Construction and improvement of socialist market economy is an extremelycomplex systems engineering, and more forward, touched the deeper
  11. 11. contradictions, the more complex interests involved, the greater the problemsencountered. "Adhere to the direction of reform of the socialist marketeconomy, reform and scientific decision-making, and enhance the coordinationof reform measures, identify breakthrough in deepening reform and opening,and a clear focus of deepening reform and opening up, seize the opportunity topush forward the reform in important fields and key links" Comrade Hu Jintaosspeech at the General Assembly to celebrate the 90th anniversary of thefounding of the Communist Party of China, declared the strategic choice of ourparty to address these problems.Firmly grasp the theme of scientific development, to deepen cooperation toaccelerate the development of ways to change the main line of economicreform, and promote the equalization of basic public services as the main lineof social reform, adhere to the administrative reform of the main line to thetransformation of government functions, from the " The goal of 2020 toestablish a relatively complete socialist market economic system "only eightyears, only continue to deepen reform unswervingly in order to properlyresolve the" Growing Pains ", through the reform of the deepwater reefs andwaves.(X) 1992-2012, spread the seeds of the market economy into the socialist soil,the growth of strong, exuberant vitality of the great achievements, more thanall the people had the imagination. Various contradictions, problems and risksit may encounter in the future on the road, the same non-specific foreseeable20 years ago can.The beginning of the 20 "stepping stones" along the way, if the reform, we arefaced with nine loop "river", the future, we should cut across the magnificent"sea". Let us remember the history of the earnest exhortations: "from now untilthe middle of the next century will be very critical period, we have to work hard.Heavy burden on our shoulders a great responsibility."