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SMART tunnel report


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SMART tunnel report

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND DESIGN BACHELOR OF QUANTITY SURVEYING (HONOURS) QSB1714 – Building Services 1 Site Research Reports (Smart Tunnel) Name: YAP ZHI XIN Student No.: 0314542
  2. 2. Smart Tunnel Report Introduction The site visit is held on the Thursday of 10th of October 2013 which organized by Puan Mariatul Liza who is our Building Services 1 lecturer. This site trip is about Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) also known as “Smart Tunnel” in Malaysia which located in Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. After that, Mr. Mohd Mustaffi briefs us about the SMART tunnel. First of all, SMART is actually storm drainage and road structure which consist of two component which helps to solve problem of flash floods in Kuala Lumpur and also reduce traffic jams along Jalan Sungai Besi and Loke Yew flyover at Pudu during rush hour. SMART is 9.7km long stormwater bypass tunnel This consists of two components which is stormwater tunnel and motorway tunnel. Stormwater tunnel consists of 13.2m (43.3ft) of outer diameter and 9.7km long which begins at Kampung Berembang Lake near Klang River at Ampang and ends at Taman Desa Lake near Kerayong River at Salak South. Motorway tunnel consists of double deck structure with 4km long which route from the Southern Gateway of KualaLumpur–Seremban Highway, Federal Highway and East-West Link entering the city centre. The SMART tunnel works in three modes. The first mode which is under normal conditions where there is no storm or flood water will be diverted into the system. When the second mode is activated, flood water in lower channel of motorway tunnel will divert into the bypass tunnel. In this case the motorway section still open to traffic. When the third mode is in operation, the motorway will be closed to all traffic. After making sure that all vehicles have exited the motorway, automated water-tight gates will be opened to allow flood waters to pass through. The motorway will be reopened to traffic within 48 hours of closure after the maintenance. Not only that, SMART tunnel also have additional features that are unique over and above the features seen in a normal motorway tunnel. Automated flood control gates are used as water tight gates are installed on either ends of the motorway tunnel within the stormwater section. Similar single flood control steel gates are installed at both entrances and exits of the motorway tunnel. Cross passage are used between decks at 250m intervals which act as emergency exits during emergency. Ventilation and escape shafts are located at 1km intervals which consist of powerful air ventilators that will constantly renew the air and maintain the air quality within the motorway. Radio re-broadcasting services available as can receive radio channel, handphone and other
  3. 3. maintenance communication reception without any interference. SCADA monitoring and surveillance as 212 units of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), BARCO wall is able to show 70 CCTV’s screen at one time and automatic detection systems use video image and laser beams processing to detect unusual events. First responder vehicle (FRV) which is a custom built fire engine which could shorten mobilization time from a Fire and Rescue Department. Medical Response Vehicle (MRV) which is a custom built ambulance which is capable in emergency treatment. Throughout this visit to SMART tunnel, we gained more knowledge about stormwater management in Malaysia. We also get to know how a SMART tunnel’s function in traffic and stormwater management.
  4. 4. Photo and Description Figure 1: SMART Tunnel Coverage Area Figure 2: Entry and Exit Points of SMART tunnel
  5. 5. Figure 3: A small model of SMART tunnel Figure 4: Sectional view of the small model SMART tunnel Figure 4: Flood operation system in SMART tunnel
  6. 6. Figure 5: Motorway control system Figure 6: Accident happen in SMART tunnel Figure 7: Group photo taken after the SMART tunnel visit