Face Painting


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İngilizce Performans Ödevim (Çocuklar için Yüz Boyama)

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Face Painting

  1. 1. Lesson: English Teacher: Basar KARATAS
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Esra and I’m a high school student. I’m studying Early Childhood Education and I’m goning to show you some examples about face painting. Enjoy it! 
  3. 3. PIRATE First you have to draw moustache and beard. Then an eye patch in black. Finally you can draw a pirate bandana colored in red-black or black-white.
  4. 4. MINNIE MOUSE First you have to draw Minnie Mouse’s ribbon and ears like a headband then color the kids’ lips in red.
  5. 5. FAIRY A heart on the forehead is the first step for drawing a fairy. Then paint around the eyes in many colors. At last color the lips in any color you like.
  6. 6. HELLO KITTY A face colored in white and a ribbon will be enough for a Hello Kitty. But I prefer to draw a little noise for looking cute.
  7. 7. NIGHT SKY First draw a half moon on a side of face and color it in yellow. Then draw some stars on the other side of face. Color the stars in blue.
  8. 8. DAISY Draw very big daisy petals on full of the face. Then draw a big circle on the noise. Color the petals in white and the circle in yellow.
  9. 9. SCARECROW For a colorful scarecrow first step is color the lips in blue. Then draw red circles on the cheeks. Draw very big eyebrows in green and a noise in brown. Then draw sticks around them. Color the face in yellow.
  10. 10. CAT I think moustache and ears are the most important things for drawing a cat. With black color you can draw them then paint the face in any color you want.
  11. 11. BUTTERFLY Draw the body of butterfly on the kid’s noise. Then draw wings and antennas. Finally color the wings in any color you like.
  12. 12. TIGER Black eyebrows and a black noise are the first steps for drawing a tiger. Then draw some sticks around the face and color the face in yellow.
  13. 13. LADYBUG Draw the ladybug’s black body. And draw very big wings. Color the wings in red and draw some black points on the wings. Then draw the antennas.
  14. 14. DALMATIAN DOG Draw a big black circle around one of the eyes. Then draw mustache, eyebrow and noise in black. Color the face in white. Finally make some black points.
  15. 15. BEE Draw a circle on the forehead. Then draw the wings of bee. Draw a face in the circle and color the bee in yellow. Draw some black sticks on the body of bee.
  16. 16. CROW Draw the crow’s face. The kid’s eyes have to look like crow’s eyes. Color it in black and draw a brown beak on the noise.
  17. 17. END OF THE EXAMPLES.  Zeynep Esra AYDOGDU 12/F 698