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Fb101 transcript

  1. 1. TRANSCRIPTFacebook 101 INSTRUCTOR: AMY PORTERFIELD Sponsored byCopyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  2. 2. TranscriptIntroduction - Facebook 101Hi, Im Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One forDummies.In this video, well cover how to set up your Facebook page, how tooptimize and brand your page, and how to engage with your fans.Ill share tips and strategies for you to enhance your Facebook experienceoverall.This training is ideal for the marketer and for the small business owner.Facebook Profile vs. Facebook PageFirst, I want to talk to you about the difference between a Facebookprofile and a Facebook page.Right now youre looking at the Social Media Examiner Facebook page.But first lets start with the profile. Im going to switch on over to mypersonal profile.When you set up a Facebook account for the very first time, youre settingup a Facebook profile. By Facebook guidelines, you can only have oneFacebook profile, and it should be set up by a person – meaning aFacebook profile is not for a business, organization, association or group.Its only meant for a person, and you can only have one profile perperson.This is where you would communicate with your friends and your family,maybe people you went to high school or college with or relatives. This ismore of a personal page where you communicate and you catch up withpeople.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 2 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  3. 3. A lot of people post, as you know, probably family photos. You maybeshare videos that you want to share of your family or maybe funny videosyou found online. Its more of a casual conversation that youre havingwith people.One way to know that youre on a profile versus a page is here on the topusually it gives some personal information about the person. Here it sayswhere I work, where I studied, if Im married, and my birthday. It givesyou some personal information about that person.Also, if you scroll down a bit, over here youll see that it lists my friends.If it says Friends, then you know instantly that its a profile.Now lets go to the Social Media Examiner page. One sure way to know ifyoure on a page or a profile is if you scroll down and it shows that anumber of people "like this" — 34,200 people like this. That way, youknow that this is a page because theyre using the word like. Thats onesurefire way to know if youre on a page or a profile.A Facebook page is meant to market your business, build relationshipswith clients, build relationships with prospective clients, and alsoshowcase who you are and what youre about.Optimizing Your Business with a Facebook ProfileThere are a lot of different things you can do with a Facebook page, andthats where were going to primarily focus this training. However, beforewe do that, I want to show you some great techniques you can use onyour Facebook profile to optimize your business.Friends ListsFirst, Im going to show you how to set up Friends Lists. You can do thisfor personal reasons or for business reasons.Facebook does have a guideline that you shouldnt be using yourFacebook profile for monetary gain, meaning you shouldnt be promotingTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 3 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  4. 4. your business blatantly on your Facebook profile. Instead thats why theycreated Facebook pages.However, if youre anything like me, youve meshed together over theyears your Facebook friends, people in your family, maybe distantrelatives, and people from school, as well as people you network with andpeople that are somehow associated to what you do for a career and foryour business.That why, if you scroll down on my profile, youll see that I have almost3,000 friends. Now I dont really know all 3,000 people, and a lot of themhave come to my personal profile and Ive friended them throughnetworking situations. Ive met them maybe online or offline, but theyrenot all friends.So if youve done this over the past years — this is before Facebook pagesgot really popular — you can create Friends Lists in order to communicateto different people privately via your profile.Let me show you how to do that. First, youll want to go to the Friendslink. Once you go to the Friends link, you can now Edit Friends. Once youEdit Friends, you can create a list, so youd click on Create a List.From here, you create a name for your list. If your list is going to beprivate, which Im going to show you how to do right now, no one will seeyour list except you, so you can name it whatever youd like.For the sake of this training, lets say I was going to name this list SanDiego Networking Group. Lets say I live in San Diego, I go to differentnetworking opportunities here in town, and maybe I want to bringanybody whos on my profile as a friend into this list.Once you name your list, then you can go ahead and type in the name ofthe person here. Lets say I want Andrea, so Im going to add her to mylist. Then maybe Ill look for someone else I know. Its better if you knowthe name of the person because if you have a lot of people like I do,having 3,000 people, I dont want to scroll through all of them — thatsgoing to be way too time-consuming. If you know the names of theTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 4 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  5. 5. people, I would type them in. Theyll pop up and you can click on theirname.Im going to click a few more people just for the sake of this training.Then Im going to click Create List. Once I do that, now my list will popup. From there, Im going to edit the name only because its kind of along name and its going to get cut off a bit when I try to look for it. SoIm going to call it SD Networking Group.Im going to show you now how to message these people. Im going to goback to my profile. Remember, the name of that group was SDNetworking Group. If I wanted to send them a message — only that group— I could go here on my profile and just say something like "Great seeingyou last night!"Then I would click on this dropdown menu here. Do you see where it saysEveryone by default? Well, I dont want to send that to everybody, so Iclick here on Customize. From Customize, Ill do a dropdown that saysSpecific People. Now I can actually type in the name of the group and itwill pop up. There it is — SD Networking Group. Im only going to sendthat message to the SD Networking Group. From there, I can click SaveSetting.If I were to click Share, the only people who would see it are the peoplewho are on my SD Networking Group list. That means if you were myfriend and you came to my profile, you actually wouldnt see that postappear on my profile. If you went to the profile of anybody in the SDNetworking Group that I just messaged, you also wouldnt see thatmessage on their page. You have to actually be in that group to see themessage.Thats whats so cool about Friends Lists on your profile.Use the 80-20 Rule on Your ProfileI usually tell people to use the 80-20 rule on their profile — 80% of thetime, make sure youre keeping it social in the sense of keeping itpersonal by talking to your friends and family and sharing video andTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 5 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  6. 6. photos not related to your business. Eighty percent of the time, do nottalk about your business on your profile since its not really meant forthat.But 20% of the time, I do think its okay to talk about business-relatedtopics, whether it be your business or something related to your niche oryour market. One of the best ways to do that is to use these Friends Lists.If you have a networking group like I showed you with the San DiegoNetworking Group that I created a list for, you might want tocommunicate with them on a weekly basis. You can send them a post thatnobody else can see just to check in with them, see how theyre doing,and maybe talk about your next meeting or whatnot.Thats a great way to use Facebook lists in order to keep thecommunication going even if its not always for personal reasons.Private Friends ListsAlso, whats great about Facebook lists is that you can set Privacy Settingsfor them.Lets say you were to create a photo album on your profile. You canactually set privacy settings with that photo album so only certain groupscan see the photo album. Or if you wanted to send out a certain video,you can do the same. You can create privacy settings for different thingsthat you post on your profile so that only certain groups can see theinformation youre posting.The privacy settings are really great and can relate back to your friendslists if you want them to, so I really love that feature on your profile aswell.Featured Friends ListsNow that Ive shown you how to create private friends lists, let me showyou how to create Featured Lists.