Lean six sigma presentation final


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Lean six sigma

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Lean six sigma presentation final

  1. 1. Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvement and Project Delivery Group 4 Rohana Le Kai Zhang Karen Cantarero
  2. 2. Contents What is Lean Six Sigma? Where we can use Lean Six Sigma? Critical evaluation of Lean Six Sigma Comparison with other methodologies Integration with other methodologies
  3. 3. What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is a managerial concept combining Lean ( ) and Six Sigma ( ) that results in the elimination of the eight kinds of waste and an improved capability of performance The Lean Six Sigma concepts were first published in the book titled Lean Six Sigma: Combining Six Sigma with Lean Speed by Michael George and Peter Vincent in 2002
  4. 4. Wherewe can use Lean Six Sigma? • Private sector • Healthcare • Government • Insurance • Banking • Retail • Telecommunications • Engineering • Manufacturing • Services • IT • Marketing • Call centres • Engineering • Construction • Military Quality improvement Revenue enhancing Cost saving
  5. 5. Critical Evaluation of Lean Six Sigma
  6. 6. Comparing Waterfall, Agile, and Lean Six Sigma •Project focused •Fixed phases and linear timelines •Fixed requirements •Teams with clearly set goals and timelines Waterfall •Project focused •Short-termed delivery cycles •Agile requirements •Customer involvement •Empowered teams Agile •Process focused •Removes non-value added process steps •Reduces variation and improves quality •Speed + accuracy Lean Six Sigma Define Measure Analyse Improve Control
  7. 7. Combining Lean Six Sigma and Waterfall or Agile • Lean six sigma projects: • Determine which problems projects should address • Determine broad solutions • Waterfall projects: • Spawned in the ‘improve’ phase • Further define solutions • Establish process control Lean Six Sigma and waterfall • Possible models: • Initial approach • Lean six sigma facilitates rapid process definition and measurement exercises • During each iteration, lean six sigma analyses process performance, quantifies project value, facilitates feedback and backlog prioritisation, and assists with operational integration • Integrated approach • Lean six sigma projects provide initial definition and analysis of process areas • Agile projects are spawned on the ‘improve phase’ Lean Six Sigma and agile Define Measure Analyse Improve Control Waterfall projects
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