2010 Portfolio - Doug Zweigoron


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Graphic Design & Copywriting Samples by Doug Z.

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2010 Portfolio - Doug Zweigoron

  1. 1. Doug Zweigoron Copywriting and Graphic Design Specializing in Industrial Business-to-Business Marketing Communication Portfolio dougzed@gmail.com 404-421-8544
  2. 2. Shown below is the front of a product introduction flyer for the 2009 Underground Construction Technology Conference. At right is a folder under development for the 2010 show. THE LEADING FORCE behind liquids™ since 1857 THE LEADING FORCE behind liquids™ since 1857 Roper Pump Company is a global supplier of high quality positive displacement pumps, designed to handle a broad range of industrial applications. In addition to helical gear pumps and progressing cavity pumps, we design and develop numerous custom pumps for customers with unique and demanding applications. From a small pump company founded in 1857, Roper Pump Company has grown into a technological leader. With a large installed base, we have both the knowledge and experience to help you solve your most challenging pumping problems…and our strong global distribution network ensures that your needs are met on time, every time. Our Markets THE LEADING FORCE behind liquids™ since 1857 INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORT POWER GENERATION OIL & GAS Roper Pump Company’s rugged With over a century of experience For reliable operation of engines, Roper Pump Company has numerous and dependable range of positive in liquid cargo transfer, Roper Pump compressors and turbines, pumping solutions from the well to displacement pumps provides Company has always been trusted thousands of customers depend the refinery. Our industry leading versatile pumping solutions for to load and unload your tankers on Roper Pump Company fuel High Performance Power Sections™ even the most challenging quickly and safely. pumps, lube pumps and liquid allow mud motors to run longer industrial applications. fuel flow dividers. at unprecedented temperatures and depths. Roper Pump Company PO Box 269, 3475 Old Maysville Road Commerce, GA 30529 USA Customer Service: 706-336-3359 Technical Support: 706-336-3334 Fax: 706-335-5490 sales@roperpumps.com www.roperpumps.com © 2010 by Roper Pump Company Roper Pumps® is a registered trademark Even Layer Power Sections of Roper Pump Company. THE LEADING FORCE behind liquids™ and High Performance Power Sections™ are trademarks of Roper Pump Company. DOC# PB-DTORQ-E-R3 A Revolutionary Breakthrough in P R O U D LY M A D E Ingenuity I N T H E U S A Even Layer Power Sections Power Section DuraTorque High Performance Power Sections ™ Roper Pumps-Leading the Way Stator Technology The advantages of even layer rubber design Roper Pump Company’s commitment to Research & Development with the flexibility of a conventional stator. has driven us to become the leading force in power section technology. Increased ROP with Revolutionary Design Flexibility Advanced Testing Capabilities  Even elastomer layer provides up to 4x more power than standard stator designs.  The first in the industry to conduct dynamic high temperature lab testing up to 400°F  Our patented process employs a modular design concept that facilitates rapid prototyping and production.  Our state of the art dynamometer is used to qualify  Without the constraints of capital intensive equipment there are virtually no limits to the tube size, the performance of each new design. length, or configuration of the DuraTorque™ stator.  The performance and reliability of each new configuration  In most cases, we can quickly design a stator to match existing rotor fleets or can custom design is validated by extensively testing to 950,000 total cycles, a complete power section to exact customer specifications. including 151,000 cycles at temperature and over 1000 stalls.  The DuraTorque™ stator is easily refurbished, and our North American manufacturing facility provides  Our elastomer research team uses custom programs an average two week turnaround time for stator relines. with our state of the art Rubber-Process-Analyzer to help with compound development and quality assurance. Innovative Technology for Unsurpassed Reliability  Bond retention testing is conducted on each batch of rubber.  The only true hypocycloidal metal profile in the industry  Cylindrical external tube profile is significantly less is the foundation of our even layer DuraTorque™ design. susceptible to buckling or deformation compared Rubber Process Analyzer  The stepped interior profile provides a greater surface for to formed (spiraled) tubes, and is compatible with bonding with the addition of mechanical characteristics. fishing tools.  