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Elektronik Spor Oyunları v1.0


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Dünya'da Elektronik Spor Oyunları Sektörü ve Profesyonel İş Modelleri Hakkında Genel Bilgiler

Sürüm v1.0 -

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Elektronik Spor Oyunları v1.0

  1. 1. Bayanlar Baylar bilgisayarlarınızı çalıştırın:Oyun devri başlıyor
  3. 3. E-Spor Nedir?En basit anlamda Elektronik Spor Oyunları’dırDijital olarak Spor sayılır. Genelde PC tabanlıdır.Her bir oyuncunun ve/veya takımın takma adı varFarklı ligler, oyunlar ve deneyimler mevcutGerek sosyal yaşam, gerekse oyun içindeki davranışlar olsun «Sportmenlik»burada da geçerlidirProfesyonel ve yeterli deneyime sahip olduktan sonra İyi bir isim olabilir vegerçek manada ün’lü olabilirsiniz.
  4. 4. Purpose of Business Clause 3 (Purpose of Establishment) This association lays its purpose on activation of e -Sports, creation of a wholesome gaming culture through it, and promoting the rights of its members.1. Supporting e-Sports (Various pro/amateur competitions), Selection/Dispatch of national teams to international competitions.2. Furnishing/Operation of infrastructure to activate e-Sports, such as e-Sports stadiums and game museums.3. Operation of pro-gamer registration system.4. Formulation of standards for Official game competitions and screening systems.5. Teenage game culture promotion business, such as Teen & Family participation programs and Game Character Festivals.6. Hosting of national e-Sports matches.7. Game-related international interaction business.8. Hosting of seminars, symposiums and expositions to support development of outstanding games.9. Protection of pro-gamers rights, training sessions.10. Business related to game broadcasting contents.11. Others, necessary for the purpose of the association.
  5. 5. Oyunculuk Tarihi
  6. 6. 1997 Oyunculuk Tarihi 2001 2003 2000 2002 2011 June 1997: The Microsoft-sponsored Red Annihilation Quake tournament at the E3 October 1997: The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) hosts its very first event, called The FRAG. Prizes: $ April 2000: The Razer CPL Event changes that: Its a Quake 3 tournament with an overall prize pool of 100 000 $. Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel takes the first place, winning 40 000 $. May 2000: Turtle Entertainment is born. It serves as a parent company for the Electronic Sports League which thereby turns from a hobby into a business venture. October 2000: The World Cyber Games Challenge takes place in Seoul Sponsored by SAMSUNG. WCG = SAMSUNG May 2001: A fine gentleman named Lim BoxeR Yo-hwan wins his first OnGameNet Starleague trophy. December 2001: The first actual World Cyber Games have an overall prize money of 300 000 $. They involve 430 players December 2001: As the dot-come bubble bursts, most event organizers are forced to take a step back – the first esports recession, so to say – but the CPL continues to grow. The CPL World Championship 2001 has a 150 000 $ prize pool
  7. 7. 1997 Oyunculuk Tarihi 2001 2003 2000 2002 2011 Professionalism! March 2002: Major League Gaming sees the light of day. It entirely focuses on the US market July 2002: The first event of the Evolution Championship Series (short: EVO), the most important annual fighting game tournament August 2002: The ESL Pro Series launches in Germany. The first season of the online league with LAN finals has a prize money of ~80 000 $. February 2003: SK Gaming, founded as a German Quake team in 1997, is the first non -Korean organization to set up written contracts with the players of its Swedish Counter-Strike team. March 2003: An important event for SC:BW in South Korea: The first ProLeague starts, hosted by OnGameNet. Companies like AMD, Samsung and Korean Telecom Freetel field own teams. August 2003: A team house is opened at the companys head quarters in Linden near Frankfurt. Players regularly visit it for LAN training sessions, nobody lives there permanently. July 2003: Another major SC:BW tournament pops up: the MBCGame StarCraft League (MSL), a successor to the KPGA Tour July 2003: The first Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) takes place. It establishes itself as one of the most important events of the year, not least due to its competitive prize pools. The first edition features 156 000 $ split over five disciplines: Counter -Strike, Counter-Strike Female, WarCraft 3, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Quake 3. In the following years, the prize money gets more than doubled. October 2003: The World Cyber Games feature WarCraft 3 for the first time. SKs Bulgarian player Zdravko Insomnia Georgiev places first and wins 20 000 $. January 2004: The Cyber X Games in Las Vegas, USA turn out to be a huge disaster. They are announced as a revolutionary tournament for CS , WC3, UT2003 and other games, with over 600 000 $ in prize money. However, the event is very poorly organized and network issues May 2004: The first real transfer in the Western esports world takes place: Counter-Strike player Ola elemeNt Moum gets transfered from SK Gaming to Team NoA October 2004: Meng RocketBoy Yang wins 1 million ¥ (~120 000 $) by defeating Fatal1ty in an abit-sponsored Doom 3 shootout at the Great Wall of China. This is the highest prize anyone has ever received for winning one single esports match.
