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Math presentation slides


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Math presentation slides

  1. 1. Mathematics [ MATH 0103 ]Final Assignment : StatisticsCourse: FNBE Jan 2013Lecturer: Ms. Ann See PengSubmission Date: 6. 6. 2013Group Members:Ian See Tze Onn (0311883 )Toh Chee Cheng ( 0311122 )Wong Li Hui Amy ( 0312406 )Yap Zhi Jun ( 0310738 )Yap Zhong Lin ( 0310557 )Zachery Sebastian ( 0311079 )
  2. 2. IntroductionWith the vast change in technology in the present day, carrying outour daily activities is made easier and more efficient. Majority of thestudents in universities today are in need of a laptop to carry outtheir assignments and organise their documents. That is whyTaylor’s University wants to design a laptop that suits therequirements and expectations of a university and college student.With the personalised laptop designed by Taylor’s University,students can further enhance and improve their education aspect.However, it is important to design a laptop that is ideal for auniversity student. That is why a survey is conducted to obtainfurther information of the aspects and considerations of a studentwhen purchasing a laptop.
  3. 3. Do students have a personal laptop at home withaccess to the internet?6%72%22%NoBased on the pie chart, 72% of thestudents that answered the survey ownsa personal laptop on their own. Withthe rapid growth of technology todaystudents are eager to follow the latesttrend. Besides that, a laptop can comein handy to university students as itmakes their everyday life easier. Thatis why most of the students today ownsa laptop.Number of Students Have Personal Laptop atHome With Access to Internet
  4. 4. Which brand(s) of laptop does the student owncurrently?051015202530Apple BenQ Dell Asus HP Lenovo Samsung Sony Toshiba OthersLaptop BrandsNumber ofStudentsOut of the 152 students that took part of this survey majority of them are currentlyusing Asus laptop. In other words, Asus would be the main competition for producingTaylor’s own laptop version. Comparisons can be made with Asus laptop to improveand enhance the ideas for the specification of the Taylor’s laptop brand.
  5. 5. Why would the students choose to purchase thelaptop that they currently own?01020304050607080Design Price Audio GraphicProcessor type and speedInstalled MemoryScreen Size Battery Life Weight OtherReasons of choosing the laptopNumber ofstudentsBased on the reasons why the students purchase the laptop, Taylor’s can determinewhat the students would aspect of the laptop in the market today so that studentswould be interested in the Taylors’s laptop.
  6. 6. What would be the criteria consideration uponpurchasing a laptop?0102030405060708090100Design Price Audio Graphic Processortype andspeedInstalledmemoryScreen size Battery life Weight OtherConsideration of CriteriaNumber ofstudentsBased on the considerations of the students, the processor type and speed of the laptopis frequently considered upon purchasing a laptop. Hence, Taylor’s can focus on thatcriteria to make its laptop an ideal choice for the students to purchase the Taylor’sLaptop.0102030405060708090100Design Price Audio Graphic Processortype andspeedInstalledmemoryScreen size Battery life Weight OtherConsideration of CriteriaNumber ofstudents
  7. 7. What are students’ preferred screen size?The chart show thedata of this survey.Based in data, wefound that studentprefer the laptop withscreen size if 13-14inches. We shoulddesign the attractive13 and 14 inchnotebook.Students Preferrable LaptopsScreen Size (inches)11 --1212--1313-1414-1515-1616-17
  8. 8. Are most of the students a heavy task user?6466687072747678808284Heavy LightStudent’s Laptop Task UsageNo. of StudentsMajority of the students areHeavy Task User.Therefore, we shoulddesign the laptop which ishigh in ability to performprocessor heavy tasksproperly.
  9. 9. How many programs does student usually launchedat one time?Number of programs launchedat one time1 time2 time3 time4 time5 time6 timeThe chart show the data of this survey. Based in data, we found that most ofthe people launch 3 programs at a time. We should design the notebook inwhich is high end systems for gamers.
  10. 10. What are the students’ minimum requirement onRAM when choosing a laptop.0 10 20 30 40 50 60 704GB8GB16GB32 GB34 GBStudent’s Minimum RequirementOn RAMThe graph show the data ofthis survey. According tothe result, most of thepeople require 8 GB Ramwhen choosing a laptop. Weshould design the 8 GB Raminstead of 2 or 4 GB Ram as8GB can store morememory.
  11. 11. Is the graphic of laptop important to students?0 20 40 60 80 100 120YesNoThe Importance of Graphic by StudentsThe chart shows the importance of graphic in laptops by 152 students. 109 out of 43students said that the graphics for computers are important. We think that Taylor’sCompany should demo more about the importance of graphics in laptops by installinggames or programs in a demo laptop for them to test or compare.
  12. 12. Why is the laptop graphic important to students?3840424446485052Gaming Design VideoStudents Reasons on TheImportance of GraphicReasonsBased on the chart, only the students who chose“yes” for the importance of graphic are to answerthis question and 145 students answered “yes”.Throughput the survey, we obtained the samevoting for the voting of importance of graphic.Each 51 students answered that graphic of laptopsare important because they needed it for gamingand design purposes. And also 43 students thinkthat graphic is important for them because theyused it to watch video. As the result is quiteequal, we think that Taylor’s Company shouldemphasize on the laptop’s graphic quality in orderto attract students to purchase it.
