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ZGM World Cup Android 02

  1. 1. Football Quiz How many international football teams would know recognize? Download free the game "Football - Quiz" and demonstrates your knowledge of the most famous teams in the world! Surely you know the shields of Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Santos, Corinthians, PSG, Porto, Pumas, Galatasaray, AC Milan, Bayer Munich and River Plate, but, do you recognize the shields of the smaller teams? Entertaining contest that lets you see the most spectacular shields at the same time be entertained with this fun quiz. Play as often as you want and improve your record. contact(at)zgroup-mobile.comhttp://www.zg-m.com +1 (504) 233-2335
  2. 2. World Cup Brazil 2014 Puzzle World Cup is the greatest sport event on Earth involving 32 countries and watched by billions of pairs of eyes around the world. Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and become the most favorite sport of all time. Now for those of you.... fans of the World Cup tournament, you can use the World Cup Brazil 2014 Puzzle to enliven the biggest sport party on earth. Select the image of your favorite national football team from our gallery and make your favorite team as wallpaper on your gadget if you successfully completed each puzzle. contact(at)zgroup-mobile.comhttp://www.zg-m.com +1 (504) 233-2335
  3. 3. Real Football Quiz Footballers and clubs! You see them everywhere. 
On newspapers, in magazines and up on the big screen. 
You'd know that lethal strikes, killer looks, dashing dribbles and charming personality anywhere... Or would you? Think you know your Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, your Leo Messi from Barcelona…? Now’s the time to test your knowledge of clubs and famous footballers with Real Football Quiz! And if you’re already playing Logo Quiz, you’ll love Real Football Quiz. contact(at)zgroup-mobile.comhttp://www.zg-m.com +1 (504) 233-2335
  4. 4. Football Clubs Jersey Quiz The most amazing football clubs shirts quiz is here! Test your skills and guess the jersey! This game comprises of jerseys of all the top teams playing across the various leagues in the world of soccer! contact(at)zgroup-mobile.comhttp://www.zg-m.com +1 (504) 233-2335
  5. 5. Premier League Quiz The Premier League Quiz will test your ability to identify Premier League football team logos and badges from the smallest of clues. Guess correctly and work your way through the five levels. Correct answers will enable you to unlock levels. Teams are from the English premier league (past and present), with a bonus European level at the end. A football logo quiz and a Premier League quiz in one. contact(at)zgroup-mobile.comhttp://www.zg-m.com +1 (504) 233-2335