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5 23 Cooking Club


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Beijing EF life club 5-23 Cooking Club

Published in: Self Improvement, Sports
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5 23 Cooking Club

  1. 1. Friday, May 23 rd ; 星期五, 5 月 23 日 18:40-19:30 EF DWL Center; 英孚华贸中心 The event is open to all EF members; 此次活动对所有英孚会员开放 Please book at your center’s front desk; 在各中心前台接受报名 Cooking Club 烹饪俱乐部 Afraid of cooking? Learn the different ingredients and how to prepare some easy and appealing meals. And remember – girls LOVE a guy who can cook! 学习烹饪技巧和西方饮食文化。 TOPIC: INFORMATION: DATE: TIME: LOCATION: RESTRICTION: BOOKING: