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Products for rural markets


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Published in: Business, Design
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Products for rural markets

  1. 1. Products for Rural Market BY,PREETI JOG
  2. 2. Product Strategy in Rural Context As in Urban Area or adopted and offered. Depends on situation and nature of product. Lower prized product versions.
  3. 3. Specifically designed products. Serving the required needs. Example: Tractor-trailer, Hand Wound Radio, Smokeless Chulhas. Simple and easy to use. Product literature be simple and well-illustrated.
  4. 4. Product Design Offering the colors that are preferred. Eg. HUL (Lifebouy), Asian paints. Package design, color and size help customers to identify the brand and product. Packaging imitation by local players . Small packets as trial. Lower purchasing power and limited availability of cash for shopping.
  5. 5. Logos, Symbols and mnemonics Brand recall by Visual logo. Images are more potent. Symbols and mnemonics give brand recall. Example: Nirma, Dettol etc.
  6. 6. Brand Decision Rural People prefer branded products. Well known brand reduces risk. FMCG- 80% sales from rural market. Brand name same with extended varient. Colour: Lal Dant Manjan. Objects: Ghadi Detergent. Number: 555 Animal :Tiger buisuits,
  7. 7. Brand Names Easy to pronounce and recall. Colour: Lal Dant Manjan. Objects: Ghadi Detergent. Number: 555 Animal :Tiger buisuits,
  8. 8. Brand Decisions Sell value brands and not cheap brands. Lifebouy positioning – not cheap soap but hygienic brand. Arvind Mills: Ruff and tuff Britania- Tiger.
  9. 9. Product Differentiation Competition and availability of many brands. Providing superior extention Uria.
  10. 10. Positioning Decisions Different positing strategy in rural areas. Titan watches as fashion and jewellery. Titan – Just a watch- inexpensive yet durable.
  11. 11. Pre- conceived notation have no place Rich buyers in rural areas. Lower prized models. Onida- KY Thunder. Mass models – 80% Urban. Small size preferred.