Mind Power Secrets Package


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Have you heard about the Super Mind Evolution System? Here's my true and honest review of the Super Mind Evolution System program that promises to flip your out of your current reality and reveal to you just how incredibly effective your mind's power can become. How does this compare to 'The Secret'?...

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Mind Power Secrets Package

  1. 1. Super Mind Evolution System ReviewHave you heard about the Super Mind Evolution System? Heres my true and honestreview of the Super Mind Evolution System program that promises to flip your out ofyour current reality and reveal to you just how incredibly effective your mindspower can become. How does this compare to The Secret? Keep on reading...Let me ask you a question......If you were shown an easier and quicker way of getting what you want in life...what would you change first?Do you want better health?...Imagine if you could program up dreams for yourself that actually HEAL your mindand body? (e.g, cure dizziness like Vivek...)...more money?Imagine how useful it could be to attract luck and be given urges and hunches tocreate financial windfalls in your life...What is the Super Mind Evolution System?10 Years of secret research on mind power by a private group is finally revealed(including some world first discoveries...)Take a look at the high-def video that explains everything...Check it out Here!!!Plus... theyre giving away a copy of Mindsurge - The Consciousness Revolutionat no cost.Youll learn: What the consciousness revolution is - and how you could be a part of it Scientific research into intelligence and energy fields that appear to belongto us individually, but are found OUTSIDE all of our physical bodies...
  2. 2.  Why if enough humans have learned something, then it becomes easier forALL humans to learn it..."Okay thats the outline, heres what you actually get. Its absolutely amazing... Imstill downloading!The Super Mind Evolution System ispacked with all THIS!!!This is why I love this product - content, content, content.Ill start with just the individual Mind Power manuals and then feature the audio binaural beat CDs and hypnosis mp3 courses later.The 23 Real Mind Power Secrets Manuals are:1. The Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Technology2. The Extraordinary World of Alpha3. The Celestial Luck Program4. Concepts From The Edge5. Contact: Attract Love Into Your Life!6. Dream Programming.7. The Mindpower Jackpot System8. Lucid Dreaming9. Psychic Manifestation10. The Amazing Mental Pendulum11. PK Problem Solving Program12. Remote Influencing13. Remote Viewing14. Subjective Communication: How To Influence People15. The Synchronicity Luck Program16. How To Be A Winner In Life17. KAHUNA: Keepers of the Hidden Secret18. Prevent Attack with Remote Hypnotic Commands19. Find Your Purpose In Life20. Make a Living From Roulette (this one seems out of place!)21. Unlimited Luck22. The Ultimate Visualization Exercise23. Wake Up Alert, Happy And Excited Every Morning
  3. 3. Super Mind Evolution System AudiosThe latest binaural beat brain massage and leading edge hypnosis mp3s.It reminds me a bit of the old Dane Spotts ads... with the mind machine that camewith all the tapes and stuff? Remember those... that cost a bundle, but the RealMind Power Secrets bundle is a great price... at least I think so.The advanced hypnosis titles available include:1. Lose Weight Naturally2. Attract The Perfect Partner3. Feel Dynamic4. Financial Abundance and Freedom From Stress5. Improve Awareness and Insight6. Intuition and Remote Viewing Abilities7. Materialise Your Goals Quickly8. Improve Patience and Tolerance9. Reduce Stress10. Relief From Feelings Of Desperation11. Attract Amazing luck12. Dissolve Loneliness13. Feel Confident and Dynamic14. The Alpha Induction -- this is so powerful it carries its own special warning!15. The Celestial Luck Program16. Find Your Purpose In Life17. Lucid Dreaming18. The PK Problem Solving Program19. The Synchronicity Luck Program20. The Ultimate Visualization ExerciseAnd the Verdict is in...Scope of Package: 10/10Value packed into System: 9.5/10Recommended? YES, The Super Mind Evolution System blew me away from themoment that I saw the introduction video till now as I am going through the
  4. 4. audios and manuals. Just truly amazing the amount of research and content thatis packet into this system that it will blow your mind.My mind wasnt ready for the information that I have gotten from the SuperMind Evolution System, but I am truly blessed to have found it and it has alreadystarted to create miracles in my life.Related Articles: