106 pbl slides final (ka shin tan's conflicted copy 2011 10-24)


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  • List of questions / Learning Issues Legend for p t a
  • Under the social and emotional dev of a child, we have decided to focus on these two questions:How do social relationships affect a child’s development?And how does nature and nurture influence a child’s development?
  • List of questions / Learning Issues Needs animation
  • We have classified all the main problems into three broad categories:Nisha: here are my answers, can you combine with yours? 1. WithdrawnHe does not make an effort to get involved / participate. 2. Worry more about pleasing parent than solving problems:"He willed himself to complete the tasks, beginning with the ones that are set by his Mum first."3. Defiant"Jeremy couldn’t contain his anger anymore. He slammed his table and then stormed out of class"4. Lack social skills: "Jeremy continued to keep quiet throughout the entire discussion, despite Misha’s repeated attempts to include him. "
  • We have come up with the solution to Jeremy’s problem with what we call the 4C’s. Classroom, Change, Conference and Convince. This solution mainly focuses on how all of Jeremy’s subject teachers can act as catalysts between Jeremy and his parents to ensure that an optimal learning environment is created for Jeremy both in school and at home. As teachers play the key role in this tripartite solution that we are proposing, it is firstly important that she understands Jeremy, especially in terms of his learning styles, his feelings about anything that is going on in his life and also his personality. She could take a step towards understanding him by getting him to write in a journal as homework where he could write his thoughts and emotions. This way, the teacher would be able to develop a better understanding about why Jeremy is so exhausted all the time, doesn’t pay attention in class and possibly why he feels so disconnected from the rest of his peers. In addition, she would be able to figure out his learning style and create an effective environment in the classroom that allows improved communication with his peers and use better classroom management skills that are suited to his needs. Just an example, perhaps the teacher could allow Jeremy to incorporate drawing when he answers questions, since he is probably a visual learner. However, the teachers’ ability to give such focused attention to only Jeremy is not that feasible as she also has other students who are under her care and they too might need her guidance. The teacher could infuse teachable moments into daily classroom time such that if any of the other students face a particular problem that is also applicable to Jeremy, she could share ways to handle the problem in front of the whole class. That way, all her students get her attention. Also, the teachers could work together with the school counsellor to allow Jeremy to have an avenue where he can voice his thoughts about what he is unhappy with. Counselling sessions can take place during recess time where the child can eat together with the counselor and also talk. This is to ensure that he does not miss any lesson time. As the counsellor and teachers work hand in hand to understand Jeremy, they would be able to slowly make changes to his the school environment around him. Through the gradual creation of the optimal learning environment in school and the boost in self-confidence, there will be a positive change in him. It is this change that will allow him to communicate better with his parents. This way, he would learn to gradually speak up to his parents about how he really feels about being piled with assessments and being sent for classes that he does not really enjoy.However, because his parents are not good listeners, the teacher needs to have more parent- teacher conferences besides the scheduled after-exam sessions that schools normally have. Once the teacher has taken the step of understanding Jeremy and is able to see his situation from his point of view, she would be able to explain why Jeremy is not paying attention in school- which is because he is exhausted from the extra assessment at home and the extra classes that he attends, instead of simply saying that he is doing poorly which infuriates his parents. The teacher would also then be able to advice his parents on what kind of learning environment should be created at home based on the type of learner that he is. However, from the case study, there are also chances that the parent-teacher conferences might not actually work as Jeremy’s parents might not turn up. Another suggestion we have to bridge this gap would be to send snail mails over to his house. This way, it is not dependent on whether or not Jeremy shows the letter at home and also, being high flying business professionals, there is also a higher chance that they would open letters that have been delivered to their home. By creating this link of understanding between Jeremy and his parents that is currently missing, it is hoped that the teacher would be able to convince his parents to improve their parenting style and become better parents who encourage and support Jeremy’s interests, such as the Arts and swimming. As such, with the teacher, the school counsellor and Jeremy’s parents working together, it is hoped that the optimal learning environment in school and at home is created for Jeremy.  When talking: Refer back to the case study to give out proper examples solution.Need to motivate him especially cos he is already unable to catch up in class. So putting him down is not going to improve the situation.
  • 106 pbl slides final (ka shin tan's conflicted copy 2011 10-24)

    1. 1. Content Page
    2. 2. Maria, tellAt home… Jeremy to do his homework! Tutors
    3. 3. In school… Why so anti- social? Do you want Never mind, to go to our lets not care Erm… No. class outing? about him. I got tuition.
    4. 4. During Recess…. I have no one to talk to…
    5. 5. In school…Why do I have How come no friends? you are sooo stupid! I don’t want to be in the same group as you
    6. 6. JEREMY!Jeremy ar… Why are you Jeremy…. asleep?
    7. 7. As beginningteachers … “we need to know the learning styles of the child as well as work closely with parents in order to create an optimal environment for the child”
    8. 8.  P P J Parental Pressure1. How does parental expectations affect a child’s learning?2. What kinds of parenting styles inhibit learning in a child?
    9. 9. Problems Theories Answers1. Parents P P High expectations P Parents unaware of learning style Baumrind’s Parenting Style T Different Learning Styles Probably a visual learner A Parenting styles ≠ learning styles
    10. 10.   P P J T M Self and Social development1. How do social relationships affect a child’s development?2. How does nature and nurture influence a child’sdevelopment?
    11. 11. YYYOUUU I***T! What do you actually Then, why don’t Jeremy, Who know about yourself BUT WHAT!!! *smirks*friends, really? you havethen?! are you? Jeremy? Hrr…. Hey!Papa youisMa But Jeremy do Jeremy, and wants you toyou a nice boy. put know what your efforts into like right? studying right? …... Yeah…I like swimmingJ and drawing… but…but.. I…I don’t know…
    12. 12. Problems Theories Answers2. Self Lacks understanding of selfP Inability to communicate with Parents, Peers, and Teachers. Different Learning StylesT Nature vs. Nurture (developmental issues) Social competence Needs to understand his own learning styleA Socially incompetent  Naturally quiet; have to be taught to be more socially competent J
    13. 13.  J Learning Environment1. What constitutes effective teaching methods?2. What is the proper learning environment?
    14. 14. Problems Theories Answers3. School bullied in school, lack of friends P do not have the motivation to work in class. Techniques of Classroom Management T Constitution of a good learning environment Readjust teaching methods A Getting to understand Jeremy
    15. 15. Solutions 4Cs T 1. Journal 2. Counselling 3. Authoritative EnvironmentP P J 
    16. 16. References