  8. 8. 1997 Oyunculuk Tarihi 2001 2003 2000 2002 2011 Reaching for the stars January 2005: To exclude fake accounts from competitive online play, the Electronic Sports League introduces its user authentification system in Germany. Users who verify their data via postal mail and, as introduced later, a copy of their personal ID, become Trusted users and get a credit-card-sized ESL Playercard which offers benefits at ESL events. January 2005: The World e-Sports Games are announced. The WEG are a series of highly lucrative events for Counter -Strike and WarCraft 3. All matches take place in a TV studio, so the participants are required to live in China respectively South Korea for the duration of the season, i.e. approximately two months – accomodation and more is provided by WEG, theres an actual Players Village. In 2005, there are three seasons with overall prizes of ~700 000 $ March 2005: The Intel-sponsored CPL World Tour, a ground-breaking global tournament series in the fast-paced shooterPainkiller, starts. It features a total prize money of 1 000 000 $, half of it being given out at the World Tour Finals April 2005: Lim BoxeR Yo-hwan signs a new three-year SKT T1 contract with an annual salary of ~180 000 $ plus up to ~80 000 $ in bonuses. This is the highest level of salary ever achieved in SC:BW November 2005: The World Cyber Games 2005 take place in Singapore; the overall prize money is 435 000 $ and there are over 800 players from 67 countries. November 2005: Turtle Entertainment becomes a shareholder of the innovative multimedia- and youth-focused German TV channel GIGA. Its program is restructured to cover gaming and especially esports more frequently. December 2005: The CPL World Tour Finals take place in New York City, USA. In the grand final, which is broadcasted live on MTV Overdrive - Fatal1ty who takes home the victory, earning 150 000 $, while fnatic|Vo0 receives 100 000 $ for the second place
  9. 9. 1997 Oyunculuk Tarihi 2001 2003 2000 2002 2011 February 2006: Major League Gaming secures 10 million $ in venture capital funding. This allows for further expansion: MLG starts broadcasting their events on USA Network, and one year later, on Comcasts G4 May 2007: The first fanbus in the history of the German ESL Pro Series drives from Alternates corporate head quarters to Stuttgart, where one of the regular LAN events of the ESL Pro Series takes place. In May 2008, the G7 Teams publish a set of standard contracts for esports players. They commit to supporting teams with contract-related issues if they use said contracts. At this point, contracts are already the industry standard. November 2008: The World Cyber Games take place in Cologne, Germany. So far, its the biggest WCG event in terms of participants: There are 78 participating countries, 850 gamers, 13 disciplines. Overall, 408 000 $ in prize money are given a way. August 2010: GOM TV announces the Global StarCraft II League (GSL) – the biggest event series in SC2 so far. All GSL matches are played in a TV studio in Seoul, South Korea and the prize money amounts to over 500 000 $ only in 2010. August 2010: Team Liquid announces a cooperation with Old Generations (oGs) – most of the teams players move to the oGs team house in South Korea to practise and participate in the GSL. February 2011: The North American Star League (NASL), a huge global SC2 tournament, starts – the main season is played online and the top 16 get invited to the LAN finals which take place in California, USA. 100 000 $ July 2011 Turtle Entertainment presents its new format for the Intel Extreme Masters: Instead of a regular online season in Europe and North America and subsequent Continental Championships in Europe, America and Asia/Oceania, there are only Global Challenges
  10. 10. Dijital Oyun Sektörü, Film sektörünü geridebıraktı!Modern Warfare 3, 16 günde milyar dolar barajına ulaşırken, Avatar filmi aynırakama sadece 17 gün ulaşabildi.