  13. 13. How often do students purchase laptopson an annual basis?Students Responds1 to 23 to 45 to 6When NecessaryThe chart shows the amount of laptops students purchased on an annualbasis. Majority of them only buy laptops when necessary. This also meansthat students might not willing to buy a new laptop.
  14. 14. How long do the students expect the battery lifeto last?Base on the pie chart above, we can conclude that most of students expect the battery life to last 6years or more than that. Purchasing a new laptop’s battery is never cheap. Therefore, as astudents, they expect the battery life to last as long as it can because they only depends on pocketmoneys.Relationship between battery life of laptop andstudents1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years6 years
  15. 15. How much do students willing to spend for buying alaptop?Relationship between students and price of laptopRM1000- RM2000RM2000 - RM 3000RM3000 - RM4000RM4000 - RM5000RM5000 - RM6000RM6000 - RM7000Base on the results above, we may conclude that not all students are only takeattention on the price of laptop but the quality of the products. We buy cheap productsbut we acknowledged that the quality would not be as good as the products withhigher price. However, products with over pricing will be neglect by customers too.Because they might think its not worth for it.
  16. 16. How concerned were students with the warranteethat came with their laptop?0 20 40 60 80Very concernedStill OKDoesnt Matter/IgnoredThe relationship between students andimportance of warranteeThe relationship betweenstudents and importance ofwarranteeBase on the graph above, the conclusion is most of the students are very concernedabout the warrantee that comes with the laptop. They will compare which brandshave the best warrantee. Therefore, warrantee is one of the important issues in alaptop designing.
  17. 17. 0 20 40 60 80 100Screen SizeBattery LifeMedia CapabilitiesPortabilityWi-FiFill KeybordImportance of laptop’s hardwarefeatures between studentsMedia CapabilitiesThis survey is conducted to find out the most important hardware features of laptopfor students. 152 students participated in this survey and 82 of them think that mediacapabilities is the most important features for them because the media capabilitiesprovide entertainment for the teenagers.Base on hardware features of a laptop stated below,which is the most important for students?
  18. 18. Base on the table above we can conclude that out of 152 students, 85 students prefer HybridLaptop if they are to purchase a new laptop. This is because hybrid laptop is designed with anewer technology which the screen and keyboard can be separated by clicking a small magneticlatch.020406080100Hybrid Laptop Traditional LaptopNumber of Students In Choosing The Type of LaptopNumber of Students In Choosing The Typeof LaptopWhat type of laptop do students prefer?
  19. 19. Which laptop core processor do students prefer?The pie chart above shows that, 60 % percent of student prefer Intel core i7. This is becauseIntel core i7 has the faster processor speed if compare to the other core processor type.Intel core i311%Intel core i529%Intel core i760%Students Preferred Laptops Core Processor
  20. 20. What is students preferred weight for thelaptop?The chart shows the data of this survey.According to our data we found out studentprefer light laptop than heavy laptop. Inthis survey we have 152 respondents and90 of them choose to have laptop weightwhich is below 2kg. We should design aultra thin laptop with the material like thinsolid blocks of aluminium, carbon fibrewhich make the laptop lighter and thinner.59%38%3% 0%Relationship between weight of laptop andstudents0 to 2 kg2 to 4 kg4 to 6 kg6 to 8 kg
  21. 21. What features would influence students’ decisionwhen purchasing a laptop?The chart shows the data of this survey. According to our data wefound out students focus on the processor type and speed and harddrive capacity more than diagonal screen size and design of laptop. Weshould design a laptop with high processor like i7 with fast speed, bighard drive capacity like 2 or 3 TB.0 20 40 60 80 100 120Diagonal Screen SizeWeightHard Drive CapacityProcessor type and speedInstalled MemoryProduct DesignDiagonalScreen SizeWeightHard DriveCapacityProcessor typeand speedInstalledMemoryProduct DesignNo of vote 39 65 86 105 68 56Importance of laptop features betweenstudents
  22. 22. The chart shows the data of this survey.According to our data we found out studentstill choose to buy other brands of laptopcompared with Taylor’s Company designedlaptop. In this survey we have 152respondents and 96 of them choose not tobuy laptop from Taylor’s Company. Weshould advertise more about the special ofour designed laptop and I suggest weshould have free trial for students to try outour new laptop.Finally, would students purchase a laptop designedby Taylor’s company?5696020406080100120Yes NoChoice of student whether want tobuy laptop designed by TaylorscompanyChoice of studentwhether want to buylaptop designed byTaylors company
  23. 23. ConclusionBased on the survey conducted there are many information and aspects tofocus on upon designing the Taylor’s laptop. Students today preferhybrid laptops compared to traditional laptops. Majority of them arealso looking for a laptop with a good processor and high speedfunctionality. Besides that, they prefer the screen size of a laptop to be13 to 14 inches. Most of the students today are also heavy task users.That is why majority of them requires a minimum of 8GB RAM whenthey make their consideration on purchasing a laptop. The graphic ofthe laptop is also one of the concerns of the students on the laptop.They also think that the media capabilities of a laptop are equallyimportant. However, majority of them are willing to spend a totalamount of RM2000 to RM3000 on a laptop. Nonetheless, they are alsovery concerned about the warrantee that comes along with the laptop.Based on the information gathered, Taylor’s University can focus onthe aspects to design a laptop that is suitable for the students today.
  24. 24. Photos References1.