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Redes sociais em poucas palavras


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As redes sociais explicadas em poucas palavras (em inglês - slides para apresentação)

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Redes sociais em poucas palavras

  1. 1. Social Media Explained By @sylviaduckworth Inspired by @PaulinoBrenner
  2. 2. Twitter"I am eating a #donut"
  3. 3. Facebook"I like donuts"
  4. 4. YouTube"Watch me eating my donut"
  5. 5. LinkedIn"My skills include donut-eating"
  6. 6. FourSquare"This is where I am eating a donut"
  7. 7. Pinterest"Here is a donut recipe"
  8. 8. LastFM Spotify 8Tracks Songza"This is what I am listening to while I eat my donut"
  9. 9. Wikispaces"Lets collaborate on our donut resources"
  10. 10. Instagram"Here is a vintage-looking photo of my donut"
  11. 11. Google+ Blogger Edublogs WordPress"I am eating a donut; I like donuts; Here’s a pic of me eating my donut; Here’s a recipe for donuts; Who likes donuts? Blah-blah-blah…"