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 6 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  7. 7. Featured Lists actually appear on your profile, and anybody whos yourfriend can see these lists. Heres an example. I have a Social MediaExaminer Friends List right here, and I have a Featured List of MastermindGirls — Im in a mastermind with a bunch of women entrepreneurs, andyou can see the list here.When you put somebody on a Featured List and you feature them on yourprofile, the people who are on that list will get a message saying thattheyve been put on a Featured List. They will be notified just so they canhave the option to decide if they want to be on that list or not.With that, I want to show you how to create a Featured List:• To create a Featured List, go to Edit Profile.• Once you hit Edit Profile, go to Featured People.• Once you click on Featured People, youll see down here you can do Featured Friends.I already have two Featured Friends lists: the Social Media Examinerfriends and the Mastermind Girls. These are two lists Ive created and putin here.Also, where it says Friends is the default of all my friends.Once youve added people here, you can either create a list or add anexisting list or group. Once youve done that, then they will appear onyour profile in the left column.Thats how you do a Featured List. Its a great way to showcasenetworking groups youre involved in or maybe some high school orcollege friends that you want to highlight on your profile. You can domany different things with them, but it is a great way to infuse yourbusiness world with your profile if you want to do some Featured Friendsthat are part of a different group or network.Facebook ChatTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 7 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  8. 8. One other great feature when you have Friends Lists is Facebook Chat.Right here in the corner, if I were to click here, all my different groupspop up. With that, I can actually click On or Off, meaning that they canmessage me at any time, or I can click it Off where they cant messageme, meaning they dont know if Im online or not.This is a great way to control conversations so youre not beinginterrupted all the time if you dont want interruptions, or its a great wayto open the chat and chat with different people in groups.Link Your Facebook Page to Your ProfileOne last thing Id like to point out with your Facebook profile is to makesure that at the very top where it says Works at that you have the correctFacebook page linked to your profile: if youre an entrepreneur and youhave a Facebook page for your business, that the link goes directly toyour Facebook page, or if youre part of a company, that the link heregoes to the correct company page.For a lot of people, it actually goes to a default page. Let me show youwhat that looks like.If I were to go to Rays profile and click up here where it says Works at St.Josephs Medical Center, it goes to this weird default page that hiscompany, St. Josephs Medical Center, does not actually control. As youcan see, its not branded. It has this weird suitcase as an image andtheres nothing he can really do with this page. This is the default pagethat Facebook will pull in automatically based on the information youhave in your Info box. So when Facebook recently made some changes,this happened to be a default.Youll notice with a lot of people that the link to Works at goes to a weirddefault page that looks like this. To change that, there are two ways youcan do it. The simple way that doesnt always work for everybody is justto go into Edit Profile, and then go into Education and Work, and herewhere it says Employer, type in the business page that youre an admin ofthat you want to link to.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 8 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  9. 9. Oftentimes you can type it in and just Save and it will pop up. For somepeople it doesnt work as easily and you have to do a workaround. Imgoing to show you the workaround.First, I want you to Google "Firefox Add-On, Web Developer." Once youdo that, youll find a page that looks like this. When you get to this page,I want you to add this to Firefox. I want you to add this Web Developer,and it will automatically be added to your toolbar. Once you do that, youcome back over here.Im going to actually delete this so I can start over and show you how itsdone. Now it has Anthony Robbins Companies, which is actually my oldcompany I used to work for. It has the same little suitcase that you dontwant.But Im going to add my own Facebook page. First, youll want to go tothe Facebook page that you want to add to your profile. Make sure yourean admin of the page.For me, my Facebook page is Amy Porterfield, so its the same name asmy profile — a little bit confusing. What Ill do is click Edit Page. Once youclick Edit Page, here on the top youll see that it says id = (a number willappear here). I want you to copy that number.Once you copy that number, I want you to go back to your profile, andhere where it says Employer, I want you to enter the name of theFacebook page. Even if it doesnt pop up for you — as you can see, mineis not popping up — I still want you to type in the name of the page andthen click Add Job. As you can see, my picture does show up, but thatsnot the end of it.From there, I want you to go up and pull the toolbar in called WebDeveloper Toolbar. Once you do that, I want you to click on Forms and hitDisplay Form Details.Dont be scared because all of this crazy code is going to pop up. Youdont really need to do anything with this code. All I want you to do isfind where it says Employer, and I want you to paste in that ID numberTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 9 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  10. 10. that you had copied from your page. Once you do that, youll just scrolldown and hit Add Job.Then once you do that, go back up here, and I want you to unclickDisplay Form Details so all of that will go away.Now when you go to your profile, youll see that your page is added, andif you click here, it should go to your Facebook page.Thats how you add your Facebook page to your profile if it doesnt do iteasily by just typing in the name. Theres your little workaround.Hopefully, that makes sense in order for you to add your page to yourprofile.Creating Your Facebook PageNow lets talk about your Facebook page in general. First of all, to set upa Facebook page, the easiest way to do so is to first go to any page yourenot an admin of.Im going to go to HyperArts Web Designs Facebook page. Once Imthere, if I scroll down, in the left column, youll see where it says Create aPage. Go ahead and click on Create a Page, and here youll see sixdifferent options to create your page:• Local Business or Place• Company, Organization or Institution• Brand or Product• Artist, Band or Public Figure• Entertainment• Cause or CommunityFor the sake of our training, lets choose Brand or Product. Once you clickthere, now youre going to choose a category. You have all these differentcategories to choose from:• Appliances• Baby Goods/Kids GoodsTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 10 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  11. 11. • Bags/Luggage• Building Materials• Etc...It goes on and on. For the sake of the training, lets choose Website.Once you do that, you want to name the page. Lets name it SME Examplebecause this is just a Social Media Examiner training example.Once you name it, youre going to say "I agree to Facebook Pages Terms."You can read those if youd like. Then click Get Started.Now you have a page. Its as easy as that. Obviously, there are somethings we want to do to this page, and Ill walk you through some of themost important pieces of your Facebook page setup, but I just wanted toshow you how easy it was to set up your page.Now I want to show you some of the key areas that you want toconcentrate on when you set up your page. Lets go back to the SocialMedia Examiner page.Facebook Page Wall ImageThe very first thing I want you to really concentrate on is your Facebookpage wall image. That is this image right here.Do you see up here where it says Change Picture? You have theopportunity to load an image that you create for your Facebook wall. Iencourage you to spend a little time and a little money making this imagegreat. The reason being that no matter where I click on this Facebookpage, that image is always going to be there.Lets say I go to a different tab — and Ill be explaining these tabs a littlebit later in the training — but no matter what tab I go to, youre alwaysseeing this wall image. Its the best way for you to brand your page. Itsthe first thing people see and it really captures their attention. Peoplemake a split decision — do they want to spend time on your page or not?Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 11 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  12. 12. Its a really quick decision, so make sure that your page looks great rightfrom the get-go.First of all, you can maximize this image to 180 by 540 pixels. Iencourage you to use that entire space — 180 by 540. That way, you canreally optimize this space and grab attention with a larger image eventhough you can put a smaller image in there.Also, on this image, I encourage you to put the name of your company,branded to the look and feel of your company, and also put a little bit ofinformation on what your company is about. Mike has "Your guide to theSocial Media Jungle." I think that really explains it. Its a fun way to sumup what the page is all about.Also, he says, "Helping businesses discover how to best use socialmedia." He has some really great copy here.Another thing you can do is add the URL of your website for yourcompany. Its not going to be a clickable link, but its always good to getpeople to see your URL. We could have putwww.SocialMediaExaminer.com right here on the design of this image.Thats another thing you can do as well.Facebook Page Information TabAnother great place to start when you first set up your Facebook page isthe Information Tab. If I click here on Info, as you can see, it will allowyou to fill in some information. The information it allows you to fill in isbased on if you chose an Artist or Band, a Community, a Cause, a Brand,or a Website, as we chose.Depending on which box you chose when you first set up your Facebookpage, this will determine what categories you have here to pull in. Withthat, we can put:• Founded• About• Company OverviewTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 12 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  13. 13. • Mission• Products• Website• Likes and InterestsThis area you want to optimize with keywords as much as you can. Reallyexplain who you are, what youre about, and use the most optimalkeywords for your company or business. Thats really crucial in order tobe found in the search engines because Facebook is indexed by Google,meaning that Google will look at different keywords that youre usinginside your Facebook page and they will index those words. Its reallyimportant to use your keywords inside your Info tab.Facebook Page Welcome TabSpeaking of navigation links, one of the most important links you can addto any Facebook page is a custom welcome link or a custom WelcomeTab, whatever you want to call it. Basically, that is the tab that people fallon when they first come to your page and they havent yet clicked theLike button.In the case of Social Media Examiner, Ive already clicked the Like button,plus Im an admin, but I want to show you what weve done on ourcustom Welcome Tab so you can get an idea of how to create your own.First of all, for Facebook you want to use iframes. Iframes are what youwould use to create a custom-designed, integrated Welcome Tab or anyother custom tab that you want to create. You can Google "iframes forFacebook" to really learn how to create these tabs. But here Im just goingto show you the best practices for these custom tabs.For this one, we first did a call to action: "Click the like button above!" AsI mentioned, Ive already clicked it, so you dont see it there.Next, Mike made a short video just welcoming people to the page, tellingthem who he is and what the page is all about. The best thing to do ismake a short video and really just give people a quick understanding ofwhat youre going to share with them on your page and why they shouldTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 13 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  14. 14. join. Really, youre answering the question: "Whats in it for them?" Makethis video short, casual and entertaining, and just get right to the pointso that they know instantly what your page is all about.What weve done here is created an opt-in. We promised a free giveawayif people were to give their name and email. That way, were capturingnames on our Facebook page as well as getting people to click the Likebutton, as you can see above.Let me show you a few other examples of custom Welcome tabs. MariSmith has a really great custom Welcome Tab. She does the call to actionat the top. She says, "If ya Like my page ... please clickety-click thebutton above!" Its really cute because thats her personality. Thats howMari talks, and so shes really branded her custom tab to her personality.Obviously, blue is her signature color for her brand, so everything isreally tied back to her brand.Also, she has a really unique custom tab where it says who she is andwhat shes about. You can also see her latest tweet.She too has a video here. It tells people welcome to her page and whatshes all about.Then she gives a really great understanding of who she is and how youcan find her in other places. Shes written a book, so she tells you a littlebit about that and gives a URL to check her out in other places.Then if you go down here, you can actually read her latest blog post andsee some of her latest pictures.Mari, because she is basically the queen of Facebook, really has atricked-out custom Welcome Tab. But I show you this not because youneed to model it and really add in all of this but more so just to give youan idea of what you can do on your custom Welcome Tab, depending onwhat your outcome is for when people first land on your Facebook page.Now I want to show you an example of a big brand and what theyvedone. Red Bull is my favorite example of a custom Welcome Tab. TheyreTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 14 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  15. 15. a big brand. People usually know who they are — theyre an energy drink— so they dont really talk about who they are on their page.What they do is they call all their attention to you clicking that Likebutton. Theyre saying, "Like our page. Hint, hint" and then they want youto click the Like button. This gives you no confusion as to exactly whatthey want you to do on their Facebook page.Im going to show you one more: Zappos. Zappos has a really great onetoo. Zappos is really casual. Its perfect for their identity. It says, "Lets bein a Like-Like relationship," and they want you to click the Like buttonabove. This is also another great example. Its simple and it gets peopleto do exactly what they want, which is click the Like button.A little bit later in this training, Im going to talk to you about why its soimportant to get people to click the Like button. Just to pique yourcuriosity a bit, its not all about getting people to click the Like button sothe number of fans you have looks really big. Thats really not why its soimportant.Its so important to get people to click the Like button because youregoing to get even greater visibility from all of your fans. That Like buttonis the most important thing when someone visits your Facebook page forthe very first time. You need them to click that Like button. Ill explainmore about that very soon. But before I do, I want to show you someother examples of custom tabs that you can create for your Facebookpage.Other Facebook Page Custom TabsThe first custom tab outside of the Welcome Tab that I want to show youis one that we do on the Social Media Examiner page. We have multipleadmins that post to our page, so with each post that somebody does —lets say we were to reply back to them — we always sign off with ourname.An example of this is Andrea Ramirez. She was talking about how muchshe likes our page — she thinks the page is great. So what I did is ITranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 15 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  16. 