Even at high downhole temperatures our proprietary  Unlike internally machined one-piece designs, ER120™ elastomer provides groundbreaking elastomer- our modular construction allows the DuraTorque™ to-metal bond retention capability with superior strength to flex but not break in tight doglegs. and resistance to chunking/tearing downhole. Even Elastomeric Layer High Strength Cylindrical Shell Drill Faster - Drill Longer The DuraTorque™ stator is designed to deliver exceptional torque while minimizing key risk factors that can contribute to catastrophic failure. DuraTorque™ Drilling Advantages  Substantially improve motor ROP by utilizing increased power.  Increase WOB in tight dog legs by utilizing the shorter stator length. DuraTorque™  The shorter power section maximizes the length-to-torque ratio.  Fewer stalls equal less stress on drill strings.  Fewer rotor/stator combinations to cover the same temperature range result in lower tool inventories. Even Layer Power Sections  Even layer rubber reduces elastomer failure related to hysteresis.  Increased fluid compatibility including explosive decompression from gas drilling Serrated Edges  Significantly reduced risk of catastrophic stator failure due to bending, buckling, High Performance Rubber chunking, de-bonding, and joint breaking Hypocycloidal Metal Profile
  3. 3. In the aftermath of 9/11, the stock market plunged. There wasn’t much good news in the papers, and businesses weren’t spending on new equipment. BTG’s newest consistency transmitter offered Proven consistency transmitter technology designed specifically the possibility of wringing more profitability out of newsprint recycling operations. This direct mail piece was designed to catch for today’s most demanding low consistency applications! the attention of plant managers and process control engineers. Proven consistency transmitter technology designed specifically for today’s most demanding low consistency applications! in the most demanding applications: Accurate consistency measurement 2815 Colonnades Court Norcross, GA 30071 BTG Americas Inc. Effluent treatment Chemical pulping Groundwood Mixed pulp Deinking CTMP TMP ���������������������������������� ������� ���������������������������������� ������������������������� �������������������� ��������������������� Measuring the consistency of pulps in the lower range (less Smart active blade shear force transmitter Smart optical than 2% consistency) has always been a tricky business, transmitter MBT-2300 particularly with recycled processes. Accurate measurement OCT-2300 simply has not been available. Until now. The TCT-2300 is the world’s only in-line transmitter which instantly and accurately measures all fibers, fillers and fines, thus giving the total consistency. The TCT-2300 uses BTG’s patented ’Peak Method’ of optical analysis. Static blade Smart A non-clogging, self-cleaning probe shear force microwave ensures trouble-free operation. transmitter transmitter The probe slides through a valve SBT-2000 MIC-2300 into the main flow and can easily be removed at any time without interrupting the process. With the TCT-2300 you can significantly improve the efficiency of a wide range of pulp and paper applications. Accurate, immediate measurement of total consistency will give you greater control of various process steps, including: Screening Cyclone cleaning Flotation Heat exchangers Smart rotating (tmp and ctmp) shear force transmitter Smart optical transmitter MEK-2300 total consistency TCT-2300 Satisfaction guaranteed. No maintenance required! ������������������ Get real control of low consistency. Contact BTG ������������������������� to find out how. Toll Free: 800-624-2326 – US: 770-209-6912 Canada: 514-694-8522 btginfo@teambtg.com www.teambtg.com
  4. 4. Flyer promoting Muetek’s seminar and consulting services for pulp & paper producers. What’s up Better Act with your than React wet end? Strategies for papermakers Muetek’s company philosophy is to bridge the gap between paper On-Site Seminars processes and chemistry, and to emphasize knowledge transfer as a priority item. This objective is realized through continual updating of our application technologies, intensified development of specialty products, and constant cooperation with institutes and universities in an R&D context. We bring this experience to your site, and tailor it to help equip your personnel with the knowledge necessary to achieve your long term process objectives. Typical seminar content includes: Application-oriented training Identification of instrument needs Use of instruments to troubleshoot and monitor wet-end processes - Standardization of procedures - Sample collection and preparation Wet-end optimization techniques - Data analysis and interpretation for the pulp and paper industry Muetek’s process specialists will perform a thorough wet-end survey On-site seminars and consulting services Consulting Services at your mill. As a minimum, this includes a complete survey of charge to assist you in analyzing and optimizing demand and fiber zeta potential, from the high density chest to the