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  1. 1. CSR actions Pro-Earth Pro-People
  2. 2. Pro-Earth - Currently / Future Environmental Protection Energy Production Flow Emissions Reusable Resources Green Environment
  3. 3. Goal: Meet international requirements: Low emission Clean production Efficiency Healthy environment. Current actions: Reduce sewage displacement 15% /year Reduce COD emission 12% /year Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth
  4. 4. Energy consumption Management Total reduced consumption per year Water: 15% Electricity: 12% Steam: 10% Water waste discharge: reduced up to 15% COD reduction: 12% Sewage reduction: 15% Year reduction by process Frequency Conversion Technology: Reduce 30% of electricity consumption Condensation and Cooling Water Recycling: Reduce 7% of steam and 15% of Water use Waste water discharge reduced up to 15% Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth
  5. 5. Air Heat Pump in Dormitory Building: Use of heat from the air Instead of electricity to heat water. Reduction of energy consumption depends on the temperature achieved. Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth Energy consumption Management
  6. 6. Production Flow Improvement Refining & Dyeing Single Bath Process of Cotton/OP Fabric: Shorten working time to decrease abnormal operations To achieve year reduction of: 20% of electricity 20% of steam 30% of water 30% reduction of water waste discharge Dyeing & Washing Single Bath Process of Polyester Fabric: Omit alkaline washing to reduce: 12% of electricity 30% of steam 5% of water 5% of water waste discharge Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth
  7. 7. Computerized Information System 1.Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ) 2.Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) Full control of production schedule Instant attention of abnormalities Improve customer service 3.SPC Logic Art Automation System Dye vats monitor and control Integrated operation Abnormality trace Production Flow Improvement Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth
  8. 8. Reusable Resources Office Paper Recycling Reusable Tableware Kits Battery Recycling Others actions Trash Classification Air conditioners set at 26˚ Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth
  9. 9. Green Environment Currently - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth All our facilities are surrounded by trees and flowers, and stay clean to create a healthy and happy working environment
  10. 10. 1. Boiler Heat Recycling: 5% less steam / year by preheating water using the boilers smoke pipes. 2. Heat and water-waste recycling from dyeing process 3. Solar panels: New R&D building, factory street lights, etc 4. Wind electricity generators 5. Heat control to lower the use of air conditioners Future - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth Energy consumption Management
  11. 11. Emissions Reduction Finishing Machines SO2 Elimination 100% elimination of SO2 discharge by using with natural gas Finishing Machines Gas Purifying To deal with poisonous elements such as dust, lampblack, staple fibers, aldehyde, etc., Wiping off ratio of particle matter and dust ≥85 % , wiping off ratio of lampblack≥80 % Future - Environmental Protection Pro-Earth
  12. 12. Employees Welfare: Bonus / Training / Education / Health / Food / entertainment Community: Keep and develop talents / Sponsor students / Charity / Cooperation programs Customers: Partnership / Quality Assurance / Computerized Information Systems / Experience Sharing Pro-People Pro-PeoplePresent / Future
  13. 13. Multidisciplinary general and pragmatic training Corporate culture: internal systems and corporate regulations for new staff. General education: Internal & external speakers: Occupational health and safety, Wine and tea tasting, Sleeping advice, etc. Professional Education: Internal & external speakers: Communication Skills - PR Dept. Technical industry skills - Departments heads Management skills - Administration office Experience sharing – Everybody Experience and profit sharing Pro-PeopleCurrently / Future - Employees welfare
  14. 14. Partnership and Cooperation Education Tianjin Polytechnic University Hebei University of Science and Technology Yancheng Textile Vocational College Changzhou Textile Garment Institute Donghua University Fu Jen Catholic University Feng Chia University Shih Chien University Pro-PeopleCurrently
  15. 15. Industry AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce) CCCT (China Chamber of Commerce & Exporter of Textiles) CDPA (China Dyeing and Printing Association) CNTAC (China National Textiles Associated Congress) Fabrics China ITMF (International Textiles Manufacturers Federation) Taiwan Textile Federation Taiwan Textiles Research Institute VICS (Voluntary Interdisciplinary Commerce Solutions) Pro-PeopleCurrently - partnership and cooperation
  16. 16. Industry -GS1 -ALAFA (Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS) -PRTM (The Performance Measurement Group, LLC) -CSR Asia Future - partnership and cooperation Education Manchester Metropolitan University, UK City University of Hong Kong Others Pro-People
  17. 17. Future- Pro industry / pro-customer 1.Value Added Fashion Marketing (VFM) Platform
  18. 18. Investing in service: VFM Platform Future- Pro industry / pro-customer
  19. 19. Investing in service: VFM Platform Future- Pro industry / pro-customer
  20. 20. Investing in service: VFM Platform Future- Pro industry / pro-customer
  21. 21. Investing in service: VFM Platform Future- Pro industry / pro-customer
  22. 22. Future - pro-industry / pro-people New Wide Textile R&D Institute China’s National Lab New Wide College Main supplier for the main brands of the world
  23. 23. Let’s green the world for human welfare