16. posted as Social Media Examiner and said, "So glad you like our Page,Andrea!" and then I sign off with my name. That way, she knows whoshes talking to since we have multiple admins that post daily.To introduce the admins of the page, what we did is create a tab calledOur Team, as you can see over here. When you click Our Team, this tab isnot only perfectly branded to Social Media Examiner, but it explains whoeach person is on our Facebook page. This is one of the most uniquepages Ive ever seen on Facebook because it really gives you an idea ofwho youre talking to.After all, Facebook is all about creating relationships and buildingengagement. What better way to do that than to introduce your Facebookteam? We have Mike, we have myself and Cindy King. All of us contributeto the page and we talk to people on a regular basis, so if anyone everwanted to learn more about us, all they need to do is come to this page.They can actually click here and even find out more about us.Its such a great tab. I know a lot of people constantly are looking at thatwhen theyre new to our Facebook page. So thats one idea of what youcan do with a custom tab.Another idea is you can create one for your events. Im going to show youone for Tony Robbins. If you go to Tony Robbins Facebook page and youclick on Upcoming Events, youll see a page that we created for his event"Unleash the Power Within."With that, if you scroll down, youll learn about the event, you can watch avideo trailer that tells you a little bit about the event, and then theressome copy that gives you some information. Then you can actually clickInvest Now and go buy a ticket to the event.More so, if you want to learn more about it, you can actually click on Step1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 to really get an understanding of what hisevent is all about.When I worked with Tony Robbins, this page was created to start buildingsome excitement and some energy around his "Unleash the Power Within"Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 16 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  17. 17. event. Its proven to be extremely successful and theyve had this tab forover a year and a half now, so its working really well for them.I wanted to show you this tab so if you do online events or offline events— if you do events in the real world — this is a great example of a tabthat you can model in order to get people excited about your events. Youcan find that at www.Facebook.com/TonyRobbins.Another great tab I want to show you is actually a tab that I created forfree trainings that I have. If you are a small business or an entrepreneurwho has different trainings that you want to give away as a value-add tostart building trust and relationships with your audience, you can create atab similar to this.What Ive done is I have pulled in a video explaining what the free trainingis all about, and then I do an opt-in. I have people give me their nameand email, I tell them what the free training is, and once they do that,theyll get an email from me that will link them to all of my free trainings.That way, Im collecting names and emails as well as offering value in theform of free training. So if you have something of value to give away, acustom tab is a great way to do so.Lastly, I want to show you a Reveal Tab. A Reveal Tab is when you comeup on a Facebook page — this is actually a Welcome Tab — and if youhavent ever been to this site, youll fall on this tab. If you havent clickedthe Like button, as you can see, it says, "This page is only visible to ourFacebook fans. Become a fan and see what the deal is." So yourethinking, "Whats behind all those blocks?" that youre seeing.When you click the Like button, what will happen is that a new tabappears. As you can see if you read this, it gives you a discount code here— TeeseyFBFan — to get 15% off when you order one of their t-shirts.This Reveal Tab, also done in iframes, is a great way to build curiosityand make your Facebook experience exclusive to your Facebook fans.Exclusivity on Facebook is very, very popular among smart marketers —people who are able to build not only curiosity with maybe a Reveal Tablike this but also to give content that people can only find on theirTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 17 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  18. 18. Facebook page. Its a great way to build up your community becausepeople are constantly coming back for more, knowing that your Facebookpage is the only place theyre going to get certain special content.Exclusivity is something to think about as youre creating your Facebookstrategy.A great article to read as you set up your Facebook page and you startoptimizing it is Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide. Makesure to check out that article for even more tips and strategies tooptimize your Facebook page.Using Facebook as a PageFacebook now allows you to post as your Facebook page or yourFacebook profile, which makes it really great for businesses to spreadtheir brand even more around Facebook in general. What I mean by thatis now you can post on a Facebook page as yourself or you can post asyour business. Let me show you what that looks like to help you betterunderstand.If you go up to Account, Facebook gives you the option to Use Facebookas Page. What that means is when I click here, all the different pages thatIm an admin of — some for my clients, some for myself — theyre goingto pop up. If I go all the way down and find Social Media Examiner and Iclick Switch, now I can post all over Facebook as Social Media Examiner.Let me give you an example of that. If I were to go to my pagewww.Facebook.com/AmyPorterfield, Im an admin of this page. But sinceIm posting as Social Media Examiner now, if I were to write a note on thispage that said, "Hey everyone! Making a video for Social Media Examinerand posting as SME on my own FB Page," and if I were to hit Share, itactually posts as Social Media Examiner, not as Amy Porterfield, eventhough this is my own personal page.Thats what I mean by you can go and actually post on other pages asyour own business page.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 18 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  19. 19. When youre posting as a page, another thing you can do is comment ona profile if that person has set their privacy settings so that everybodycan view their profile. What that means is if you came up on my profileright now, even if you werent my friend, you could actually view all theinformation on my profile.If you set your settings that way, any page could actually comment onyour profile as the page. What I mean by that is if I were to leave acomment, lets say right here under Katie McDaniel, its actually going toappear as the Social Media Examiner avatar. That means that you can goand post as your page on different profiles.What you cant do is actually start a discussion. You cant start a post on apage, meaning you couldnt start a discussion. You can only comment ondiscussions that have already started, so you can comment as your page.This is a great way to expand your brand and get even more visibility ifyou use your page as youre posting on different profiles. As long asyoure keeping integrity and youre not spamming, this is a really greatstrategy.If I go back to Profile, and because Im posting as Social Media Examiner, Iwant to show you some really cool changes that have been made whenyoure posting as a page. If I were to go up to this little icon here, Idactually see all these people that have recently liked the page. If I wasposting as my profile, instead of people that have liked this page, I wouldactually see people that have asked to be my friend in this dropdown.Also, if I were to click here, now Im getting notifications based on mypage and not my profile.If I were to click on the Home Tab, instead of seeing news feeds from myfriends, Im actually seeing news feeds from the pages that Social MediaExaminer has clicked Like on. So Mari Smith and Social Media Examiner,weve liked our own page, or Enchantment. These are pages that SocialMedia Examiner has liked, and now theyre ending up in our news feed.Your news feed now changes to reflect your page versus your profile,which is really cool.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 19 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  20. 