  11. 11. 7 Aralık’ta twitter Trending Topic
  12. 12. Bazı İstatistikler
  13. 13. Hangi Oyunlar?Oyun türü ve iş modelleri çok önemli. Her oyun e-sports kapsamına girmiyor. Başlıca oyunlar:
  14. 14. Başlıca Oyun Turnuvaları• WCG -• Dreamhack -• IPL -• MLG -• GSL (GOMTV) -• ESL - -• ESWC -• Özel turnuvalar (Firmaların kendi sponsorlukları doğrultusunda oluşturulur)
  15. 15. Türkiye’de şimdiye kadar neler yapıldı?
  16. 16. Canlı Yayın ve VOD Kanalları http://www.gomtv.net http://www.regame.tvTurnuvalar ve oyuncuların antremanları bu kanallardan canlı olarak yayınlanarak, Anlık60.000 kişilik izlenim rakamlarına ulaşım sağlanıyor. Ayrıca yayınlara reklam,sponsorluk gibi öğe’ler eklenebiliyor.Canlı yayınlar mobil uygulamalarla da takip edilebiliyor.
  17. 17. Canlı Yayın ve VOD Kanalları
  18. 18. Oyuncu Stream’leri EGHuK
  19. 19. Oyuncu Stream’leri WhiteRa
  20. 20. Basında Oyunculuk
  21. 21. Basında OyunculukEconomist: Video games will be the fastest-growing and most exciting form of mass media over the coming decade, says Tim Cross.
  22. 22. Kazanç? Dünya Çapında
  23. 23. Kazanç? - Avrupa
  24. 24. IeSF – Uluslararası e-sports Federasyonu
  25. 25. Kore E-sports Bilgileri - 2008Unbelievable Truthsjust some numbers...18,000,000Number of Koreans who love e-Sports120,000Number of e-Sports fans on hot summer Kwang-An-Li beach432Number of Pro-gamers leading Korea e-Sports520,906Number of pro-gamer SLayerS_BoxeR‘ fan clubmembers5,000,000,000Number of people around the world who canenjoy Korea e-Sports’ future
  26. 26. Kore E-sports Bilgileri - 2008Do you know what KeSPA is ?just the facts... Korea e-Sports started 10 years ago KeSPA established in 2000 with the approval of the Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism Korea KeSPA contributed to the settlement of Korean e-Sports as a sound leisureculture for youth lifeand coordinating among various e-Sports actors KeSPA carried out as a representative e-Sports organization in Korea
  27. 27. Kore E-sports Bilgileri - 2008
  28. 28. Kore E-sports Bilgileri - 2008Early KeSPA historyFirst KeSPA inauguration- 21C Progamer Association established- Hanbit Soft Co.,Ltd. took the Chief of KeSPA- Ministry of Culture, Sports & Truism Koreaapproved "progamer registration system"- Select 9 official gamesSecond KeSPA inauguration- SK Telecom took the new Chief of KeSPA- United ‘Pro-league’ started- Official referee dispatched- 1st KeSPA CUP ‘KTF-Bigi Korea e-Sports 2006’- Contract ‘e-Sports revitalization M.O.U’ withKorea Game Industry Agency- Opened “Yong-San e-Sports Stadium” After 2001, e-Sports stepped into the growth period and the numbers of gamers dramaticallyincreased ‘Games’ & ‘e-Sports’ settled down as a representative youth culture code, which enjoyed by halfof Korean Everyday, Korean game users spend more than 1 hour on KeSPA official games at PC Room. Among the games playing at PC Room, KeSPA official games occupy more than 50%.