headbox. Additional services will depend upon your needs. Muetek your wet-end processes, from high density is equipped to measure and monitor charge demand, zeta potential, storage to the headbox. drainage rate and gas content. Improve product quality and uniformity As part of the survey, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of current Optimize furnish costs processes, quality issues, and other relevant topics with designated Lower water usage personnel. Recommendations will then be made based on survey results. Slash energy and chemical consumption Deliverables include: Speed up grade changes A detailed wet-end flow chart depicting unit operations Reduce drying costs and chemical addition points Increase fabric life A schematic depicting charge characteristics throughout Reduce sheet breaks the wet-end, before and after every chemical addition point Minimize deposits A report with conclusions and recommendations Many years of sharing experiences with our customers are reflected Some customers who have in our library of application reports and user tools. MUETEK presents benefited from Muetek this valuable know-how in dedicated seminars. Our experts lecture For further information, call 770 612-0606, seminar & consulting services on complex processes in a readily comprehensible way, and give or eMail Muetek at info@muetek.com BASF Corporation examples from industrial practice to demonstrate where reevaluation CYTEC Industries of chemical addition points, chemical dosage control and overall Mütek Analytic GmbH Muetek Analytic GmbH Muetek Analytic Inc. Eka Chemicals retention chemistry resulted in greatly improved process efficiency. Arzbergerstrasse 10 42 Keefer court, Unit#3 Ste. 114, 2141 Kingston Ct. S.E. Hercules, Inc. 82211 Herrsching, Germany L8E 4V4 Hamilton Ontario, CDN Marietta, GA 30067, USA OMYA, Inc. We also provide on-site consulting services, both for the purpose of Phone +49 8152-9312-0 Phone 905 560-5190 Phone 770 612-0606 troubleshooting existing process problems...as well as to help you Fax +49 8152-4374 Fax 905 560-5301 Fax 770 955-2383 establish reference points by which to quantify and maintain normal eMail info@muetek.de eMail muetek_can@msn.com eMail info@muetek.com operating parameters. web www.muetek.de web www.muetek.com web www.muetek.com
  5. 5. HBM introduced new data acquisition technology with an unprecedented number of inputs in a compact system. The phone booth image was intended to exaggerate the concept of fitting ‘more’ into existing communication channels. This ad was placed in the proximity of relevant editorial in trade publications to increase the likelihood of visibility to qualified users. The result was an unusually high number of specific requests for further information, and high scores on follow-up ad readership studies performed by the publisher. • Up to 128 channels in a 19” system • Costs as low as $250 per channel • Up to 20,000 samples per second per channel with 22-bit resolution Call today for a copy of SOFTDOC, HBM’S comprehensive product catalog on CD CALL TODAY to see why the world’s leading primary labs measure mechanical quantities such as strain, force, torque and load with HBM TOLL FREE: (888) 412-2771 FREE: (888) • FAX: (770)447-8440 FAX AX: HBMinfo@SpectrisTech.com HBMinfo@SpectrisTech.com • www.HBMhome.com www.HBMhome.com
  6. 6. A direct mail postcard sent to process control engineers Are you overdosing to remove gases and plant superintendents at pulp mills. At the time, from your process pulp? the price of gas had just hit record highs at the pump. Overdosing of deaerator chemicals can cost a 500 ktpy newsprint operation $400,000! We played on that awareness to get their attention. A 100 ktpy LWC operation might spend $60,000 per year on unnecessary overdosing. 6.00 And excessive chemical costs are only the tip 5.00 Free gas (bubbles) gas content [% by vol.] of the iceberg... Dissolved gas 4.00 BTG Americas Inc. Free and dissolved gases 2815 Colonnades Court 3.00 Norcross, GA 30071 in your pulp can cause a Without GAS 60 With GAS 60 host of expensive problems: 2.00 � High gas content � Low gas content � Deaerator costs 100% � Deaerator costs 70% Deposits, unwanted flotation 1.00 � Pinholes � No pinholes and foaming, web breaks, drainage problems and an 0.00 0:03 0:48 1:33 2:18 3:03 3:48 4:33 increase in pumping power time [hh:mm] demand. Quality problems include specks, pinholes, negative effects on formation, porosity and printability and strength losses. The BTG GAS 60 online gas analyzer uses patented Muetek technology to measure free and dissolved gases in pulp suspensions. You can reduce deaerator dosage costs - e.g. by adding chemicals strictly to demand Teresa Burke instead of in constant amounts. Papermakers achieve a sustainable cost BTG Americas Inc. reduction by closed-loop control of deaerator chemicals ...a system that 2815 Colonnades Court provides for very short ROI. Norcross, GA 30071 If you’ve got gas problems, contact BTG today. We have the experi- ence and the solutions to help you improve your process profitability. Name: _______________________________________________ Company: ________________________ Title: __________________ Address: _______________________________________________ City: _____________________ State: ________ Zip: ________ Phone: __________ Fax: __________ E-mail: _______________ Comments: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ For more information, fax this form to 770-447-8440 or Call 800-624-2326