20. Its the same thing with the notifications. These are related to the pagenow and not your profile. So it just depends on where youve toggledfrom — your profile or youve chosen a page youre an admin of to post.All of this on the left as well, it changes to your page specifications, notyour profile.Featuring Facebook Pages Your Page Has LikedAnother thing that you can do for your Facebook page is actuallyhighlight different pages that youve liked. Specifically, if you scroll down,these are the pages that Social Media Examiner has liked. They haventliked a lot of pages yet, so only three show up because theyve only likedthree pages. But if youve liked multiple pages, Ill show you what it lookslike on my page.If I go to my Facebook page and go to Use Facebook as a Page and switchto my own page, now Im posting as my own page. Im going to scrolldown, and as you can see, I have five pages right here that are featuredas pages that my page has liked. If I click See All, then there are a fewmore.If I click Close, and I want to feature five pages here that I want everybodyto see, what I can do is go up to Edit Page and then click on Featured.From there, I can have five featured pages. If I said Edit Featured Likes, asyou can see, I can click on which pages I want to feature. I dont want tofeature Livestream and Im not featuring Mashable, so I dont have thoseclicked. The first five I click, those will be in the left column.Lets say I were to click Mashable. Then those five would actually justchange out and theyd always show five, but if I click more than five,theyll just change randomly as people click on my page. So you can clickmore than five, but they all wont show up at once — only five at a time.Thats how you can feature the pages that you like on your own page.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 20 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  21. 21. One last thing I want to point out about changes to Facebook pages isthat because Im an admin, youre actually seeing these admins here.Youll see Andrea, myself, Mike and Cindy King. However, if youre not anadmin of the page, you actually dont see that.Lets go to a page where Im not an admin. On the HyperArts page, as youcan see, you dont see the admin here. You cant see the admin peoplebecause Im not an admin of this page. I just wanted to show you how itlooked. It looks very different in that respect, so just something to thinkabout there.Facebook Page Photo Strip ViewerAnother great feature to a Facebook page is the photo strip viewer at thetop of your page. This photo viewer is always going to have five images init. These images are not going to be in any specific order. Actually, everytime you come to the page, that order might be mixed up.On a Facebook profile, the photo strip viewer can actually be put in aspecific order. Its not the same for a Facebook page, so just make sureyou note that you cant put them in a specific order.Let me show you a fun example. Tim Weir of HyperArts, he actually hasspecific images that he put up here — and Ill show you how to do that —but as you can see, it doesnt spell out "HyperArts" because every timeyou come to the page, theyve been mixed up. Thats just how Facebookhas programmed the page. He doesnt care. He thinks its still fun and hestill does it this way. But just know you cannot put these in a specificorder, and thats been asked by a lot of people, so I just want to makesure that that really makes sense.Also, these photos are the last ones you as the page admin eitheruploaded or tagged your page in, so theyll change every time you uploada new photo or tag your page in a photo.If you dont like a photo that appears, all you need to do is put yourcursor over the photo and a little X appears. You just click on the X andthen you can click Hide Photo. This doesnt actually delete the photo orTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 21 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  22. 22. take the tag off the photo. It just hides it, and another picture will appear.Thats how easy it is to change those photos on top.Then something thats also really cool is that Facebook actually changedhow you look at photos. If I were to click this photo here, a light boxpops up and then you can see all the people in the picture. This is a reallyfun picture we took at BlogWorld, making funny faces. Then you can seeall the people that are tagged, so if you go over their names, you can seewhere they are in the photo. That makes it really fun, and I just love howthe light box pops up so you can really get a great full view of the photo.There have definitely been a lot of changes for Facebook pages. Theres agreat article called 8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need toKnow. In that article, theyll go over all these changes that I just pointedout here, as well as go into iframes versus Static FBML.Remember as I noted, Static FBML used to be the way you would createcustom landing tabs or navigation links as people are calling them now.Facebook has recently changed it to iframes, so check out that article, 8New Facebook Page Changes, to learn more about the shift from StaticFBML to iframes.Facebook Page Engagement StrategiesNow that you know how to set up your Facebook page and how tooptimize your page, and you understand the changes Facebook recentlymade so that your page could be even more dynamic and you can have athriving community, its important to understand how to create a thrivingcommunity and how to engage with your fans.Its not a mistake that Social Media Examiner has over 30,000 Facebookfans. The reason being, as I mentioned, is that were so diligent aboutcreating engagement on our Facebook page. Were constantlyresponding. Were constantly posting relevant, up-to-date, importantcontent that we know our fans will devour and want more of. Were veryin tune with what our audience wants and we keep posting really greatcontent.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 22 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  23. 23. Facebook News FeedBut heres whats most important to know. Not every piece of informationbeing posted by every one of your friends and all of the pages that youveliked actually get into your news feed. Facebook decides whatinformation they think is most relevant and they put it into the Top Newsfeed, which is the default setting.When you go to your Home Tab and youre logged in as your profile, yourTop News feed will be all the posts that Facebook thinks youll like themost. Theyre posts that youve engaged with — people that youveactually talked to one on one via Facebook comments or different postswhere youve clicked the Like button next to the post. If you have activitywith the page, then Facebook deems this as something relevant for youand theyll put it into the Top News feeds.That means if your fans arent engaging with your posts — if theyre notclicking the little Like button next to your posts, if theyre notcommenting on the posts that you have put up there, if theyre notengaging in the videos you play or the photos that you post — if theyrenot engaging with you, then your posts are not getting into the newsfeeds of your fans. Thats something really important to remember. Justbecause they click the Like button doesnt mean theyre seeing yourposts.The key here is to understand the strategy to get into your target usersTop News feeds.Likeable Media had a great article on this called The Mystery of theFacebook News Feed. In that article, the author, Carrie Kerpen, explainsthe news feed strategy best. She says anything that is posted onFacebook, be it a status update, a link, a video or some other form ofupdate, is considered an object.There are three edges to that object that determine if it is importantenough to put out into the Top News feeds of your fans:Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 23 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  24. 24. 1. How often the user is checking you out, meaning are they reading your posts?2. The type of interaction. Is it a written comment? That usually will get more weight than if they just click the Like button next to your post. If theyre leaving a comment, Facebook sees this as even more important engagement level-wise.3. Also, if your content is recent and has a lot of activity, youre looking good to land into the news feeds. If your posts happen to be out there for a long time — weeks since youve landed a new post — then youre likely not going to get into the Top News feeds of your audience. You need to keep your content fresh.Its really important to understand how you get into the news feeds ofyour fans, and remember that not every post is landing into the Top Newsfeeds, so you need to make sure that that engagement is strong in orderfor your fans to constantly see what youre posting.Lets explore some of the best engagement strategies for your Facebookpage.Status UpdatesStatus updates, or basically your posts, there are some things that youwant to ask yourself to make sure you really have a good strategy behindwhat youre posting.Specifically, ask yourself these questions to plan your posting strategy:1. How often will you post updates to your page?2. What will you post about?3. When will you use text only versus if you put some links into your posts?4. Will you use third-party content to add value to your posts? I think thats really important.5. How often are you going to mix up the media and use video and audio and photos?Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 24 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  25. 25. These are all things that we talked about as a Social Media Examiner teambefore we created our Facebook page. We actually have a document, aneditorial guide, that explains exactly how we are going to manage ourFacebook page, and it answers a lot of these questions. Are we going topost third-party links? Yes, we do every single day. We mix up our media.We do audio and video and photos. We also do text-only posts, and thenwe do posts with links.We have spelled this all out before we started Social Media ExaminersFacebook page in order to get really clear how were going to do that.Also, I talked a little bit about this already, but I want you to have aposting strategy. These little tweaks that you might make as to howyoure posting already could make all the difference.One is using first names. As you saw, we have multiple admins on thispage, so we always sign off with our first name. Also, if youre going tobe posting all around Facebook as your Facebook page, and its not yourpicture — mine is my picture, as you know — but maybe Social MediaExaminer, if were posting on different pages, we also will want to use ourname for that because people arent really sure whos posting now ifyoure posting as a brand versus a profile. So signing off with your firstname in a post is really important.As I mentioned earlier, we reply to every comment, and we add valuemultiple times. On Social Media Examiner, every day around 10:00 or10:30, we always post our recent blog posts fromwww.SocialMediaExaminer.com.Then sometime around lunchtime, we always post a third-party article.We find a really great, valuable, content-rich article and we post it on ourpage. We know that every day were posting really valuable content.Also is reposting. You can always repost things. If you post once, theremight be some really great information that you want to make sure a lotof your fans see. Not everybody is on Facebook every minute of the day,although it does seem like that, I know. You want to repost some of yourTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 25 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  26. 26. content to make sure people see it the first time. Thats also an importantstrategy as well.Create Signature ExperiencesAnother great strategy to create engagement is to create signatureexperiences on your Facebook page. "Signature experience" is a term thatwe created on Social Media Examiner when we first created Expert Friday.Expert Friday is an event or an experience that we create every otherFriday on our Facebook wall. What we do is invite a social media expert tocome to our wall for one hour and in a live session answer questionsfrom our fans. Its really simple. Our fans basically just post theirquestions from about 10:00 to 11:00 on Friday morning, and then ourexpert pops on and answers their questions as a comment under thatpost.Let me show you exactly how it works. First, we welcome the expert. Hereyou can see "A BIG welcome to Dean Hunt for this weeks Expert FridayQ&A! Dean will be live on the Social Media Examiner Facebook Page Wallfor the next hour, answering all of your social bookmarking questions. Socome post your questions on our wall NOW!" And then Cindy signed off.Then people start to post their questions. Heres a question. Rohan askeda question up here, and then as you can see, Dean answered him directlyunder that. Chris Allen asked a question, and Dean was able to answer it.So it goes on for about an hour, and let me tell you, people love it. It hascreated so much great engagement on our Facebook page that peoplestart posting about it, inviting other people to come to our page duringthis hour. We get a lot of buzz around Facebook. We also actually go onTwitter and tell people about it and direct them back to Facebook.I just want to mention that theres a great opportunity to create synergyamong Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube in order to drivetraffic to certain sites. We use LinkedIn and Twitter to drive traffic to ourFacebook page, especially when were doing something like Expert Friday.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 26 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  27. 27. This is one example where you can actually add value for your fans. Its ahuge win-win situation. We add value for our fans, as well as we allow anexpert to get even greater exposure to our 30,000+ fans on ourFacebook page. Its a win for the expert and its a win for our fansbecause they get great questions answered. We have had great successwith this and we continue to do it about every other Friday.There are other ways to do signature experiences. I want to show you twoothers that I really love that are very similar, but I just want to show yousome examples.Zappos, I love what theyre doing. If you see this, they have Fan of theWeek. What they do is thank people for being a fan and say, "Share apicture on our wall and you could be our next fan of the week!" But therule is "The Zappos box must be included in your shot."My favorite one this week is actually two dogs, which is adorable. The lastone I saw was a little baby inside the box. People just do really silly thingswith the Zappos box. Its fantastic branding for Zappos. People areposting pictures of Zappos boxes on the wall so that theyre gettingshared virally, and then they actually put the picture as their wall imagehere as you can see.Lets say I click the Like button here and go to the Zappos wall. WhenZappos posts, this is something thats really cool. They change theiravatar to reflect the fan of the week. As you can see, their avatar isactually the two little dogs in the box. Last week it was the little baby inthe box.They really go all out and make it all about their fans. The more you canspotlight your fans, and thank your community for showing up andengaging with you, the more success youre going to have on Facebook.Zappos is a perfect example of making it about their fans and not aboutthem. Its a great page to model.Another great one for Fan of the Week is Oreo. Oreo does Fan of theWeek, and they also put their fan photo in their wall image. They say,"Post a photo for a chance to be the next Fan of the Week." They postTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 27 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  28. 28. photos of people eating their Oreos. These are three girls eating thishuge Oreo, but other people post really fun photos and become Fan ofthe Week as well.Just remember that when you do Fan of the Week, you are able to get alot of exposure for your fans. Heres a great example. It says, "Peace andOreo cookies is what Kristen A. from Indiana, USA is all about, and shesthis weeks Oreo Fan of the Week. See her photo on our wall and thenupload your own for a chance to be next weeks!"They say "peace and Oreo cookies" is what Kristin is all about. Thats fun.They tell where shes from — Indiana — so they make it really personal.They spotlight a fan and again they make it about the fan and not aboutthem. But at the same time, theyre getting great exposure. So Fan of theWeek is another really great way to create signature experiences.There are a lot of different ways you can do this. I encourage you tocheck out the article How to Build Your Facebook Fan Base By CreatingExperiences. That article will actually give you a step-by-step process onhow to create your own signature experience.Facebook Social PluginsIn this next section, I want to talk to you about Facebook social plugins.You can find all the different plugin opportunities atwww.Facebook.com/plugins. Here you can find different ways to enhanceyour website or your blog site by adding special buttons like the Likebutton or the Recommendations button or the Like Box, or even the LoginButton.You can add all of these different social plugins in order to create aFacebook experience outside of Facebook. This gives you even more viralvisibility in order to get people to see your brand even more and engagewith you even more, even when theyre not inside Facebook.Let me give you an example of that. One example is very popular, whichis the Like Box. If you go to www.SocialMediaExaminer.com and you scrolldown, youll see this Like Box or this Facebook box. What you can do isTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 28 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  29. 