  29. 29. Kore E-sports Bilgileri - 2008Current e-sport statuse-sport are the second most watched sport program on TV just behind the football After ‘the pro-gamer registration rule’ in 2000, the number of pro-gamers have been increased by 16.3% annually Now 432 pro-gamers registered in 23 official games ‘Pro-gamer’ became the most favored job among the youth and the number got more than double Around 15 top pro-gamers receive more than USD 0.1 mil as their annual salary (Except for prize money)Average annual salary of pro-gamers is estimated around USD 20,000 12 Pro-game Teams are participating in the e-Sports League “SHINHAN Bank pro-league 2008” now (11 Company and 1Military team) Due to the increased recognition of pro-gamer, direct participation of each company in e-Sports field increased throughgame team establishment Due to the growth of companies’ participation, the operation of league became larger and professionalWorld’s First e-Sports Stadium In 2005, the world’s first e-Sports dedicated stadium was opened The stadium have been contributed to sound e-Sports leisure culturesName I’PARK mall e-Sports StadiumSize 102.2 m2, Main Stadium –around 500 seats, Small stadium -64 players seatsUtilize Use for e-Sports regular tournaments and preliminary (small stadium) etce-Sports media coverage Two e-Sports CATV (Ongamenet, MBCgame) broadcast e-Sports content 24 hours everydayand many other CATV channels try to broadcast e-Sports content Papers and reports for e-Sports increased annually, now 40 major ‘e-Sports press association’ cover everyday New media competitively joined to cover e-Sports- GOM TV(’06), DMB(’06), Hana TV(’07), online portal (DAUM ’07. NAVER ’07), Pandora TV(’07), Afreeca(’08) etc.- Especially, 99.4 mil people watched Pro-League in last year(2007) with New Medi a.
  30. 30. CASE STUDYKorea e-Sports PR & Marketing – CASE STUDYSHINHAN BANK Pro League 2007 CATV AD Value : USD 203 mil (Total view rating 1R 0.736, 2R 1.096) New Media AD Value: USD 4.3 mil (Total view numbers 99,446,846) Media Coverage : USD 9.4 milTotal PR Value of Pro League in last year reached USD 216.7 mil Diverse merchandising products are being released – card, diary, e-SportsPC, computer accessories etc. Major sports wear companies support pro-game teams uniform (ADIDAS,Lecaf, FILA, Teddy bear, HEAD) Joint business – pro-gamer official dental clinic agreement with WhiteStyle Dental Clinic, official drink etc.
  31. 31. Sponsorluk• Ürün bazında• Marka görünürlüğü• Turnuva Sunumları (Canlı Yayın)• Karşılıklı Sözleşme• Menejerlik Sistemi• Reklamlar• Oyunculara maddi ve özellikle manevi destek çok önemli• Kişisel Oyuncu hakları• Oyuncuların doğru zamanda, doğru kişi ve kurumlarla yönlendirilmeleri gerek
  32. 32. Potansiyel Sponsorlar
  33. 33. Tavsiye linkler:••• computer-game-is-reinventing-the-science-of-expertise-video/•• Yong/dp/0262014769?tag=tealiq-20
  34. 34. Youtube BilgileriEsports nedir? - Turnuvası: Espor tutkunlarının coşkusunu merak mı ediyorsunuz? Starcraft Finalleri: AUIRünya’nın en iyi espor liglerinden bir tanesi: Intel Extreme Masters
  35. 35. İkinciler her zaman ilk kaybedenlerdir.