  7. 7. Sequential direct mail postcards sent to power plant maintenance engineers. Is it a strain to exercise your flow dividers regularly? Corrosion can be a heavy problem. Roper Pump Co. has the solution... � High reliability during start-up of liquid fuel systems � Reduced operation & maintenance costs � Resists corrosion during standby Roper Pump Company � Resists failure from particulate fuel contaminants Corrosion-Resistant Flow Dividers P.O. Box 269 Commerce, GA 30529 Power Generation Solutions from the Roper Pump Company Corrosion Resistant Liquid Fuel Contact Roper Pump today Flow Dividers Guard Against the 706-336-3368 Treat yourself to higher reliability during For more information most Common Causes of Failure DuraFlow@roperpumps.com start-up of liquid fuel systems! on DuraFlow™, call New designs help prevent turbine trips www.roperpumps.com/DuraFlow.pdf when transferring from gas to liquid fuel operation. Dramatic cost reductions for plant 706-336-3368 operation and maintenance budgets Roper Pump Company or visit our website at P.O. Box 269 Resistant to corrosion during standby www.roperpumps.com/duraflow.pdf Commerce, GA 30529 (or while turbine runs on natural gas) Resistant to failure from particulate contaminants in liquid fuel Corrosion caused by water in fuel from leaky check valves New or retrofit...available for most frame sizes of liquid fuel fired gas turbines DuraFlow™ Corrosion-Resistant Flow Roper Pump is a proud sponsor of the Dividers incorporate bronze and stainless steel components for corrosion resistance ASME GAS TURBINE USERS SYMPOSIUM. and significantly improved reliability. DuraFlow™ is available for all GE, Please come see DuraFlow™ at our booth Westinghouse, Siemens-Westinghouse at Power Gen International - Booth 745 and Mitsubishi turbine sizes. Gears fused to corroded case
  8. 8. Roper Pump is currently creating a new website. This was a temporary facelift I created to work with the outdated code on their existing website. I worked with an outside web designer to implement the change at minimum cost.
  9. 9. Roper Pump sponsored a drag racing team for two seasons, and I was responsible for design and creation of the accompanying web pages. Come join the Roper Pump Racing Team for NOPI NHRA Drag Racing !!! Roper Pump Company believes in using the best available training and technology to achieve our objectives. This philosophy is implemented through our LEAN manufacturing program, an ongoing process for eliminating waste and improving quality. Dan Dixon, our VP of Finance, takes that same philosophy to heart in his free time as a champion drag racer. In the 2007 NOPI NDRA season, Dan continually fine tuned his car and his technique to put together a first place finish the Unlimited Street class, with a season total of 666 points, and a new low ET for the class of 8.557 @ 167.47 mph. Roper Pump is proud to sponsor Dan as he tries to put together another winning season in his custom-painted Toyota Supra, and we hope that some of our customers will join us to cheer Dan on. Click on the hyperlinks below for more info about events in your area. Beginning in 2008, NHRA.....the world's largest motorsports sanctioning body....will combine forces with NOPI Motorsports to sanction sport compact drag racing events at NOPI events. The new sport compact race series will be called NOPI Drag Racing Series sanctioned by NHRA. Atlanta Dragway ..................................... Atlanta area .................. March 29-30 Moroso Motorsports Park...................... Miami area .................... April 5-6 Atco Raceway ......................................... Philadelphia area ......... April 26-27 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park .... New York City area ...... May 3-4 Maryland International Raceway........... Baltimore/DC area ....... May 17-18 Bandimere Speedway ............................ Denver area .................. June 21-22 Rocky Mountain Raceways ................... Salt Lake City area....... July 18-19 New England Dragway........................... Boston area.................. August 2-3 Virginia Motorsports Park...................... Richmond area............. August 16-17 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park .... New York City area ...... August 23-24 Contact your Roper Pump representative for tickets.
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