29. "like" the Facebook page by clicking Like here, never having to go onFacebook. Im logged in to Facebook, but Im not on Facebook. And asyou can see, my image just showed up here.Now, Ive liked Social Media Examiner, their number goes up by one, butIm not even inside of Facebook. This is a great way to build yourFacebook following by putting it on your blog site or your website.Another great popular social plugin is the Like button. As you can seeright here, it says "Like" and then "19." That means 19 people have likedthis blog post on www.Kikolani.com. Kikolani.com is a great blogging siteand social media site, really, that Kristi Hines, a Social Media Examinercontributor, manages. Its full of great information.She uses the Like button, and so if I were to click the Like button, now itsays 20 people have liked it. And what happens is, if I go to my profile,you can see that the article now appears on my profile. Since I liked it,now a story appears that can link back to her blog post as well as tells alittle bit about what the blog post is all about. Just by clicking that Likebutton, now Ive shared her article with other people. Its extremely viralin the sense that it posts directly to peoples profiles.If you go to www.Facebook.com/plugins, youll see that you have theopportunity to add the Like button and all these other different types ofbuttons and boxes — also the Like Box, which I showed you on the SocialMedia Examiner Facebook page.Ill click here, and Ill just show you quickly that its really easy to do. Allyou need to do is actually put the URL to where you want that Likebutton. In the Kikolani instance, she would put the URL to that specificblog post. From there, she has a lot of options of how to style thedifferent Like buttons. Here you can do standard or you can do buttoncount or you could do box count. You can make the button lookdifferent.You could show the avatar faces of people who have liked it, or you dontneed to. You can really play with the width and you can also have it sayLike or Recommend, so if you want to maybe put this as aTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 29 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  30. 30. recommendation for your website, you can put a button on your homepage of your website and change it to Recommend. Just do anything thatworks for you.Let me put an example in — well put a URL in there. Then when I say GetLike Button Code, a box pops up, and I can get the iframe code or theXFBML code. Normally, most people would click iframe, and youd takethat code and put it into your WordPress site, and that button would thenappear. Its really easy, but if that doesnt make sense, you can get aprogrammer to help you. But once you learn how to do it, you can do ityourself every time. Its really easy.Thats how you would create a Like button on your blog site. So makesure to check out www.Facebook.com/plugins in order to learn aboutwhich type of plugins are best for your site and how you can reallyinteract with Facebook even when your users are not on Facebook.There are so many different ways that you can enhance your site, butthere are some great articles I want to direct you to. One is 26 Tips forEnhancing Your Facebook Page. Another is 7 Facebook Marketing TipsFrom Worlds Top Pros. And another great article is 75 Apps forEnhancing Your Facebook Page. Those are three articles I encourage youto check out to really make sure that youre using the right tools and theright plugins for your Facebook page as well as your website to get theoptimal experience and drive as much traffic as you can to your Facebookpage.Facebook AdsIn this section, I want to talk to you about Facebook Advertising. If youveused Facebook Ads before, you already know that they can be extremelysuccessful if you really get laser focused and you go after exactly the typeof person youre looking for in the ad — meaning if you drill down tomale or female, their age, where they live, their region, their interests,their likes, and really get down to exactly the type of person youretalking to, your ads can work really well.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 30 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  31. 31. I want to show you some tips so if you havent used Facebook Ads before,you can experiment with them and see if they might be right for yourbusiness.Just go to www.Facebook.com/advertising and youll land here on thispage. From there, go to Create an Ad. Once youre inside the FacebookAdvertising platform, you will have the option to either send people fromyour ad to an external URL — which you can see up here, meaning yourwebsite you could send them to — or you can keep them inside ofFacebook and send them to either your wall or your could send them toany other tab inside Facebook on your Facebook page.Heres the deal. Theres a lot of different debate between if its better totake people outside of Facebook or keep them inside. My preference is tokeep them inside of Facebook. I feel that if people are spending time onFacebook, theyre there for a reason and they want to be on Facebook.With that in mind, I dont think that taking them outside of Facebook isalways a great idea.Now if you have a really strategic campaign, and people are clicking youradvertisement, and youre taking them to a page outside of Facebook thatreally drills down on exactly what youre trying to get them to do — yourcall to action — and youre giving them some kind of value-add, maybe afree video series or a free PDF or youre getting them to enroll in a liveevent, but youre giving them a lot of information about that event, thenit could possibly work for you.However, another way you can do it is create a custom Landing Tab or acustom navigation link, whatever youre calling it, where you can run yourad, and when people click on it, theyre actually going to a custom tabthat youve created on your Facebook page especially for that Facebookad. That can be extremely successful.For example, lets say I was running a Facebook ad and I wanted toencourage people to opt in for my free training videos. I could run aFacebook ad and then have people, when they click on the ad, land onthis page where its promising a free video series for their name andemail. That way, theyre not landing on my wall, where if I ran an ad andTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 31 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  32. 32. then dumped people out on my wall, that would be extremely confusingbecause you really wouldnt be able to use a call to action if you were todo that.However, if people landed here, the call to action is "Enter Your Name andEmail for INSTANT ACCESS" to free training videos.So wherever youre sending people with your Facebook ad, make surethat you have a clear call to action once they land wherever you havethem landing.For the sake of this training, lets say that we are going to use myFacebook page. Im using a Facebook ad, and the Destination Tab rightnow is set on Default, but I could send them directly to the wall, my InfoTab, or my Free Training Tab, which is where Im going to send them.That way, I know that I have a targeted campaign for my Facebook ad. Iknow where Im sending people once theyve clicked the Like becausegetting them to click the Like is half the battle. Getting them to takeaction from that Facebook ad is the next step — whatever is behind thatad, which in this case is my Free Training custom tab.From there, Im going to put some really engaging copy to get people totake action. This is where you want to talk directly to your targetaudience. For instance, if I was running an ad about a running shoecompany and it was for women in San Diego — thats who I wanted totarget — I would say something about the woman that Im trying totarget, the fact that shes in San Diego, and that shes an avid runner. Iwould touch on all of those specifics so when she saw my ad on the rightcolumn of her Facebook page or Facebook profile, it would talk directly toher. It would speak directly to her interests and her demographic.Thats how targeted you want to get. The more targeted, the more likelypeople are going to click your ad and take action.Also, you can add an image to your ad. I say 100% never do an ad withoutan image. Just as important as targeting your audience with the bodycopy of your ad, adding an image might be even more important. TheTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 32 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  33. 