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Asian Architecture Presentation Slide

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Asian Architecture Presentation Slide

  1. 1. Asian Architecture Project 1 : Case Study Paper Paper Presentation Provide natural ventilation using openings as design approach in achieving optimum occupant comfort in S11 House Name: Yap Zhi Jun Student ID: 0310738 Tutor: Pn. Yati
  2. 2. Provide natural ventilation using openings as design approach in achieving optimum occupant comfort in S11 House. How significant the openings design approach in S11 House in achieving optimum occupant comfort? How are the openings design approach implement in an open plan in S11 House in achieving optimum occupant comfort? How S11 House adopt and improve the openings from Vernacular Architecture in achieving optimum occupant comfort? Research Question :
  3. 3. IMPORTANCE & ADVANTAGES OF NATURAL VENTILATION • Healthy and natural indoor environment • Reduced capital and operating costs • Low maintenance • Improve life performance • Better long term investment • Reduce environmental impact
  4. 4. OPENINGS
  5. 5. Awning Windows 100 % Ventilating Awning windows pivot on hinges mounted at the top Advantages • Can be places higher in walls than many other types of windows • Provide natural light and ventilation, without compromising privacy • Weather-tight construction, good choice in damp climates Disadvantages • Require frequent washing Analysis • Usually use in toilets and corner above fixed window • Mainly use for ventilation in the toilet • Small in size
  6. 6. Advantages • Variety of design features • Provide good ventilation and light • Easy to open and close Disadvantages • Size limitation • Opening has to be strong to support the window Casement Windows 100 % Ventilating Casement window are hinged at the side and swing outward.
  7. 7. Analysis Casement Window • Use in bedroom, kitchen, gallery room, storage room (more privacy space) • Some located side-to-side sliding doors • Mostly located at the SW and NE side • Size is adjusted according to headroom size and human height • Allow sufficient air ventilation
  8. 8. Advantages • Nice panoramic view • More natural lighting Floor-to-ceiling Window Disadvantages • Lack of privacy • Lack of ventilation
  9. 9. Sliding Door Open by sliding horizontally along the frame. Advantages • Minimal maintenance • Durable Disadvantages • More cleaning
  10. 10. Analysis Sliding Door • Use in bedroom, dining area, living area, gathering space (more public space) • Door to balcony area, door to pond and swimming pool • To provide larger view to surrounding • Mostly located at the NW and SE side • Size bigger in living area, gathering space, smaller in bedroom, dining area • Allow the flow of air to provide good ventilation
  12. 12. Open plan is a design method that has one or more large, open rooms that function as multiple rooms within a single living space. The most common is a “great room” that combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room in one shared space. Living room Dry Kitchen Dining Area Open deck Family Hall Lily Pond
  13. 13. Open plan Advantages - More open wide space - Better air flow - More natural light - Great space for gathering Disadvantages - No privacy - Longer time for cooling and heating - Air conditioning less effective - Clean frequently
  14. 14. CROSS VENTILATION With vent openings on both sides of the building this uses the pressure difference across the space to create air movement through the space. Cross-ventilation depends on a continuous airflow path, most effective in open plan.
  15. 15. Same level opposite opening Smaller inlet, larger outlet Provide higher speed air and better air flow
  16. 16. Different level opposite opening A floor-to-ceiling opening at one side draw air in and cooled both the floors and flow out on the other side of openings
  17. 17. STACK VENTILATION The most effective natural ventilation using the cross flow pressure difference and suction / convection created by the stack.
  18. 18. A specially design wind turbine combined with a steel framed glazed pyramid provides the house with ‘stack effect’ ventilation and light pipes. The 15 numbers of turbines are driven both by wind as well as convection when the air within the glass pyramid heat up as a result of the greenhouse effect.
  20. 20. Stack ventilation through roof joint Cross ventilation through openings Raised house level to cool the house Vernacular Architecture ( Malay House)
  21. 21. Casement window • Smaller in size • Ventilation through body level • More privacy • Sufficient sir flow Panel door • Mainly for circulation • Smaller in size
  22. 22. Vernacular Architecture (Malay House) Specification Contemporary Architecture (S11 House) • Cross ventilation (openings) • Stack ventilation (roof) Types of ventilation • Cross ventilation (openings) • Stack ventilation (wind turbine) • Casement window • Panel door Types of openings • Casement window • Awning window • Floor-to-ceiling window • Sliding door Opening size in body level Size of openings Larger in size to allow more air and light enter Adaptation • Cross ventilation through opening • Use of casement window in open plan Improvement • S11 House stack ventilation through wind turbine • More types of window to implement the floor plan and control the air ventilation • S11 House openings are larger to provide more ventilation, but less privacy Solution • Use different material of glass window (frosted glass) • Orientation of openings • Limitation of openable size • Use trees to improve privacy and act as shading to control the sunlight COMPARISON
  23. 23. In conclusion, to provide occupant comfort and improve natural ventilation in a house, choices of openings design are important to cooperate with the environmental factors to implement it in an open plan house with the adoption and improvement from Vernacular Architecture. CONCLUSION
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