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U1.1 Photograms Panorama Project


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U1.1 Photograms Panorama Project

  1. 1. GCSE Photography Unit 1.1: Photogram Panorama Preparatory Tasks Final Response Brief Resources 1. Make 3 test strips that show different Produce one panoramic photographic strips (4x16) Use the following images and visit the Fortismere Art apertures i.e. 5 secs at f2.4, f5.6 and f16 that shows a transition between one state/form to Photography Flickr site ( another i.e. sharp to soft, solid to translucent, natural to fortismereartdepartment/collections) to find interesting 2. Make 3 test strips that show different times man-made, etc.. Window-mount your work. photograms. but keep the aperture at f5.6 i.e. 2, 5 and 10 sec intervals On the Virtu