33. reason being that with most people, the image will grab their attentionfirst.There are a lot of studies that have been done on Facebook advertising,and when you use images of real people that are smiling and having fun,youll likely get more clicks. Even more so, when you use profile imagesof women who are smiling and having fun, that will get you even moreclicks.A happy person, especially a woman smiling in a photo, can relate backto what youre selling if thats congruent. I dont want you to have animage of a woman if it has nothing to do with your ad, but if that couldbe congruent, I would definitely test out a few ads with happy, smilingwomen to see if that might get you more clicks. Studies show that itdoes, and Ive used that method many times for my different strategicFacebook advertisement campaigns, and its worked well for me, so Idefinitely suggest that you check that out.Once you set up your ad, you scroll down here and you have a lot ofdifferent targeting opportunities. This is where I was talking about howyou can literally drill down on the city and how many miles from that city,the demographics, the likes and interests — thats really important; youcan add as many likes and interests as you want that pertain to your ad.Then you can do Connections on Facebook, whether you go for "Anyone"or "Only people who are not fans of Amy Porterfield" because as youknow, the reason why Amy Porterfield is showing up here is because Ichose the Amy Porterfield page up here. So if I were to choose the SocialMedia Examiner page and I scrolled down, now its saying, "Only peoplewho are not fans of Social Media Examiner" or "Only people who are fansof Social Media Examiner."Then you have "Advanced connection targeting," where you can targetusers who are connected to a page or an event or app, or target userswho are not connected to a page, event or app. You have to be the adminof those pages, events or apps in order to put something in here.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 33 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  34. 34. This is really interesting. Then you can do "Only show my ad to friends ofthe fans of Social Media Examiner," meaning like-minded people areusually interested in the same thing. I might want to target all the friendsof those who are already fans of Social Media Examiner. That allows youto target like-minded people who also might be interested in what youreadvertising.Once you do that, you scroll down here, and then you can decide on yourcampaign pricing and scheduling. You can do Pay for Impressions (CPM)or Pay for Clicks (CPC). Facebook gives you a suggested bid. Do someresearch on this. Some people say to bid a lot lower than what Facebooktells you to do. Some people disagree. Its really a preference here.In Facebook advertising, the secret to success is about experimenting —always testing, testing different images, testing different ad copy, testingdifferent times that youre going to run your ad, and testing different bidsthat youre going to put toward your ad. You really have to commit tospending some time on this. Its not going to be an overnight success,but you can definitely have some great success. If you put the time andenergy into it and you are patient with yourself, you can see some greatsuccess with your Facebook advertising.I encourage you to experiment here and see if Facebook advertising isright for you.Facebook InsightsIn this section, Im going to quickly go over Facebook Insights. You canfind Facebook Insights in your left column on Edit Page.Once youre inside Insights, there are two types of Facebook Insights:User Insights and Interactions Insights.User Insights show you breakdowns of total page likes, number of fans,daily active users, new likes and unlikes, and the sources of these likes,as well as demographics. It shows you page views and unique page views.It shows you a lot of other different types of activity that have to do withwhat the users behavior is.Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 34 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  35. 35. The Interactions Insights will give you your Daily Story Feedback — postlikes, post comments, per-post impressions, and daily page activity likementions, discussions, reviews, wall posts, video posts. It gives you moreof an understanding of whats happening with your engagement on yourdifferent posts.I encourage you to check this out. Lets go back to Users. You can chartyour user activity on your Facebook page. And as you can see, it showsyou right here demographics — age and gender, country, city, languageof your users, and then the overall activity.So its important to spend a little time on your Insights to understandhow people are engaging with your Facebook page and if youre gettingmore likes at certain times versus different times of the day. Also, ifyoure getting a lot of unlikes during a certain period, if theres a spikesomewhere, that should tell you something might be going on there thatyou might need to tweak.When it comes to Insights if youre just starting out, there are a few areasI recommend you pay close attention to. Once is the monthly fan sizegrowth. I would chart how many fans you have at the beginning of themonth and how many you have at the end of the month. This way you canreally keep track of your fan growth and see if your activity on your fanpage is actually helping you grow your fan base.If that number is growing slowly, I would definitely encourage you tocheck out your engagement levels, see who youre engaging with, howoften youre engaging and how often youre posting on your pagebecause all of this will definitely affect how fast your growth is for yourfan base.In addition, I would check the average number of likes and comments,meaning every time you post, how many people are clicking the Likebutton next to your post and how many people are actually commenting.One idea is to ask more questions. When you ask more questions on yourpage, you tend to get more comments. So if youre looking to grow yourTranscript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 35 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  36. 36. comments on your page and Insights shows that you dont have manycomments, asking engaging, interesting, fun questions often will helpthat so you can increase your number of comments per post.Also, I would definitely make sure that you pay attention to yourdemographics. When you understand the audience on your Facebookpage — who they are, if theyre male or female, their age, where theyrecoming from — and if you really understand your demographics, you cancraft your messages to be laser focused to that audience so that you canengage with that audience more by piquing their interest with the typesof posts that you are putting on your page. Understanding your audienceis key.ConclusionThat wraps up our Facebook tutorial. I hope you found some valuablenuggets that you can apply to your own Facebook page to get some reallygreat success.I encourage you to let us know how youre doing on your Facebook pageand how your success is coming along atwww.Facebook.com/smexaminer. If you have any questions along theway, dont hesitate to post your questions on our Facebook page and ourteam will be happy to answer them for you.This is Amy Porterfield and I hope to connect with you again soon.Links for the Facebook Tutorial VideoFacebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guidehttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-101-business-guide/8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Knowhttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-new-facebook-page-changes-what-you-need-to-know/How to Build Your Facebook Fan Base by Creating Experienceshttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-page-experiences/Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 36 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner
  37. 37. 7 Facebook Marketing Tips From World’s Top Proshttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/7-facebook-marketing-tips-from-pros/26 Tips for Enhancing Your Facebook Pagehttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-tips-for-enhancing-your-facebook-page/Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Pagehttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-apps/7 Tips to Mastering Facebook Advertisinghttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/mastering-facebook-advertising/Transcript SocialMediaExaminer.com Page 37 of 37 Copyright 2011, Social Media Examiner